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Hugs by JayCee
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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***Chapter Four

Hermione missed breakfast that morning and went straight to Transfiguration instead. She took a seat in between Harry and Ron with Ron on her left side and Harry on her right. Class was about to start in ten minutes and she was glad to see her friends there early.

“I was starting to get a bit worried that you weren’t gonna come to class today after last night and all,” Ron said. Harry looked up wondering what Ron had meant by that statement.

“What happened last night?” Harry asked looking from Ron to Hermione then back to Ron.

“I had this horrible dream that I was being chased by this ugly huge cloaked thing that wanted to kill me because I’m muggle-born. When I woke up I was nearly in tears and I was sweating. Harry it was so real and I was even scared while I was awake. I mean it doesn’t mean anything just that I’m scared about this whole You-Know-Who thing. But who isn’t?” She blurted out trying to sound cool about it but Ron knew how upset it had made her.

Malfoy had walked in and heard what Hermione had told Harry and said, “Well you should be scared.” He walked over and joined Crabbe and Goyle on the other side of the classroom and mumbled something to them. They laughed.

“Don’t listen to Malfoy. We’ll keep you safe.” Harry told Hermione reassuringly. She turned to Ron who rubbed her shoulders for a second and then pulled his hand away at the akward moment.

Professor McGonagall came in and started class.


Ron looked at Hermione while she was paying so close attention to the lecture in Transfiguration. She looked tired but she was so beautiful today. He knew now that he has been slowly falling in love with her since the day they met. He was jealous of what her and Krum shared last year. It was all so clear to him at that moment. Ron wiggled in his seat picking his quill up in his right hand and his left by his side. He was feeling a sense of relaxation with his mind he paid attention to Professor McGonagall who was rambling on about the dangers of transfiguring some objects.


Hermione sat back in her chair listening to the lecture in detail and jotting down a couple notes in her books when important. She looked over at Ron for a second who was actually engrossed in the lecture. She looked at her friend trying to see what made her insides lurch. Was it his hair? His hair always tempted her to run her hands through it either that or mess it up when they were having one of their fights. Was it his eyes, which always sparkled when he looked at her or the way they glazed over when he was frightened? Or was it his lips? She had never really looked at his lips before now. She always looked him in the eyes when they talked. She had the urge to kiss him.

These aren’t the things that a friend should be thinking about her friend. She realized that they had always been becoming more than friends. Eventually the day would come when they kissed and realized how everything they once knew about their friendship had changed. She looked back at Professor McGonagal and actually liked the thought. It was the first time that she wasn’t scared of the transition. Though she knew that when it came she would welcome it and not be afraid. Ron cared about her and she knew that they were meant to be together.

She looked at him once more and saw his left hand dangling at his side. Should she grab it? Would it startle him? She felt so good at the moment she didn’t want to ruin it but she wouldn’t know what Ron thought until she did it. She looked at Professor McGonagal who was demonstrating what could happen transfiguring a wild boardagolly into a chair.

Hermione let her right hand fall down to her side and softly and quickly brushing it against his. He jumped a little at the contact and looked at her. Hermione just stared ahead like nothing had happened and hoped that he would take the moment and grab her hand. She waited…

He brushed his against hers and quickly almost hastily slipped his fingers in between hers. Hermione turned to him and gave him a small smile while inside her insides were bursting with pure happiness. They held hands until the end of the class and every once and a while Hermione would rub his thumb with hers.


“Ginny!” Hermione said bursting into the girl’s dormitories. Ginny was sitting on her bed writing something on a roll of parchment. She looked up with Hermione.

“What’s going on?” She looked up getting excited just from the huge smile on Hermione’s face.

“Ron and I held hands!!!” Hermione said full of excitement. “Right in the middle of transfiguration I figured out that I’m not scared if anything happens with me and Ron.”

Ginny looked shock at the change of heart with Hermione. “I’m so happy for you. Have you talked to Ron?”

“Not really but I have a feeling he is feeling what I’m feeling,” Hermione said. "Now all you have to do is tell Harry what you are feeling and we'll all be set."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Ginny asked knowing in fact what it did mean. She had liked Harry before they had even met. Hermione gave Ginny a look and the two girls laughed for a moment before starting their homework before the Hogsmeade weekend.

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