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Hugs by JayCee
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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***Chapter 8

Hermione woke up on Friday morning feeling much better than she had within the last week. Ron loved her he LOVED her. She got dressed and took extra time to look pretty. She went down to breakfast to find Ron already halfway done. She sat down beside him and smiled. He looked really cute today besides the bags under his eyes.

Ron looked at her. She looked especially pretty this morning. He grabbed her hand softly and held it under the table. Hermione smiled again her heart so full she thought it might burst. Harry sat down and ruined the moment. He looked horrible and grabbed some toast and put it on his plate.
“You alright Harry?” Hermione asked realizing he was probably still mad. Harry didn’t answer in fact he ignored Ron and her all through breakfast. Ron kept squeezing Hermione’s hand to reassure her everything would be all right.

They had Herbology first today and they all walked down to the greenhouses together but in silence. Ron had let go of Hermione’s hand so that it wouldn’t upset Harry even more. While they were walking there Malfoy spotted them outside.

“You are going to pay for what you said mudblood!!!” Malfoy said walking towards them. Hermione scowled at Draco and ignored him but Ron did not. Ron turned to him and yelled at him.

“What did she say to you Malfoy, that you have dung for brains?” Ron shouted.

“She said enough to deserve what I am planning to do to her.” Draco explained to Ron while raising his wand in the air.

“What are you planning to do to Hermione, Malfoy?” Ron asked him squinting his eyes in anger. Ron raised his wand while Harry just stood there wondering what was going on.

“I plan to give her what she deserves.” Draco said and spit out some curse so fast no one heard what it was. Hermione flew ten feet backwards and landed on her arm. Her skin began to get all dirty and her hair greasy.

“Now you really are a DIRTY mudblood!” yelled Malfoy as other Slytherins chuckled and laughed heartily. Pansy doubled over in laughter. Ron looked scared and turned to Harry. Harry gave Draco a look of disgust.

“Harry help me get her to the hospital wing!” Ron shouted walking over to Hermione. Harry came over too and helped her onto her feet.

“Harry, I’m so sorry.” Hermione said as they helped her walk to the hospital wing. She seemed to have broken her arm and leg as well as becoming dirtier by the second.

“Don’t worry about that now. It was wrong, I know now. We are supposed to just be friends. I just never have felt loved before. You know. But don’t worry about it now,” Harry said as they entered the hospital wing.


Hermione wasn’t back until supper that evening. She came strolling in halfway through supper. Ron looked up and told Harry that she was coming. She walked towards the Gryffindor table and ignored the calls from the Slytherins. She sat down next to Ron.

“Hey guys thanks so much.” Hermione thanked them. Ron leaned over and sniffed her.

“She’s clean!” Ron said and all three of them grinned. Hermione helped herself to dinner.


Hermione strolled into the girl’s dormitories to find Ginny sitting on her bed brushing her hair.

“Hey, Hermione.” She said putting the brush down. “I’ve decided to talk to Harry tonight.”

“Oh, Ginny that is wonderful.” Hermione said. “I know for a fact that he needs to hear that someone likes him.” Hermione decided not to tell her about the whole thing between Harry and her.

“How are things with you and Ron?” Ginny asked looking at Hermione as she sat down on her own bed.

Hermione sighed and smiled. “Good.” Ginny smiled back.

“You guys really are meant to be together you know,” Ginny said happily. “Well wish me luck. I’m off to talk to Harry.”

“Good luck Ginny,” Hermione said falling back on her pillow her hair sprawling everywhere. Tomorrow she was going on a date with Ron. She laid in her bed daydreaming about Ron. This was Ron her friend but now she was so happy thinking of him more than a friend. She enjoyed being kissed but she knew it would be ten times better with Ron. She wanted to see Ron so she got up and went looking for him.

She walked into the common room to see Ginny and Harry sitting on the sofa deep in discussion. Harry had a smile on his face and so did Ginny. She must have told him by now. Ginny was the right girl for Harry. She would treat him great and give him the love that he needed.

Hermione found Ron sitting at a table doing some homework. He had his hand behind his head and was scowling at his paper.

“Need any help?” Hermione asked sitting down in the chair next to his.

“I’m never going to be able to do this now,” Ron said smiling at Hermione.

“And why is that?” Hermione questioned him flirtingly.

“Because I wont be able to concentrate with you around.”

“This sure does complicate our study sessions doesn’t it?”

Hermione looked over at Harry again. He was tickling Ginny and she giggled and smiled. Hermione knew exactly what she was feeling. Ron bent back over his paper and started writing something. Hermione looked over his shoulder.

“Its actually the Clafuntus plant that does that.” Hermione pointed out to him.

“Thanks,” Ron said. He finished correcting the mistake and then turned to Hermione.

Hermione excused herself to got to bed but not before giving Ron a long hug that made her heart beat faster.

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