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Taste of Revenge by Queen Sabreen
Chapter 1 : Taste of Revenge
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The Taste of Revenge
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By Queen of Serpents

Disclaimer: Don't own it. Sorry to disappoint. But Lily's friends are my own creations. Making up people is fun!

Author's Note: My first Lily/James fic. I have read a few fics of this ship which I really like but not a lot so I hope mine isn't too cliched. This idea was originally for my DM/HG fic but I decided to turn it into a L/J instead.

Summary: Bad boy James must be taught a lesson. The game of vengeance begins with Lily's plan to seduce & then dump him and James retaliating when he finds out. But the taste of Revenge is sweet as well as addicting and neither are willing to admit defeat.

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Chapter One: It Began With a Kiss

A smile of satisfaction crossed his lips as his mouth came down upon the girl who he'd pinned against the stony wall. Her lips were soft, yet chapped, not what he had expected and wanted in a girl. Still, she was female, and he had his urges, so she would have to do. Plus, it was all part of the plan. In moments, Snivellus--he grinned into her mouth, he always had a great kick while saying their nickname for Snape--would come and find his girlfriend snogging James Potter. The look on his face would be priceless. Utterly priceless.

Any minute now....

He was getting bored with her mouth and decided to pull away. His lips began to descend down the line of her jaw and lower to her neck, making her breathing hitched. Her hand gripped his messy black hair tighter than before when he sucked on her pulse point. Her other hand was holding onto the front of his robes so tightly he was about to choke, but he continued without any thought to it. Just a second more and Snape would come...

A gasp from his side made him detach himself from Doria, Snape's girlfriend--how in the world did he get one in the first place?--and turn his head to smirk at the intruder. His eyes widened when landing upon the girl with green almond-shaped eyes and flowing red hair tied up in a loose bun, strands of it falling into her face. For the millionth time since he saw her, he thought how gorgeous Lily Evans looked. Too bad she hated him so much, and too bad she was such a bitch at times.

Her hands fluttered to her mouth and her books fell with a bang that made Doria open her eyes and turn to see what happened--why had James stopped? Evans shook her head, her hand still clamped over her mouth, and began to take small steps back, her eyes wide with disbelief.

James's smirk grew larger when he saw Lily Evan's back colliding with a tall, greasy haired Slytherin and heard her shriek in fright.

"Watch where you're going, mudblood," came his icy voice. Apparently he hadn't noticed his girlfriend sandwiched between James and the wall. James was holding her hips and forcing her to stay and not get a chance to move away. The Marauder could feel her shiver from fear of being caught, but took no heed. He saw Lily look once at Snape, her emerald eyes still wide from shock, and then at James. Three times she had done this when her eyes finally narrowed to slits. She marched towards James, sticking out her index finger.

Finally, Snape had realized what happened and what his girlfriend was doing with his enemy. James was almost sure he could see the steam coming out of his ears. However, as angry as he was, he didn't do a thing, for Lily was even angrier than Snape himself and had even taken out her wand in her fury.

"You! The nerve of you!" she yelled at James and Doria. "I'll show you!" she cried out, raising her wand. She began to think of a curse to use but before she could, Doria slipped away from James and ran off before anyone was able to stop her. Lily was left looking shocked, and James assumed she never had someone just run away from her like that. Snape looked on, finally regaining his equilibrium and put on a murderous look on his face.

"Get out of my way, mudblood. I don't need your help," he spat. He took out his wand as he spoke. "Potter," he said with gritted teeth.

Evans looked appalled when Snape called her "mudblood" and stopped midway to glare at the Slytherin.

James, who was a little ashen when Lily had rounded up on him, now simply smirked when he saw the two bickering. He was pleased to even see Sirius Black coming with his wand outstretched. Before Snape was able to utter an incantation, the point of Sirius' wand was right at his forehead. "You hex James, I hex you," said he.

The Slytherin glared at Sirius who held the wand to his head. Lily fumed. "Won't you two ever stop?" she yelled. "Ever?!"

"You know the answer to that, Evans," James said finding this to be his cue to ask her out again for the millionth time. He leaned casually against the wall. "Just go out with me and I will."

Lily scowled and stomped away to collect her books, but James caught hold of her hand.

"Let go of me, Potter," she spat.

"Come on, Evans. How about a kiss... Maybe then I'll be satisfied and I'll probably stop messing around with Snivellus's head."

Snape, who was oddly patient and quiet, moved his feet and raised his wand, inducing Sirius to push his own wand further into Snape's head. "One move and that's it," Black hissed.

"Just stop it! All of you!" Lily snapped, and she pulled out of James' grasp. She pushed James hard against the wall and pointed her wand straight at his throat. "You make me sick, Potter. You really do."

James, shocked by her action, simply stared at her with a blank look on his face. Taking a deep breath, Lily backed up and put her wand away and walked near Snape to collect her fallen books.

James stared at her, and was sure Sirius and Snape were looking at her every move oddly as well. When she stood up, her eyes found Remus and Peter walking up from behind Sirius. "I never expected this from you boys," she told them, and stomped off.

James had a funny feeling she was still furious about what happened; he frowned at himself. But then he saw Snape and grinned, raising his wand.

Now that she was gone, time for some fun...

"Oh Snivellus...!"

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Lily had never been so infuriated in her life. That boy really had some nerve to first ask her out while she was so furious with him, and then tell her that a kiss would make him stop all these pranks. Yeah, right! Like Lily would ever agree to that!

She walked down the halls, not too far away from where she left the gang of Marauders and Snape, and could hear Potter call out "Oh Snivellus!" She knew that they were going to do something awful to him now, and stopped momentarily in her tracks, wondering what she should do. Go there and stop it--again--or call a professor?

But she didn't want to tell like a little first year, and she didn't want to go in there and stop it--she'd look like an idiot--so she simply began to walk away, trying to forget the whole ordeal.

Just as she was about to negotiate a turn, she heard Potter's deep voice call out to her. "Hey, Evans! Wait up!"

Lily stopped, pondering what could've made him actually stop messing around with Snape and actually come to her. She shook her head and took one step further but his quick, Quidditch-trained arm caught hold of hers and spun her around to look at him straight in the eye.

She never realized how beautiful his hazel eyes were.

"Listen, Evans I'm sorry. I realized I was stupid and I shouldn't have done that, okay?"

Lily snapped out of the trance his hazel eyes were putting her in and pulled out of Potter's grasp.

"Potter, I don't care," she snapped. "You can do whatever you want. I'm never going to butt in again."

He caught hold of her arm again as she began to walk away. "No, Evans. Really. I'm sorry."

She twisted her arm around but he wouldn't let go. "Potter," she warned.

"No," he told her firmly pulling her by the arm and pushing her against the wall with a thud. "Why won't you just accept my apology?"

Lily's back stung with the impact of hitting the stony dungeon walls and let out a small whimper. Furious even more at what he had done, she glared at him. "Why won't I accept your apology?" she repeated. "Why should I if you're going to go back and play another prank on Snape? Why would I if you're just going to go pick out another girl to play with and then dump? There's no point. You'll never learn."

He sighed and learned closer to her, resting his forehead on the wall next to her ear. Her body tingled as his breath tickled her ear.

"I will learn," he said softly. "Just one..."

"Yeah, yeah I know," she said angrily. "'Just one kiss.' Why do you want me to kiss you in the first place, huh? And what will that accomplish?"

"I'll never pick on anyone ever again. I'll grow up just like you want me too," he whispered, pulling his head back from the wall and looking deep into her emerald eyes.

"Will you grow up, then? Will you--" Lily began, her voice softening.

His head leaned closer to hers, his breath cool against her face.

"I'll grow up, then," he promised, his lips coming closer to hers leaving a ghost of a kiss upon her lips. "Can I?" he asked.

Lily nodded her head, mesmerized by his eyes. Her body tingled with anticipation, and unknowingly, she parted her lips as his mouth descended upon hers. His lips were soft and he found out that hers were too, just how he liked them. He moved his body so that she was pinned against the wall by his weight, and she melted against him. His hand went up to cup her cheek and a soft gasp came across her lips as his tongue slipped quickly inside.

Just as Lily was beginning to enjoy the sweet, slow kiss, she pictured Potter and Doria snogging against the wall, the hurt and angry look on Snape's features, and the playful smirk upon Potter's face. She pulled her mouth away and turned her head so that when he dived for another kiss, it landed far away from her lips, and on her cheek instead. He pulled back to see what was wrong, and was just about to open his mouth when a voice rung through the hallways.

"Hey, Prongs, we just saw Snivellus running up towards the West Wing. Want to go?" Sirius called out, his voice echoing in the almost deserted hallway.

Lily angrily looked at Potter's face, which was now alive with mischief.

"I'll be right there!" Potter called out, making Lily nearly choke. Didn't he just promise to her that one kiss and--

She shook her head angrily and slipped out from between Potter and the wall. She more enraged than she ever was before. "I knew you'd never learn Potter," she spat.

Potter quickly turned to look at the girl whose body was pressed tight against his. She wasn't where he last knew she was and turned around to see her emerald eyes dark with hate in the middle of the hallway.

"When will you grow up?" she asked in disgust, shaking her head. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand and glared at him. "I hate you," she whispered and then ran away, leaving Potter behind.

Today was the first time she was ever that mad at him. He'd never learn this way. She tried talking to him, scolding him, making sure he got detentions, and now she even kissed him in hopes he'd grow up, but he didn't. He needed to be taught a lesson the hard way.

Thus the seeds of revenge were planted in Lily Evan's mind. James Potter would learn to keep his promises and she was sure as hell the way she would teach him now will make him never want to do a single prank, or kiss another girl in his life.

The game of vengeance had begun.

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Author's Note: Tell me what you think. Too cliched? Too dramatic? Too wonderful for you to read?! Lmao. Thanks to my beta for making the grammar so wonderful!
Anyway please leave a review now! Oh and Happy New Years!

All Hail,
Queen of Serpents
aka Queen Sabreen

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