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The Time it All Began by Remus
Chapter 6 : The Messenger
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Ok…yay! Another chapter, hopefully you’ll like it. In case you didn’t know, I’m using Mists of Avalon as my big reference to Merlin, King Arthur and most of the Arthurian characters. I love that book, ’tis my favourite. Ok, enough about that. I just want to make clear with you guys is that I’m not exactly sure of the geography of Medieval Era. I did research…but one person said this, this other person said that, so confusing so I’m sorry if this has geographical mistakes. If you spot one, do let me know and I’ll change it. Ok, enough talk. READ! BTW, do read my A/N at the end of the chapter.

Warning: I should get a beta…but my BETA at the moment is in Spain and can’t get online. I miss Relle.

The Messenger

The old man stared at Harry just before turning his penetrating gaze to Amelia who did nothing but bowed her head slightly as a sign of great respect to the stranger. “Amelia,” began the old man with a voice that would be barely heard by Harry “would you please be a dear and fetch me something to drink and eat and water to wash my dusty face; the road from Avalon is a weary and long one with each passing day the people stop believing in the Goddess.”

“Does the Lord Messenger wish anything special to drink?” Amelia asked with her sweet voice.

“Hot wine will do,” he paused for a moment and then added with a smile “and if you have spices from Tintagel do add them.” Amelia bowed slightly and closed the great oak doors as she exited the room. The old man, on the other hand, moved slowly towards the fire ignoring Harry’s presence in the room and putting his bard tunic and staff in a safe place before staring into the fire with great interest.

Meanwhile, Harry gazed at the old figure with great question. From the looks, this man was the Headmaster of Hogwarts, however a question still lingered in Harry’s mind. How come the Headmaster seem to be familiar with Amelia when Amelia was from the Medieval era; had he been time travelling behind everyone’s back? Harry almost laughed out loud at the idea of Dumbledore time travelling behind Fudge’s back. Nonetheless, Harry moved forward and addressed the ‘Lord Messenger’ with a strong voice knowing that he didn’t want to be treated as a child who had ‘disobeyed‘ the rules by running away. “Headmaster, what are you doing here?” Harry asked, confused. “How did you know I was here…?”

“I’m afraid” the old man began as he continued to stare the fire “That I’m not who you think I am. But your reactions have confirmed my suspicions and along with Viviane’s” at last, the old man removed himself from the fireplace and stared at Harry with his piercing pale, blue eyes. Removing his staff from its resting spot, the ‘Messenger’ moved towards Harry who did nothing but stay put and not knowing on what to do or say.

“Then who are you!” said Harry through gritted teeth when he finally found the words he was looking for. “Wait a minute, It was you!” he said as he dug his hand into his overcoat’s pocket and retrieved from it the now wrinkled letter. “You were the one that sent me the letter!”

“I’m afraid you’re wrong for the second time in a row.” Said the old man as he got closer to Harry with a small smile across his face “It was Viviane who sent you the letter but was exceptionally sorry for not coming to fetch you before the departure to London; the Beltane Rites need the High Priestess of Avalon, you see.”

Harry was about to ask him who Viviane was and what the Beltane Rites were but his anger, like always, got the best of him and opened his mouth once more to shout at the unknown person “You still haven’t revealed your name” Suddenly, because of the anger, frustration and terror of having been discovered by his own stupidity, he dug out his wand and aimed it at the old man. “I have you know that I will do anything at the moment if you do not reveal your name.”

“My forgiveness, sire.” apologized the old man who did nothing but smirk at Harry. Harry on the other hand only frowned more at the man’s mockery. “But the age seems to get the best of me. I am the Merlin of Britain.” said the resonant voice.

Harry did nothing but aim his wand at Merlin with an open mouth. In front of him was the one of the most memorable wizards that had ever lived and he, Harry Potter, was aiming his wand at him and had threatened to hurt him just a moment ago. Unfortunately that changed. Merlin quickly took his staff with both his hands and whacked Harry on his wand hand making him drop his wand. “It is rude to threatened your elders.” said Merlin with a small chuckle

“Bloody hell,” cursed Harry as he rubbed his hand “That hurt!”

“Of course that hurts” Merlin said as he seated on the same leather chair Harry was sitting minutes before “Usually, when people hit you they tend to hurt you and not to make you feel better.”

“How did you know I wasn’t Godric Gryffindor?” Harry asked as he picked up his wand from the floor but still having a feeling of caution; apparently his brain couldn’t compute the fact that someone knew of his secret without him telling.

“The soul and heart can tell you many things” said Merlin as he conjured a chair with his staff for Harry to sit. “But I believe its your turn” he said as he motioned Harry to take a sit “who are you and how on hearth you came to be my apprentice.”

Harry sat across from Merlin and looked at the pale blue eyes the old wizard had and for the first time he saw the difference between Dumbledore’s eyes and the Merlin’s eyes; Merlin’s eyes looked tired and older compared to Dumbledore’s who still had the young spark. “My name is Harry Potter,” Harry began as he got comfortable in the chair “and how I came to be Godric Gryffindor that I do not know. All I remember before coming here was being in my old nursery and struggling to open an old music box that once belonged to my father. When I accomplished to open it, I felt like I was being swallowed by water and everything went dark. When I came to I was already in the body of Godric Gryffindor.”

“So for two weeks you have survived by pretending you’re Godric” Merlin said with a astonished tone of voice “I’m very much impress. But tell me, Master Potter, how old are you back in your own time?”

“Sixteen” replied Harry.

“The age of a knight in training” muttered Merlin and just about when he was about to say something more, the door opened to the library opened and in came Amelia balancing three goblets-two empty ones and one containing the hot wine Merlin had requested--a piece of fresh bread, and cheese. “Amelia, dear, you are a life saver.” Merlin said as he looked at the food with hunger. “I see why Godric here keeps you around.”

“You are too generous Lord Merlin” Said Amelia smiling as she poured the hot wine in Harry’s goblet “I’ll bring the bowl of water in a minute”

“Worry not, dear” Merlin said taking a bite of his food with much delight “just take it up to my usual room and I’ll wash my face there” Amelia nodded and left the room immediately leaving Harry and Merlin alone once again. “Harry is it?” Harry nodded “Well, Master Harry I wo-”

“Who is Viviane?” Harry asked before Merlin finish what he had to say.

The Merlin chuckled “Vivian is the Lady of the Holy Isle and High Priestess of Avalon my dear boy.” he paused for a moment and saw in Harry’s eyes what he wanted really wanted to know “Yes, Viviane was the one who saw the truth behind your lies and pretence but soon realized that Lady Meredith--Godric’s Mother-- could’ve been behind this despite her being dead so she kept your secret to herself until the time was right.”

“But why isn’t she here?” Harry asked narrowing his eyes a little.

“My, haven’t I told you already? She’s at the Beltane Rites.”

“And that would be…?”

“It’s the Rite where the Horned One and the Virgin Huntress lie together to-”

“All right, all right. I don’t need all the details.” exclaimed Harry as his mind was working out all the details for him as the Merlin was talking and trying to explain everything.

Merlin did nothing but laugh at Harry’s childish reaction towards the sacred marriage but his train of thoughts immediately changed when he remembered what Meredith Gryffindor said to him when she was in her deathbed “But tell me,” he said in a serious voice. He had to find out the truth…‘could this boy be the one Meredith spoke about in her last sight?’ “How have you survived for two weeks. By now someone in your position would’ve mess everything up and given themselves out in the open.”

“I had help” Without any other word to Merlin, Harry went up to his chamber and brought back with him the Sorting Hat along with the small Mirror that contained the real Godric Gryffindor in it. “This mirror here was given to me by my Godfather, Sirius Black, to use it as a communication device…” without any sort of notice, his eyes began to sting remembering Sirius and how he should’ve used his mirror to talk to Sirius instead of Kreacher. “…but now this mirror contains-well, look at it.”

The Merlin was stunned. “Godric…?” he said silently as he held the minute mirror in eye level. “Is that really you in there?”

“Lord Messenger!” exclaimed Godric, happily “How good to see you again.” the dull glow that Gryffindor’s eyes had for the past two weeks all of a sudden disappeared. “It definitely has been ages when I last saw you, Lord Merlin. How is Avalon? What about Lady Viviane?”

“Godric,” began the Merlin with a small chuckle “I’m afraid that Viviane and Avalon are in better conditions than yours.” he paused for a moment “How have you survived in there, Godric?”

“To tell you the truth, Merlin, I truly don’t know” Godric said with a grave tone “One moment I was fetching for my mother’s music box, the next thing I know I’m in the middle of a deserted isle with an eternal dark sky above me.”

“is there a way…” began Harry feeling rather stupid for interrupting a conversation between two great wizards “that he can be taken out of the mirror and me taken back to my own body and time?”

The old wizard stood still for a minute in deep thought; his wrinkly brow wrinkled even more as he thought of a spell or a counter curse to liberate the real Godric Gryffindor from the mirror and send Harry back to his own time. Meanwhile, Harry watched as Merlin stroke his silvery chin over and over and as he stood up from his chair, handing the mirror back to Harry, and as he paced around the room. “I can only think of one counter curse that may perhaps break your mother‘s spell.” said Merlin after much deliberation. “All I need you to do Harry, is to prick your finger with this dagger,” he handed Harry a small, silver dagger with a dragon carved on the wooden handle “and drop some of your blood onto the mirror’s surface”

Harry, half-heartedly, took the silver dagger with his right hand and very slowly he brought the tip of the dagger down to his left index finger. Immediately, Harry felt a small shot of pain run through his index finger but tried his best to not show any sign of pain across his face for the last thing he wanted to do was to make a wimp out of himself in front of Merlin and Godric Gryffindor. Once there was enough blood, Harry brought the mirror closer and dropped five drops of blood on the surface of the mirror. Once that done, he brought his pricked finger to his robes where he tried to cut whatever little blood from flowing.

Once that was done, Harry looked up at Merlin, who was staring once again at the fire, with a questioning glance “What else do you want me to do?”

“Just keep hold of the mirror” said Merlin as he brought the brilliant stone at the top of his staff down to the fire. The reaction of the stone, for what Harry could see from his seat, was amazing; red sparks started form around the stone and then transformed into a dragon-the stone becoming the eye of the dragon-- but suddenly disappeared leaving behind only a bright purple glow in the middle of the stone. Merlin looked at Harry who was wearing an astounded face.

“You all right Harry?”

“How did you do that?”

“This stone,” said Merlin patting the stone “is made from dragon tears; very magical if I may add since Dragons rarely cry and when they do, humans are not usually around. The stone is over a thousand years old made by the fairy people and given to the Merlin and Druid of the time” he paused for a moment and looked at Harry and the mirror he was holding “All right, all I want you to do is to hold the mirror tight, close your eyes and think of your old body and the life you had back in your own time.”

Harry did what he was told and imagined his old body; his father’s looks, his mother’s piercing green eyes and the thin scar given by Voldemort. He imagined going down the corridors of his Hogwarts with Ron and Hermione arguing over the most trivial thing as they walked right next to him. A small smile formed in Harry’s lips as he saw his fellow Gryffindors taking on Malfoy and his thugs wishing for that to happen some time soon. Suddenly, as Harry imagined Draco being humiliated by Neville and the other Gryffindors, he heard a whisper obviously coming from the old wizard.

“Arath Zynthos Amedus” began Merlin aiming the top of his staff, which contained the stone, at Harry and the mirror. “Noli me tangere et Prima facie!” The purple glow surrounded Harry making him look like someone holy. But as he was being surrounded by the purple glow he rapidly became aware that he could no longer breathe. Once again he felt like he was being swallowed by complete darkness losing his visions of Ron and Hermione and his fellow Gryffindors and being replaced by a dark clad figure with penetrating orange eyes underneath the hood.

Suddenly, everything stopped.

Gasping for breath, Harry opened his eyes and noticed that he was looking at Merlin’s robe hem. He closed his eyes trying to make the sick feeling go away as he sat up; he was in the floor with cold sweat just like the time he had seen the Dementors for the first time back in his first year. When he opened his eyes once more he checked his hands and saw that he still had the big, rough hands of Godric Gryffindor and not the hands of Harry Potter the Gryffindor Quidditch Seeker. “The spell failed…” he said hoarsely as he sat back on his chair and taking the forgotten goblet of hot wine to his lips.

“It apparently seems so, Master Potter” said Gryffindor from the mirror, annoyed at Harry stating the obvious “and if you don’t mind, please pick me up from the floor I’m rather bored of looking at my old ceiling.”

“The magic behind the music box is stronger that my magic.” said Merlin to himself ignoring Gryffindor’s comments as Harry picked the mirror from the stone floor “Well, what can I expect from your Lady Gryffindor, she was Eilan’s most talented student and Eilan herself was a powerful priestess…”

“So what now…?” asked Harry as he shoved the mirror back into his pockets ignoring Gryffindor’s comments and curses over his predicament.

“Young Potter, I’m sorry to tell you this but When Lady Gryffindor had something in mind there was no power on earth to change her mind.” he said as he sat back on his chair “You’re here for a reason and you wont be able to leave this era until that is accomplished.”

“But what is it I have to do?” Harry asked desperately. He, after his two week stay in the medieval era, now wanted to back to his own time, go back to his home, Hogwarts, with Ron and Hermione and talk to Remus…he needed to talk to Remus…he needed to know that he didn’t resent him from pulling him back from the veil. He needed to go back and confront Voldemort and end his stupid ideas before the killings grew. “I need to go back…!” he said more to himself than to Merlin. He needed to convince himself that his fate was already sealed…that his fate was written the moment Voldemort killed his parents and aimed his wand at him marking him as his equal.

The Merlin looked gravely at Harry reminding him of Dumbledore even more after his talk following the tragic Ministry of Magic episode. Sadly, what the Merlin said next frustrated Harry even more…

“I’m sorry to say that what Lady Gryffindor had in mind…is something you need to find out for yourself.”

Harry wiggled a little as the horse he was riding on was getting more and more uncomfortable by the minute; the journey from the Moors to London was like a journey from the starting point to the other side of the world. It was their third day riding to London and Harry was beginning to feel rather bored and annoyed by the never ending ride and the monotonous surroundings. As he rode next to Merlin--Salazar Slytherin rode behind them not caring to join the other two--the Merlin noticed Harry fidgeting on his horse. “not used to horses?”

Harry looked at Merlin with tired eyes. “I haven’t been able to sleep in a decent bed for three days, I haven’t had a proper meal, and I’m not used to riding horses specially for three consecutive days.”

The Merlin chuckled a little “Then how did you travel from one place to another. You can’t possibly use brooms!”

“As a matter of fact yes.” Harry said as he ducked a tree branch “Wizards in my time usually use a broom to travel about--mind you the brooms from my time are better than the ones from this time-- or they simply just apparate.”

“Apparate?” Harry sighed knowing that some spell, hexes and courses he knew hadn’t been invented just yet despite their “great spiritual powers”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Harry, he didn’t want to explain the entire apparate/disapparate theory and concept to the old man. “Its something that will come along time.” Merlin nodded and said nothing knowing that Harry was not going to reveal the secrets from his own time.

At last, Harry could’ve jumped with joy when he saw the boring trees and the never ending surroundings transforming into small wooden houses, big houses or small shops where vegetables or fresh fruit; Harry knew for sure that their journey was close to an end. Harry gazed around and saw mothers coming out of the shops after buying the necessary items for the day’s meal or going into the blacksmith’s shop for the horse’s new shoes. Harry noticed how simple life was compared to the life in his present time London where everything was fast and very little of life was taken in. As Harry continued his ride towards the unknown meeting place, he saw a large monastery to his right where people clad in brown while the pigs were another irritation in the streets.

“Where’s the meeting going to be?” Harry asked as the common bell rang the hour.

“Not so loud, boy” cried the Merlin “Not so loud, but to answer your question the meeting is going to be in that building over there” Merlin pointed his skinny finger at an old shabby-looking inn with the darkened windows because of the lack of cleaning and just above the old door there was a sign that read ‘Leaky Cauldron’. As they drew closer and closer to the pub Harry wondered how the muggles were kept away from the pub when apparently it was opened to the public.

“How does the pub keep the muggles away when they announce what the place is?” Harry asked, his curiosity winning over him.

“The muggles do not see the sign,” said the Merlin as he gestured Slytherin to get closer. “For those that can read, the sign reads ‘warning do not enter’ but the people around here are most likely illiterate; their lives revolve around the stock and their agriculture and not about books and writing. Most scholars, Master Potter, come from Avalon, Monasteries and schools around the land and most scholars live in the higher places of the city and not down with the peasants.” The Merlin was going to add more to his explanation but got quiet once Slytherin was close enough to overhear their conversation.

They dismounted their horses and handed them to the child in charge of taking them away. Harry, feeling sorry for the dirty, shoeless child, handed him a gold coin which apparently made his day by the expression of gratitude across his face. The Merlin instructed Harry to follow him inside. Slytherin was, of course, already in not bothering to wait for Harry or the old man. When Harry stepped into the in, he saw that the interior was so much different than the exterior. Instead of drunk wizards Harry found well dressed men talking civilised to each other, in place of a an old man serving the drinks Harry was impressed to see a very nice looking woman in perhaps her late twenties and instead of a dirty place, Harry believed that the place could be very well approved by his Aunt Petunia.

“Lord Messenger!” said brightly a voice from the left. Instantly, Harry turned his head and, despite the dimness of the room, saw a tall, well built young man with long black hair that was kept in a neat ponytail and a matching black goatee coming towards their direction. As he drew closer, Harry was able to make the facial attributes more clearer. This young man had the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen in his life and somehow those eyes held a mystery to those that barely knew him, and dangling down his left ear, it was clear that he was wearing an earring made out of a fang of an animal. And for some odd reason, his excessively pale skin reminded Harry of someone he couldn’t quite put his finger on. As he was just two or three steps away, Harry was able to see a thin blue line running down the side of his pale neck; a tattoo. “I did not know Your Excellency was going to be here! How is he Lady Viviane?”

“She fares well, Rafer.” Immediately, Harry spotted the difference in clothing. Rafer was wearing a bright green vest with a black silk shirt underneath, black breeches and booths made out of dragon hide. Rafer saw Harry looking at his boots and smiled.

“Finest dragon hide made by wizard.” he said rather arrogantly as he looked at Harry’s riding boots. However, his smile vanished as Merlin looked at him with a scolding look. “But enough about this,” Rafer said as he extended his hand to greet Harry “I must introduce myself to one of the greatest wizards around, its not every day one gets to meet one of the most important people in magical education. Lord Gryffindor, my name is Rafer Guthrie Malfoy at your service.”

Dum dum dum! Haha! I liked this chapter. Long…but I think it went well. I have plans for Rafer so you’ll see him once in a while. Thank you all that reviewed last time:

Miguel: Haha, well, it wasn’t quite the person you were thinking but to tell you the truth, I might do a side story…I might do one with the reactions of Dumbledore’s and the other’s reactions to Harry’s disappearance.

Wolfie: YUP! It was Merlin! How did you know? O.o

Meredith: Thank you for reviewing every day. ^__^ And I’m glad you liked the last chapter, good x-mas gift, right. Ah! Well, here’s another present a day before New Year’s.

?: Thank you for your review! And I love twists at the end so keep expecting them.

Anna: Another chapter update! WHOO! Thank you for reviewing. Reviews are like the fuel that keeps me going.

Nina: Well, here’s the other chapter, I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for your review!!

Ok, I gotta go to bed, its 2:31 AM and I need my sleep now all I have to do is think of what I’m going to write next. By the way, if there's a typo let me know...I'm rather tired that I might've missed a couple while trying to not fall asleep. Well, I did my duty as a writer, and that is to write, and now its your turn to tell me what you think as the reader, and that is to review. ^_^ Night Night.

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The Time it All Began: The Messenger


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