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A Baby Wizard and his Cousin Harry by Miss_Moral
Chapter 7 : The Symbol in the Envelop
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A Dursley Baby Wizard

A Baby Wizard and His Cousin Harry- The Symbol in
the Envelop

Ronald Weasley was furious in his
Halloween Ball. It was true that his ball turned out to be a huge success,
everyone enjoyed themselves. However, he was angry that neither of his best
friends showed up. He bet that the pair of them must be snuggling up in the Llyr
and forgotten totally about this ball he had organized. They are going to get
Ron thought angrily as he marched around the ball. I'll tear up their
room. I'll punch them till they fall. I'll...

"Ronald?" a small voice called
to him from a dark corner. It was the voice of the Looney Lovegood. "What
are you doing wondering about? Come here."

Ron forced a smile and faced Luna.
"Hello, Luna. Why are you here alone? You should be dancing."

Luna shrugged and gazed at Ron dreamily.
"I've always been alone and no one ever asks me to dance. What about you?
Why are you alone? You look rather angry to me. Would you tell me of your

Ron looked into Luna's dreamy eyes.
Somehow he found himself unable to resist her eyes and began to tell her of his
misery. He told her about working so hard to organize this surprise ball for
every one. He told her about how difficult to decorate the Great Hall. He also
told her how disappointed he was that neither of his friends were there to
appreciate his work. Unbeknownst to himself, Ron had poured out his heart and
soul to Luna Lovegood.

"They must have their reasons,"
said Luna with sympathy. "Maybe they finally saw a Crumple-Horned Snorkack
and just had to go after it. They wouldn't miss your ball on purpose. I'm sure
they'll appreciate your work if they had seen it. I think you've done a
wonderful job here. This place is lovely tonight."

Ron was shocked that Luna loved his hard
work. He never thought that anyone apart from his best friends would pay him any
compliments. "I...."

"Hush, Ronald," Luna moved
closer to him and gazed up into his shocked eyes. "There's no need to say
anything. Now, don't be bitter and spoil tonight. Let your friends enjoy
themselves and so we should too. Would you dance with me?"

Without a word, Ron wrapped his arms
around Luna's skinny waist. They danced in the dark corner of the Hall, enjoying
the presence of each other. For all that time, Ron had momentarily forgotten
about his grudges against his best friends and lost himself in Luna's spell.

* * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * *

Meanwhile, in Llyr, Ron's best friends
were having a totally different sort of time. Harry and Hermione had set
up their wooden table and had a relaxing dinner while Duncan lay in the baby
carriage nearby, chewing the the Baby Chew they bought earlier. Dobby wasn't
around. He decided to take this day off and spend it with his friend, Winky.

After dinner, Hermione began to read again
as Harry lay on the loveseat. Harry gazed at the girl before him with an emotion
he had never felt before. Just looking at the innocent, studious face before
him, Harry had an urge stronger than before to take the girl in his arms, caress
her and to kiss her. He vaguely remembered that he felt something roughly like
this earlier that day.

Duncan began to gurgle in his carriage in
attempts to draw some attention back to himself, seeing that Hermione was
engrossed with her book and Harry's eyes were clearly fixed on Hermione.

"Why, little Duncan boy, what's the
matter? Do you feel the pain of being neglected now? Trust me, your famous
cousin here would tell you that he'd swap with you any day." Hermione put
down her book immediately and went over to see what Duncan wanted. By this time,
Hermione had grown much too fond of Duncan, although she didn't even know that
Duncan was like a son to her. She picked
the baby boy, who beamed widely at her, up from his carriage.

That is exactly what I'd wanted in
thought Harry. A nice little house, a loving family, a beautiful
wife who knows me more than anyone on the planet and a son so adorable that no
one will be able to resist his charm. It would only be more than perfect if I could go up
to them and hug Hermione and Duncan with my arms. Wait, Harry, you must drive
those insane thoughts out of your head! How could you even think like that? You
are going to lose your best friend if you keep going like this!
Harry shook
his hat involuntarily. It was wrong to think of Hermione like that, he was sure.
thoughts prevented Harry from getting to his feet and move closer to the people
he so wanted to hug. Difficult though it was, Harry managed to keep himself in
his seat.

"Look at Duncan, isn't he growing
bigger everyday? I swear he was at least 0.5 cm shorter than he is now this
morning." Hermione said as she examine Duncan's body with pride. How could
she not be when she knew this was the boy she helped bringing up and he turned
out to be so fine and healthy.

Harry laughed. "You can tell, can't
you? I'd say your eyes must be sharper than owls now. I could never tell, but I
will agree that Duncan is getting bigger."

Hermione opened the window to let a bit of
fresh air in. She than sat down in the loveseat with Duncan in her arms, pushing
Harry aside. "Have I told you how adorable your cousin is? He's the cutest
and the least naughty baby I've ever seen in my life. If I am going to have a
baby someday, I want it to be just like him."

"What? With those emerald eyes?"
Harry pretended not to get Hermione totally. Of course, Harry told himself that
it was just a tease anyway. "You know, not many people
have that kind of eyes. Or maybe you're hinting that you'd like to have my baby?
Tell you what, I wouldn't mind at all."

"Right," Hermione rolled her
eyes. "You joke too much and too often, Harry. You ought to stop that.
Someday you are going to make a girl blush so much that she'd faint."

I wasn't joking, thought Harry.
I was telling the truth when I said that I won't mind. Heck, actually I think
I'd be more than happy if you were to be the mother of my child.

Harry looked up and saw Hermione staring
at him in disbelief. "Wh... what did you say? You... you weren't...
joking?" whispered Hermione uncertainly. She seemed to be in the state of
shock. Her hand had stopped patting Duncan's back. In fact, her whole body
seemed to be frozen. Duncan wriggled in her arms and looked up and her
quizzically as if asking her why she had stopped.

Oh dear, must have said it out aloud.
Harry was immediately in panic. He whacked himself on the head really and as he
thought of an explanation. "I... I didn't mean to. Oh dear, I'm terribly
sorry. I don't know what came over me. I... I... I...." Harry mumbled
nonsense as he whacked his head and slapped his mouth. He couldn't believe he
just made such a fool of himself. How could he say that aloud? Imagine what
Hermione must be thinking of him now. The even stronger emotion than
embarrassment was anxiety. Harry worry most that Hermione would cease to be
friend with him. He couldn't possibly stand that. It would be all too
unbearable. He stared blankly at the
floor and avoided Hermione's eyes.

"I... wouldn't mind being your
babies' mother either," Hermione's soft and timid voice jerked Harry's head
right up. Her face was flushed and her eyes twinkled with... was it really love,
or was Harry mistaken about the odd look in Hermione's eyes?

No word was exchanged between the two.
They gazed into each other's eyes and understood each other's mind. For a
moment, the two friends forgotten everything that was around them- Hogwarts,
Voldemort, the possibly angry Ron for they didn't show up in the Feast, the suite
of Llyr, even the baby Duncan laying between them had been forgotten. Harry
began to lean towards Hermione. Slowly, he closed up the distance between them.
When he was only one centimeter away from sharing his first kiss with Hermione,
an owl hooted loudly in Harry's ears.

It was an unknown brown owl with an
envelope attached to its leg. Never once in Harry's life had he found the owl
post annoying at he did that moment. That owl just disturbed the most beautiful
and emotional moment of his life. Harry grumbled as he pulled the envelop off
the bird and opened it. The moment Harry tore open the envelop, a mist of black
gas enveloped the whole suit.

"Arragh!" Harry screamed in pain
as the dark gas filled the room. "What the hell?" he swore. His scar was once more burning, this time more
painful than it had ever been. He dropped on the floor and rolled on his
stomach. At that moment, the pain was so great that Harry would rather die than
to endure such pain. Despite of his discomfort, Harry's mind was still on the
other two occupants of the room. Although he was half blind with the pain, Harry
still strived to check whether Hermione and Duncan were al right. All his
efforts were invalid as he couldn't battle the pain.

A minute or two later, the black mist
drifted out of the open window. It was then when the pain on Harry's forehead
reduced and finally able to stand up again. His first priority was to make sure
the ones he loved were all right. He looked towards the loveseat and
discovered, to his horror, that both Hermione and Duncan lay unconscious on it.

"Hermione! Hermione!" Harry
shook his friend but received no response from her. He panicked momentarily.
Scenes from the Department of Mystery incident flashed before his eyes. Harry
somehow managed to hold himself together and put a finger on
Hermione's wrist. Much to his relief, he found a weak but definitely moving
pulse. Harry then moved on the check on Duncan. He was also very glade when he found that his baby cousin, though weak
and knocked out like Hermione, was also still alive. Just barely.

Who would send him such a curse? Could it
just be some Harry-Potter-hater? Or was it someone worse? Why would they want to
curse him anyway? If this gas was supposed to knock him unconscious like
Hermione and Duncan, why was he still up and totally fresh minded? Could this
have something to do with the Dark Lord? After all, his scar only hurts when the
Dark Lord was about.

Harry searched the floor and found the
envelop he had dropped. It wasn't big. Harry looked over it and found nothing
but a weird looking symbol inside- 天.
It definitely wasn't English, nor did it look like the Runes in Hermione's text
book. It looked a bit like Chinese or Japanese, but Harry wasn't sure. He
pocketed it and went back to Hermione and Duncan on the loveseat. Harry picked
Duncan up and levitated Hermione into the air.

"You guys will be fine. I'll take you
to the Hospital Wing. I won't let anything else happen to you," Harry
whispered softly to the still unconcious Hermione and Duncan. It was comforting
to know that Madam Pomfrey can fix anything, as long as the patients are still

These two are going to see Madam
Promfrey and Dumbledore's about to see me.

* * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * *

"This is a very interesting piece of
paper," remarked Dumbledore as he turned the mysterious envelop in his
hand. "This is indeed a Chinese character. I can see that it's no ordinary
writing, but it had been enchanted by very Dark magic. It is the sort of Dark
magic Chinese had developed thousands of years ago. Hardly anyone use it anymore
these days. It is a very powerful type of magic. Miss Granger and young Mr.
Dursley are lucky to survive. From their survival, we can see that whoever sent
you this hasn't mastered the art totally or else both of them would've died
there and then. It's interesting that you shouldn't be affected apart from the
burning of your scar."

Harry paced in Dumbledore's office in
anguish as
Dumbledore examined the envelop. "Is it from Voldemort? Who else would wish
me harm and send powerful Dark magic through the mail? Did he know how to use
this Chinese magic?" Although Harry didn't know the curse nor its
potential, but he could recognize its power.

"Could be," Dumbledore's answer
wasn't positive nor negative. His face was totally blank throughout the session.
His expression unreadable. Nothing was given away to betray what he really felt
at the time. "I'm not aware that he had ever studied
Chinese magic, but it is possible that he had gained this new knowledge over the
years he had disappeared. From what I know, this particular brand of magic is
unique and hard to master. I have an impression that it works in a chain of
letters. Even I know nothing of its exact working. I suspect that more of these
would be coming. Do not open any more of them. Bring them to me straight away.
I'll keep them here and study them. Meanwhile, I would suggest that you return
to your room. Madam Promfrey insisted on keeping Miss Granger and Mr. Dursley
there for tonight, so I guess your room would be rather lonely. Have a good
night sleep. Never fear, this would be sorted soon, I hope."

Harry looked as if he still wanted to say
something else. However, after an after thought, Harry nodded and left obediently.

As soon as Harry was out of ear shot,
Dumbledore walked by his window and gazed at the lake outside and sighed,
"This is exactly what I fear. Voldemort had finally found the lost recipe
of the legendary Chinese dark magic. He hasn't quite mastered the skill yet, but
it would only be a matter of time before he gets everything right and starts to
kill. I do hope that Harry could bring him down before he brought this skill to
perfection. If he did, I doubt that even Harry would be able to stop him. Then,
we are all doomed."

A/N: I guess you guys were wondering
why I ever categorized this story as action/adventure. In the previous chapters,
there were nothing of that sort anywhere. I have to say that the dark side of
this fic is starting to surface. Please be patient and wait for the action side
of the plot unfold. Never fear, Duncan will still be a part of it. He won't be
given for the Dobby to look after or anything. He is, after all, the
son-but-not-really of Harry and Hermione. Consider his family background, with
his uncle and aunt killed by Voldemort and his primary parental figures being
Harry and Hermione, Duncan's destined to lead a life different from most normal
babies jam packed with action and angst.

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