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Troubled by Fredslover
Chapter 7 : It's a Date
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The sun was beaming down onto the snow covered ground, making it glisten and turn slushy, as you and Ron made your way through the gate that seperated the Hogwarts grounds from Hogsmeade village. Your first date with Ron had started fifteen minutes ago when he had met up with you after breakfast. Neither of you had said much since you had left the school, and you guessed that that technically wasn't a bad thing. You weren't worried about it.

Since Christmas was nearly there, you were afraid that the date was going to contain more shopping than actual dating activities. You hoped that Ron liked shopping...

" So I guess as the gentlemen here, I'm supposed to asked you what you would like to do during this little outing. " Ron said, glancing at you pointedly.

" Er...actually I was sort of wondering if we could shop...I'm so stupid, I 've let all my Christmas shopping wait until the last minute... " You said, now feeling completely mental. What kind of date were you, you were asking the guy to go shopping with you...

There had been a hint or nervousness in your voice and hoped that Ron hadn't noticed it. He looked as if he was thinking about it, and this made you even more worried. He flashed you another award worthy smile, causing some of your angziety to melt.

" Sure we can, in fact it's probably the best. I've still got to get Harry something... " Letting his sentence hang. You wondered if he was thinking about getting you something for Christmas. You had heard that Ron's family wasn't very weathly, and by the looks of his worn in sweater and khakis you realized that it was probably true.

It made you think about your financial state. It wasn't bad at all actually. Your father had been a bussiness man for some big American company. In fact that's how he had met your mother, his company had relocated him to an office in London and your mother had been a secretary there. Of course, your mother hasn't worked there since you father passed away, but your father had left enough money behind to keeo your family going, and your kid's family to boot. Plus your mother had taken up another secretary job near your home in London.

But you didn't have as much money with you as you would have liked. Your mother gave you and allowence, that you had to get translated into wizarding money, it was all very time consuming so you hated doing it. Hense the fact that you never had a lot of money on you when you needed it.

You just hoped that Ron didn't try and spend a lot of money on you. He didn't really seem like the type that would try and empress girls with expensieve things, but he did seem like the type that wanted you to be happy. But you decided to just to leave the subject alone, considering you were planning on buying him something. The only problem was you really didn't know enough about him to give him something that he'd really like, so before the two of you walked into a shop, you wanted to get to know him a little bit better.

" Actually I'm kind of thirsty, do you mind if we go get a drink first? " You ask, breaking the silence that had formed in the last few minutes.

" Yeah sure, I'm kind of thirsty myself. " He said. He was almost to good to be true.

There were fewer Hogwarts students roaming the paths of Hogsmeade as you and Ron headed towards the Three Broomsticks. That was probably one of the plus sides to staying at school for the holidays, there weren't so many students, so it was less likely that you didn't like, as in Mandy.

The smell of Fire Whiskey imediately hit you nostrals as you and Ron stepped into the pub. Surprisingly, it was rather crowded inside. Apparently there was a mid-morning crowd that lied to gather in the Three Broomsticks, because there were wizards and witches sitting in booths and tables. All of them ranging in age from young nervous looking people to old wise looking ones, all sitting in little groups. Some were talking quietly, and some were laughing softly, but looking a little apprehensieve. Most of them were dressed in fancy, nice looking robes.

" Must be lunch break or something... " You mutter, glancing around, looking for somewhere to sit.

" Guess so... " He replied, as a tured looking middle aged man in a brown set of robes waved at him. He waved back, his face telling you that he reconized the man. You didn't give it much attention, since you also reconized the man. It was Professor Lupin, he had been the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for about a year, but that had been three years ago. He had been you favorite Professor and had been rather disapointed when he had left without explaination, and even more upset when that foul woman Professor Umbridge had taken his job. Your attention then turned to the bar at the front, where Madam Rosemerta was standing there looking extremely busy, making drinks and taking orders from the long line of costomers. Your mouth literally waters at the sight of steaming butterbear being poured into a mug. You must have been staring, because Ron started laughing.

" Thirsty? " He asked smirking slightly. He dug his hand into his pocket and started rumaging through it. You nod your head abcently, then notice that he's looking for sickles you start to shake it.

" Oh, I can get it-- " Ron cuts you off, as he pulled out the right amount of change.

" No, no, no, what kind of gentlemen would I be if I made the lady pay for drinks? " He asked. Reluctantly you agree, enjoying the feeling of someone taking care of you, despite the little pang of guilt of making him pay for your drink.

" Go fight someone for a booth. " He said, still grinning. He walked over to the counter, and you turned around to face the crowd of people. There weren't any empty booths or tables, and for a second you were about to go tell Ron that you would have find somewhere else to get a drink, but fortunately a small booth in the far corner slowly started to empty out.

Acting fast so that no one else grabed the booth for themselves, you sprinted over to it and sat yourself down. Glancing over at Ron, you see that he's still in line to get the drinks.

This gave you time to take a closer look at the witches and wizards sitting around you. When you looked at them more closely you realized that you reconized qutie a few more than you had originally thought.

There was an old looking wizard, his grey hair sticking out in odd angles, and his claw foot was scraping the wooden floor of the pub. It was Professor Moody, or Mad Eye Moody as some students, and a few professors had called him. He had also been a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher that had quit mysteriously. You didn't let your gaze rest on him for too long, at the thought of him looking at you from the back of his head.

Professor McGonagall also sat a booth, she was wearing dark green robes that were made of what looked like velvet, and her hair was up in it's usual tight bun. She was sitting across from a very uncomfortable looking Professor Snape. His long greasy hair was covering half of his face, and his pointy nose seemed to stick out more than usual as he continued to make a rather snobbish look, apparently he wasn't one for sitting at a pub and having a drink.

About a minute later Ron came back with two steaming mugs of butterbear clasped in his hands. You looked at him thankfuly as he handed you yours.

" Thank you... " You said, taking a giant gulp, the warmth of the wonderful drink slid down your throat and seemed to reach the tips of your toes.

Ron sat down across from you, drinking from his own mug. There was a few seconds in which neither of you said a word, you were just sitting there letting the butterbear do it's job by warming you.

" There's a lot of professors here, even Snape bothered to come out of the dungeons... " You said glancing again at Snape, who was now talking to Professor Lupin. The look on his pale face showed pure hatred as he listened to Professor Lupin's reply.

" Er...yeah weird. " Ron said, he was staring at Professor Lupin with a look of suspision. You wondered if Ron knew something about this little gathering that had taken palce, it was sort of weird that Professor Lupin had come to a meeting that had so many Hogwarts Professors in it, when he himself had quit years ago.

At that moment you saw Professor Lupin look up from his conversation with Snape and notice Ron and you sitting there. You watched as he -not so politely- excused himself from the table and shuffled over to your booth.

" Ron, how are you? " He asked as soon as he was standing in font of them. Ron nodded at him.

" Fine, you? " He asked.

" Can't complain, listen I'm sorry about having Harry over and not inviting you, but since he's just moving in... " He said, looking guilty. It was then that you realized that Harry had been talking about Professor Lupin when he had said that he was moving in with him. That was a little strange, why in the wirld would Harry want to move into his former Professor's house?

" That's fine, I understand. How's Harry, did he move in okay? " Ron asked, seeming geniunely interested. You could tell that he actually did care about how the move went, and that he must be a great friend, although that's not exactly what you wanted out of this relationship, it was still nice to know.

" Everything went fine, he's stil settling in, but I think he likes it better than the Dursley's. I've got some old things of his father's so he's looking through them... " Professor Lupin said looking distant for a second before snapping out of it.

" Yeah I bet. Anyway, what's with all the... " He looked over at you awkwardly. " the people meeting here? " He finished. It sort of bothered you that he was being so secretive, but you didn't read too much into it, this was only your first real date, it's not like Ron was going to reveal all of his secrets to you.

" Ah...well we're meeting some of the discuss...things... " The Professor said, Ron glanced at you again, this time looking apologetic.

" Oh, sorry I didn't introduce you, well actually you should already know eachother but-- " Professor Lupin interupted him.

" Greene, right? " He said, seeming to vaguely reconize you. Which was inpressive, considering the fact that it had been three years ago, and he had taught hundreds of students.

" Yeah, Morgan. " You said politely, he nodded.

" Yes, well I'd love to chat but I really must be going. Nice seeing you both. Ron, Harry say's ro write to him. See you later... " He said turning to leave as Ron told him good bye.

" Your friends with two Hogwarts Professors? " You ask, trying to keep the mood light. You wanted this date to go well, if it did, then you could ask questions later.

" Well, in my defence, one of them isn't a Professor anymore... " He said smiling at you, both of you were silent for a second, before you both burst out laughing.

The rest of your time in the Three Broomsticks went by without interuptions. You had acomplished your mission and discovered some little facts about Ron that you hadn't known before. Four starters, he had reluctantly admitted to being deathly afraid of spiders, he had been literally shudering at the thought of them. Another thing was that he was a huge Chudley Cannons fan, apprently they were a quidditch team that he practically idolized, and you knew that he was Keeper for the Gryffindor quidditch team, so you figured you stop in a Quidditch shop and get him something nice. You had also found out that he actually had a softer side, not that he wasn't sweet anyway, but the two of you had got to talking and he had mentioned how he had had a crush on you for quite some time. Somewhere along the line he had talked briefly about him dating his bestfirend Hermione Granger, and that kind of explained why Hermione had looked so quilty about leaving him there. It turned out that Hermione had dumped him, ever so gently about a year ago. But he seemed to be over her, besides he had said that it hadn't worked out because they had been friends for so long. This made you feel better about the fact that you had never had the courage to talk to him, you'd never really been his friend.

" So where to first? " He asked glancing at his watch. " Bloody hell. " He said with a slight smile playing on his lips.

" What? " You ask.

" It's four o'clock... " He said still smiling.

" Geez, how long were we in there? " You asked laughing, but then you remembered all the shopping that you had to do.

" Oh no...I have so many things to buy... " You mutter, feeling stupid for letting it wait so long.

" Don't worry about it...who do you have to buy for? Then we'll see who I have to buy for...maybe we can find things in the same shop. " He said, he calm, probably because he was a guy and wasn't really all that concerned about buying gifts for people.

" Er...well, my mother, Nathan, Cho, I guess my aunt and uncle, although I'm not totally sure they even remember that it's Christmas... " You said, Ron chuckled at you last statement.

" and you... " You finished, causing his face to freeze, then relax slighlty, so that he was just grinning.

" Well that's about the same as mine...I've got my parents, Harry and Hermione, Ginny, Fred and George, and I'll just send everybody else a card. " He said dismissively. Your face froze as well, but for a different reason.

" Oh yeah, and I guess I should get something for you too. " He said pretending like it was a burden. You let out a sigh.

" You're so terrible... " You said, taking his arm and leading him into the first of many shops that the two of you had to get to in the next two hours.

* * *

You walked into the only quidditch shop that you had seen while walking around Hogsmeade. There were shopping bags hanging from both your arms and they were begining to dig into your skin. It was rather cramped, and smelled slightly of must. You and Ron had just split to go your seperate ways and find eachother a present. You had finished your shopping rather quickly. You had purchased a pretty black and silver necklace for your mother. A green sweater that had screamed Cho's name when you walked into the clothes shop. Nathan was going to get a gift bag from Honeydukes, which included everything from chocolate covered coachroaches to Bertie Botts every flavor beans, he'd love it. And lastly you had bought a charmed broom that swept the floor without having to be told for your aunt and uncle, you knew that your uncle would love it, because it was something magical, and your aunt proably wouldn't even notice it. But their house had been absolutely filthy the last time your mother had made you go over...

Now you had to find a gift for Ron, and the only things you knew that might aid you in your search were that he loved the Chudley Cannons, and that he was a Keeper...

And the fact that you knew next to nothing about quidditch didn't exactly help you. It's not that you disliked it, but you had never developed a great interest in it.

The different things inside the shop amazed you, there were so many things to choose from. You started from the front and still couldn't find anything you thought Ron would like. Making your way to the back you almost knocked over a boy that you had been completely ignoring during your search.

It was Neville.

" Oh, hi. Sorry didn't see you. " You said smiling. " What are you doing here? " You ask hoping that he might could help you, since he knew Ron better.

" Hey Morgan, I'm looking for something to get Harry. " He said motioning to the wall that he had been looking at, it was covered in everything that had to do with Seekers. It made you wonder is there was a wall dedicated for Keepers as well...

" Your looking for something to get Ron aren't you? " Neville asked knowingly. You felt you cheeks grow slightly warm, but pushed the impulse away.

" Y-yes. " You say wincing as your voice comes out nervous. Laughing, Neville points to the wall opposite the Seeker one. You look over and see a life saver. It's a wall covered top to bottom with all things having to do with being a Keeper.

" Thank you Neville, I was getting a little worried... " You say turning to smile at him before rushing over to the wall. You had about ten minutes before you had to meet back with Ron, so you had to make a quick, but careful decision.

" Chudley Cannons...Chudley Cannons.... " You muttered, looking down the wall for something -anything- having to do with Ron's favorite team.

" Ah ha! Oh my gosh that's perfect... " You breathed. You were standing in front of a glass case, inside side it layed an arm gaurd with the Keeper of the Chudley Cannons autograph written on the front in Gold lettering. You had to buy it for him, it was the perfect gift, you weren't going to walk out of the store without it.

And you didn't, five minutes later you were stepping out of the store with the glove sitting in it's box at the bottom of one of your bags. The man at the register said that you didn't need to worry about the ink wearing off of it, since the Keeper had signed it with some wort of special ink. You couldn't even figure out what the Keepers name was, not from the signature anyway, your sure Ron knew it, in fact you were positive he would. He was going to love his present.

* * *

Your sheets were cool against your bare legs as you slid into your four poster bed that night. Ron had just kissed you goodnight, and you couldn't get the feeling of if out of your head...not that you wanted to.

Chrismas was the next day, and you couldn't wait for Ron to see his present. Not to mention, I can't wait to see what he got me... A little voice in the back of your head said. Smiling you rolled over onto your side and went to sleep.


Okay guys sorry it took so long to update, but Christmas lasted forever at my house, but I did keep my promise, heres your new chapter. Hope you liked it!

Also don't forget that I can now make banner so email me if you'd like one.

Love from,

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