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Hugs by JayCee
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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***Chapter 3

The grass was slick under her feet with dew. She ran faster and faster away from the cloaked figure. “It’s your time to die mudblood.” It shouted making her skin crawl with its unearthly voice. She was shaking with every stride she took. She could feel breath on the back of her neck and the smell was putrid. He was right behind her so she stopped and turned around to look at its face…

Hermione awoke covered with sweat. Now that Lord Voldemort had risen back into power she feared herself dying since she wasn’t a pureblood. The dream had shaken her up really bad. She felt like she was being watched and that something bad would happen and that she wasn’t safe where she was. The only place she knew she would feel safe was with Ron and that startled her as well.

Hermione got out of bed and walked up to the boy’s dormitories. She knew that she shouldn’t be going up there and she didn’t know how Ron would react but she would feel better talking to him about her dream and staying with him until the sun came up. At breakfast she would tell Harry. When she reached their room Harry and Ron’s curtains were closed but the other boy’s curtains were not. She tiptoed fearfully over to Ron’s bed and opened the curtains a little letting the moonlight shine on his sleeping face.

“Ron,” Hermione whispered. Ron buried his head in his pillow to avoid the moonlight and didn’t wake up to her voice. “Ron,” she whispered again a little louder.

“Go! Chudley Cannons!” Ron mumbled waking up to his own voice and jumping to an upright sitting position at the sight of Hermione. “Hermione what are you doing here?” He said in a quiet voice but not quiet a whisper.

“I had a really bad dream. It was about Lord Voldemort and something wanting to kill me. I don’t feel safe in my own bed. Can I stay here?” Hermione asked. Normally she wouldn’t have come running to her friends over a nightmare but this one was so real. So real that it scared her while she was awake. Ron looked up at Hermione her eyes so frightened and almost on the verge of tears.

Ron moved over to the side of the bed. Hermione sat down letting the curtain fall back to hide them. Ron grabbed his wand from the night table and whispered “Lumos.” Instantly the tip of his wand lit up enough for him to see Hermione. “Are you okay?”

“I guess I am but it was just so real Ron. There was this cloaked thing chasing after me and it said it was going to kill me because I wasn’t a pureblood and then it caught up with me and I saw its ugly face. It was the most hideous thing I have ever dreamt about. When I woke up I felt like I was being watched and I wasn’t safe so I thought I would feel better if I wasn’t alone. I really hope that you don’t mind. I don’t want to get you in trouble but I already feel better being with you.”

Ron smiled at her sleepily with his red hair a mess. “It’s no problem at all Hermione. I’d do anything to keep you safe.” He said. She smiled shakily back at him. He pulled her close for a quick hug. This hug didn’t have electricity this time but made his heart ache all the same. He was really concerned about her. “I’ll stay awake until you fall asleep if you want.”

“Thank you so much Ron,” Hermione said laying her head down on his pillow on the other side of him. Ron put his wand away back onto the night table as Hermione turned to face him and she looked at him for a second until her eyes started to droop and she fell asleep.

Ron stared at her while she fell asleep. She looked so peaceful now with him. She came to him when she had a bad dream and not Harry and that made him feel good inside. He realized he had one of his best friends in his bed, which happened to be a girl, and he didn’t really feel weird about it. Does this mean he doesn’t like her more than a friend? She sighed in her sleep and Ron put his head down on the pillow. His heart tingled.

Ron finally realized what was going on between Hermione and him. They were in the transition between friends and when the time came they would be more but right now he felt satisfied keeping his friend safe with him.


Ron woke up to find Hermione’s face a few inches from his. He moved away slowly not to wake her while he checked the time. It was 5:34 and in a little while people would be waking up to get ready for classes. He looked back at Hermione. Hermione’s hair spilled over Ron’s pillow. He didn’t want to wake her but if she didn’t get out of here soon someone would see her and he couldn’t afford to get into trouble with the school again and not to mention the rumors that would fly around the school faster than the owl post.

“Hermione…” Ron whispered shaking her shoulder gently. She awoke with a start. She blinked her eyes into focus and saw daylight sneaking in through the curtains.

“Thanks again Ron. I’ll see you at breakfast,” She whispered to him still half asleep and rubbing her eyes.

Ron watched her quietly creep out of his bed. And then she was gone. He actually missed her the instant that she was gone. He fell back onto the pillow where her head had been and he could smell her hair faintly on the pillow. He fell back asleep until he had to wake up for class.

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