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Harriette Potter and the Ring of Life by rb123456
Chapter 9 : Quidditch
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Nora told the boys everything they knew about the ring and everything that had happened, "Woah, that's wicked!" exclaimed Michael. After he said this, the four of them headed toward the Gryffindor common room.

"So you mean we have to find the ring of life and give it to Hagrid?" asked Sean as they walked up the long flight of stairs.

"Yeah," said Nora in a way that made him feel stupid.

"What I mean is, why can't we give it to someone like Prof McGonagall or Prof Alliver?" he said giving her a cruel face.

"Because it controls the thoughts of others without great power," said the soft voice of Crystal coming from in front of them.

Sean shrieked, "What hell is that?"

"Honestly, Sean, don't be rude," said Nora cruely.

"It's okay, Nora," said Crystal nicely, "Everyone says that when they first see me," she explained, "My name is Crystal," she said to Sean and Michael.

"Oh, the one that told Harrie and Nora about the ring of life," said Michael, relieved.

"Yeah," answered Harrie.

"Enough talk, the reason I'm here is because I sense Dominii near. I came to warn you," explained Crystal.

"Dominii! What type?" asked Nora worriedly.

"What kind of stupid question is that?" asked Michael, cruely.

Crystal gave him a look that Nora would usually give him, "What she means is, what color is the hood of the Dominii. The silver hooded Dominii are coming closer," she explained.

"Those are the ones that killed Katie!" shouted Harrie.

"Yes they are, and they will be here on the first day of the twelfth month," answered Crystal.

"The what?" asked Sean stupidly.

"December twelfth, you bloody idiot," said Nora.

"WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUTUP?" shouted Crystal, with her eyes turning red then turning blue again.

Harrie, Michael, Nora and Sean all stared at her, surprised. "Sorry," they all said in unison.

Crystal smiled, "It's okay. Now, as I was trying to say, they are planning on attacking at dawn of December first," she explained.

"Great," said Michael sarcastically, "That's when classes start!" he shouted.

"That's perfect! That'll give us something to do before we whoop their asses," exclaimed Sean.

"No, you must stay away from them," exclaimed Crystal, "Or another one of you will be killed," she explained.

"But, they'll find us anyway, I mean, they are looking for me, are'nt they?" asked Harrie.

"Yes, but I'll be with you this time," explained Crystal, "In fact," as soon as she said this, she snapped her fingers and transformed into a normal eleven-year-old witch, "I'll be with you for the rest of the year," she ended.

"Whoah, you should stay like that forever," said Sean, making her blush.

"Cool, but you're a Ravenclaw," said Nora sadly, looking at her cloak with the Ravenclaw eagle on it.

"That can change," she said as she snapped her fingers again, changing the eagle into a Gryffindor griffin.

"Perfect," said Harrie, smiling, "But, there's just one problem, how are we going to explain you to the teachers?" she asked. After she asked this, Crystal snapped her fingers once again.

"Problem solved," said Crystal, smiling. After she said this, Prof Snape came walking up the steps toward them.

"What are you Gryffindors doing out of your common rooms?" he asked in a cruel manner.

"Actually, Professor, we were just going," answered Nora with a smirk.

"Don't smirk at me," said Snape, coldly. Before Nora could respond, Micheal gave her a nudge in the back.

"We have to go now, Professor, good day," said Crystal, smiling. They all swiftly turned around and ran up the stairs.

* * * * *

"WAKE UP, YOU STUPID GIRLS!" shouted Michael's voice from the common room the next day. "It's Quidditch today!" he shouted right when Nora, Harrie, Crystal, and Lisa came out of the girl's dormitory
"What do you want?" asked Lisa with a mad face.

"It's the first Quidditch game today," said a tall, dark-skinned Gryffindor named Tom Krim.

"Really, are you playing, Tom?" asked Crystal, flirting.

Tom smiled, "Nope, there hasn't been a first year Gryffindor that played since, well, Harrie's dad, but there is that new seeker on our opponent's team," he answered.

"Who's our opponent?" asked Nora, excitedly, she had never been to a Quidditch game because Michael would always go with her dad while she had to stay home.

"Ravenclaw," answered Sean.

"Oh, really?" she said while turning to Harrie and whispering, "Guess what, Joey Walters is their seeker."

"WHAT!" shouted Harrie, making everyone in the room jump, "That's a hilarious joke, Nora, really, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha," she said, overexagerating the last, "Ha!"

"Er, thanks," said Nora, embarrassed making her turning as red as her hair.

"Well, what are we waitin' for? Tom, will you sit next to me during the game," asked Crystal, smiling at him, making Sean roll his eyes.

* * * * *

The Quidditch game started out badly for Gryffindor. Two of the chasers were knocked off their brooms, leaving Will Ballows, a fifth year, as the only chaser left, tying the score by scoring one-hundred and forty points and that all happened whithin the first twenty minutes of the game. Joey quickly spotted the snitch and chased after it, and soon after, Gryffindor's seeker, James Oldum, a third year, followed Joey. They both came closer and closer toward the snitch at the same speed, James tried, with all his might, to make make his broom speed up, but it didn't and Joey caught the snitch, ending the game with the score as follows:

Gryffindor: 140

Ravenclaw: 290

"I can't believe we lost!" shouted Michael, madly.

"Winnings not everything, Michael," said Nora in a motherly tone.

Harrie turned her head and saw Joey walking up to her, her heart began to beet faster and faster as he came closer. "Hi," he said when he got up to her.

"H--hi," she stuttered with her eyes widened as she looked at his amazing smile.

"Sorry about Gryffindor losing, I hope your not mad at me," he said while still smiling.

"Of course, I'm not mad at you," said Harrie, clearly, while still staring at his teeth then looking into his deep blue-green eyes.

"Well, I'd better get goin', it was nice talkin' to you again, see ya'," he said as he left.

"B--b--by--bye," she stuttered while looking into space.

Nora walked up to her while she still stared into space, "Harrie? Harrie? Hello? WAKE UP!" she shouted, making Harrie pay attention.

"Oh, sorry about that," said Harrie.

"It's okay, I would do the same thing if I were able to talk to a hot guy like that," said Nora smiling.

"Ha, ha," sighed Harrie.

* * * * *

Harrie woke up the morning of December first feeling horrible. For the past few weeks after the Quiddtch game, Lisa hadn't spoken to her the whole time, and today was not only the first day of classes but also the day that the Dominii would come. "Harrie, are you awake?" asked the Crystal from the other side of the room.

"Yeah, I am," answered Harrie as she got out of the bed, placed her slippers on her feet, and walked up to Crystal and Nora, "Hey, where's Lisa?" she asked as she looked around the dormitory.

"Downstairs with Michael," answered Nora.

"Oh, has she said anything about me?" asked Harrie worriedly.

"No, nothin' about you, she talks mostly about her sister and how much she misses her," answered Crystal.

"Let's go downstairs before classes start," said Harrie as they dressed and put on their robes.

As they walked into the common room, Harrie felt as confident as ever to talk to finally talk to Lisa again, but they walked into an empty common room.

"Where's everyone?" asked Harrie as her eyes quickly searched the room.

"I--" before Nora could finish, Sean, Michael, Lisa, and Tom walked into the room.

Lisa nervously walked up to Harrie, "H--Harrie, I just wanted to say---to say, OWE!" she shouted as Michael pushed her closer to Harrie, "I wanted to say I'm sorry," she blurted, "Will you forgive me for blaming you for," she paused, "You know what and for not talking to you?" she asked nervously.

"Lisa, of course I'll forgive you, I was gonna try to talk to you today anyways," she said smiling. They hugged just as Michael shouted, "WE'RE LATE!!!!!!"

This took a little longer tio post than I thought. Sorry, it's worse than usual, and there's not that much action in it, but I want it to lead up to the next chapter, which is almost one of my best.

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