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My love by Ginny
Chapter 6 : End of the Game
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They just ended the game and Padma had won (but then again that all depends on how you think of winning and losing in their situation.). Padma was slowly kissing down Ginnys neck when she moaned out a name. Unfortunatly it wasn't Padma's. It was Hermione's. Ginny thought Padma hadn't noticed. Padma stopped and Ginny looked at her. Padma didn't want to tell Ginny so she kept quiet and lied her teeth out.
"It's just I am not ready yet Gin. Can we just lye here?" Ginny saw Padma's scared face and nodded.
"Come here. We will take things as slow as you want love. I promise." Padma smiled and sunggled into the crook of Ginny's arm. They fell asleep chocolate covered and all.
The next morning Hermione was sitting in the library thinking about Ginny when she felt someone yank her out of her seat and into a dark corner.
"What?!" Hermione said as she saw a wand pointed at her face and Padma holding it.
"If you hurt Ginny in any way I will not hesitate to hurt you! Do you understand!" Hermione looked confused.
"What are you talking about Padma?" Padma narrowed her eye's and stared coldly at Hermione.
"I wish more then anything in the world that I could be the one Ginny wanted. But I am not. It is you she love's and I can't stop that. I know you love her to don't try to lie about it. I know I have to let her go. But I swear if you hurt her I will not hesistate to KILL you?!" Hermione smiled in understanding. Padma let her go and they walked away in different directions.
Later that night Ginny was waiting up in the astornomy tower for Padma who she got was Hermione.
"What are you doing here Herm?" A very confused looking Ginny asked. Thouse were the last things said though b/c the next thing Ginny knew Hermione's mouth was on her's. It started off slow and passionate then slowly became more urgent. Ginny pulled away before she lost total control.
"Hermione wait!" Ginny said trying to catch her breath.
"Ginny I love you. I talked to Padma..."
"Wait I am confused?" Ginny looked into Hermione's carmale colored eye's and melted. Nothing more needed to be said for some reason. They began to kiss again and (I will not say anymore use your imaginations.).
Padma had waited by the entrece of the door. When she heard the moans she knew it was her time to leave. She wipped a tear away and said. "It was brilliant while it lasted Gin." She blew a kissed on the closed door and left.

A/N:Hope you like it. I will write a previwe if you want you must review and let me know. Hopefully with some help from a few people. Thankz,

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