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Hugs by JayCee
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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***Chapter 7

Hermione had the same dream again that night. She awoke fearful and could not sleep alone again. Should she go sleep with Ron? But what if Harry woke up and saw her there? He would flip and probably tell Ron everything. But what if Ron woke up and saw her in bed with Harry. Although all he knew was that they were just friends. This would give her a chance to talk to Harry too.

She crept out of bed and looked at Ginny who was snoring softly at the bed across from the door. Hermione tiptoed up to the boy’s dormitories where she found Ron sleeping with his curtains opened. She knew this would be risky. Oh why did Harry have to kiss her last night? She walked quietly over to Harry’s bed and opened the curtains. Harry was sleeping on the other side of the bed so she climbed in and closed the curtain. She grabbed her wand ready to light up the tip but thought that the light might wake up Ron. She put away her wand and gently shook Harry.

“Harry,” she whispered. “Harry wake up.” Harry’s eyes fluttered awake. He blinked a couple times trying to make out who woke him up.

“Harry it’s me, Hermione. I had another bad dream can I sleep with you?” Hermione asked quietly. Harry could make her out barely with the help from the moonlight softly entering through his curtains. He grabbed out for her hand. Hermione pulled it away. She laid down and faced him. He moved forward to kiss her sleepily. Hermione turned her face. “I don’t think that we should do that?”

Those words startled him. Harry only wanted to comfort her. “What was your dream about?” Harry asked quietly.

“It was the same one as last night.” Hermione said and shivered at the thought of it again. She was really worried about her parents now. “You shouldn’t have kissed me last night.”

“What, Why, I thought, It felt right to me Hermione,” Harry mumbled.

“Have you honestly ever wanted to kiss me before that moment?” Hermione asked him.

“Well, no but it felt good right I mean you were kissing me back.” Harry stated quietly.

“Yes but I have never been kissed before. I agree that it felt good but it was wrong. Don’t you think we’re just supposed to be friends?” Hermione asked him.

“After last night I don’t think so. I think you are a beautiful woman Hermione, and many friends become more than friends after a while.” Harry told her almost pleading.

“Yea but I like…” Hermione started to say but Harry’s mouth was on hers. She was going to say Ron but his lips covered hers and he was desperate to get her to kiss him back. He tried to pull away but his weight was forcing her to not move.


Ron awoke hearing Harry talking to someone in his bed. He was worried about his friend and felt sorry for being rude to him all day. He crept out of his bed and pulled back the curtains to find Harry’s mouth on Hermione’s. Hermione pushed Harry off of her and looked at Ron. Ron stormed out of the dormitory and down the stairs. Hermione followed leaving Harry alone in the bed.

“Ron,” Hermione called to him who was sitting on the couch. He turned around looking angry. Hermione made her way to the couch and sat down next to him. He moved further away.

“Why?” was all Ron could muster to say to her. He almost looked about ready to cry.

“Ron I didn’t want Harry to kiss me. I wasn’t kissing him back.” Hermione started to explain.

“But then why were you in his bed.”

“I had a bad dream.”

“Why didn’t you come sleep with me in my bed?”

Hermione sighed knowing that she had to tell him about last night in order to understand. “It’s a long story.”

“I wont be able to go to sleep tonight anyway. So shoot.”

“Last night I couldn’t sleep…so I came into the common room to work on some homework due next month. Harry came down and told me that he had a bad dream and I launched into how worried about him I am. I told him I felt bad how much he has to deal with and all. We talked about his scar and I kissed it. I don’t know why but I just felt so bad for him and we were so close to each other for a long time and I realized he was gonna kiss me. I tried to move away but he pulled me close. I didn’t kiss him back but then…” Hermione didn’t want to tell him this part but she had to be honest with him.

“Then I did kiss him back. I pulled away from him scared and ran off to bed. Harry and I hadn’t talked about last night until just now. I was about to tell him that I like you and not him but he kissed me again.” Hermione said sighing after she was finished. She looked at Ron who was upset and stunned by the story she just told.

“So do you like Harry now? You want to spend the rest of you’re life with him I imagine.” Ron said angrily.

“No I don’t. Didn’t you hear me? I like you and not him. It was all a misunderstanding, something that shouldn’t have happened but did and I didn’t enjoy it.”

“But last night you kissed him back, I bet you enjoyed it then.” Ron said his face getting as red as his hair.

“It felt good to be getting kissed but I didn’t want it to be with him. That is why I pulled away and ran to bed.”
“Ron, I like you. I’ve liked you for year but I have been to scared to show it. I was afraid how you would react if you knew that I liked you and that is the reason why I always fought with you. I guess you wont believe me and I have just lost the only person I have ever loved.” Hermione said solemnly.

“You loved me?” Ron said astounded.

“I guess I do.” Hermione said looking up into his eyes and melting from how cute he was and the pain she felt inside. Nothing would have prepared her for what was coming next.

“I loved you too…I mean I still do love you. Why do you think I got so upset?” Ron said starting to smile with happiness. Hermione smiled back at him. Ron fiddled with his pajama bottoms that were too short.

“I should go to bed now.” Hermione told Ron standing up.

“Yea it’s almost morning.” Ron turned to go off to the boy’s dormitories and then stopped. “Thank you for being honest with me Hermione.”

“Of course, I could never lie to you.” Hermione turned to go to the girl’s dormitories when Ron stopped her again.

“Hermione?” He asked her softly.


“Would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me…like a date?” Ron blurted out.

Hermione smiled. “I’d love that.”

The two of them went their separate ways and went to bed.

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Hugs: Chapter 7


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