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Hugs by JayCee
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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***Chapter 5

Hermione couldn’t sleep again Wednesday night. She kept thinking about her parents and He-who-must-not-be-named and Harry and He-who-must-not-be-named. She was just worried in general. She turned over onto her other side in bed and sighed. For some reason she felt like something bad was going to happen. Since He-who-must-not-be-named had risen she had every right to feel that way.

She wasn’t getting any sleep in bed so she decided to get working on an essay for Defense Against the Dark Arts in the common room. This essay wasn’t due until November but she was caught up on the rest of her subjects. That is just how she was. She changed and grabbed her schoolwork and headed into the common room.
The fire was still going and the common room was sort of relaxing at this time of night. She sat down on the sofa and began to research. Crookshanks jumped up onto her lap.

“Hey there Crookshanks. How are you doing tonight?” She asked the cat who just purred in response to your question. “Same here.”

Crookshanks jumped off of her lap and wandered away. Hermione looked at the clock. It was near one in the morning and she wasn’t the least bit tired. She heard footsteps coming down the boy’s dormitory stairway. She heart leapt. She hoped it was Ron but when she turned around to look she found Harry climbing down the last few steps.

“What are you still doing up?” He asked her his eyes a little puffy and his hair a mess.

“I couldn’t sleep. I should ask you the same question.” She turned the interrogation back on him. Harry came around the sofa and sat down next to her.

“I had a bad dream.” She stated knowing that Hermione’s concern was going to go into overdrive.

“Oh my God! What was it about? Did your scar hurt?” Hermione blurted out the first few questions that came into mind.

Harry gave a small smile due to Hermione’s usual concern. “It was about Voldemort but it wasn’t very clear I can’t really remember a thing and my scar didn’t really hurt. I just couldn’t fall back asleep and I thought I heard something downstairs…so here I am.”

“I worry about you Harry. You have had to deal with so much and you have so much to deal with in the future with You-Know-Who back.” Hermione said feeling a sorry for Harry.

Harry looked at Hermione looking deep into her eyes that were starting to tear. Harry pulled her close into a hug. “There is no need to cry. I’m all right,” Harry told her trying to stop her from crying.

“But it isn’t fair! And I’m so scared about what is going to happen. I’m scared about you, and my parents. I hate V…V…I HATE VOLDEMORT!!!” She blurted out finally speaking his name. Tears flowed freely down Hermione’s now reddened cheaks. She was still in Harry’s arms and Harry looked dumbfounded as to what to tell her. Hermione’s eyes flickered up to Harry’s scar.

“How painful is it?” She asked him knowing he had seen her eyes stare at the scar on his forehead.

“It can really be painful. It’s the sharpest burning sensation, I once burned myself on a stove cooking for the Dursleys and this is about ten times more painful,” explained Harry.

Hermione leaned forward closer to Harry’s face. She kissed his scar and lowered her face to meet Harry’s. Her stomache was doing backflips and her throat was tight. She felt so sorry for everything that happened to Harry and there was nothing she could do to make it any better.

Harry looked deep into Hermione’s eyes stunned that she had just kissed his scar. She had kissed his cheek a couple of times before but it was different. She was just inches away from his face staring back into his eyes. The fire was casting red flashes of light into her eyes. She was really beautiful but he knew that she liked Ron but didn’t know if Ron had still liked her. They hadn’t talked for ages. The moment was growing akward and Hermione sniffled from her tears.

Hermione stared at Harry. She felt so comfortable with him but she liked Ron now. She was sure of it. Why was she inches apart from Harry? He was one of her best friends. She noticed Harry’s eyes look down at her lips. She started to move away knowing this wasn’t what she intended to happen but Harry pulled her closer and kissed her square on the lips.

Hermione had closed her eyes and Harry continued to give her short soft kisses on her lips and finally Hermione gave in to his lips. She kissed him back allowing his tongue to nervously enter her mouth. He tasted so good and he was being so gentle. Wait a minute! Hermione thought. She didn’t want this. She wanted Ron, she had wanted him for years not Harry. Hermione pulled away from him and opened her eyes. Harry had opened his eyes too.

“I have to go to bed,” Hermione stated and packed up her stuff and ran from the common room into the girl’s dormitories. She climbed into bed and put her finger on her lips thinking moments before they had touched Harry’s. Why hadn’t she pulled away sooner? Everything was so messed up now and now what must Harry think of her? Would he want to be her boyfriend? She only wanted to be with Ron and would Harry tell Ron what had happened? Surely she couldn’t talk to Ginny about this. She sighed and crawled under the covers. Soon she was fast asleep.


Harry went upstairs confused as to why he just kissed her. It felt good to be kissing someone. It was the affection that he lacked growing up with the Dursleys that made what he shared with Hermione so special. He finally felt loved but did he like the affection more than Hermione. She was his good friend. He would have to talk to her the following day to see how she felt and how he felt for one of his best friends. Harry decided also to not talk to Ron about it. He couldn’t lose both of his friends. Harry fell asleep dreaming of finally being loved and cared for and not about Lord Voldemort.

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