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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15 - The New Plan
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 15 - The New Plan

Hello Everyone. I promised I would update, didn't i? lol here is the next chapter. for some reason the silly people at didn't let me post this and I was really really REALLY annoyed because yesterday I wrote this really long Author note to everyone.

Anyways. I wanted to ask some of you to read the story Trinity Commission, by Xavier JX. It is a great story and I promised I would write this because it did not show up in the recent stories and so it has like 1 review!

Another thing. After much debate with my little head, I have decided that Living as Dead will not be the sequel to this story and Harry's seventh year. It made too many barriers and I wanted to write more in tis story with out being held back with Living as Dead like telling me what I ahve to write. I want to be Free! (now that soudned corny!) anyways I hope that isn't bad for anyone because I will write one for after school. Just pretend that that is a alternate ending or somehting. And Auror After Death will be re written after this story and made much much better I promise!

Thanx to eveyone's reviews! and Happy New Year!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

P.S. OKay I ahve decided to start up a post mailing list. If you would like to be on it then please contact me with your email or in a review! thanx!

Oh yeah (I keep forgettign things...) I ahve made up a banner business for those of you who dont know. go to my pen name page to see the details.

Another thing is that I wont be able to updat till next weekend due to me going away. I am very sorry but I promise I will make it up to you!

The spell hit Harry with so much force he felt like he was being run over by a truck. He fell to the ground, knowing that he was going to be dead. He felt defeated, he felt like he had let the world down. But then he remembered. He remembered what he was thinking about before he jumped out in front of Tonks, ridding her of certain death.

Harry could only die at the hands of Lord Voldemort, no one else. He did not see Voldemort in the room anywhere. The Dark Lord would not be playing with the kids at Hogwarts.

Harry could still here something in the classroom. It sounded oddly familiar. It was Ron! Harry tried to move but his body just did not function. He felt his head hurt beyond anything he could have felt before, but he still could not move to try and rid himself of the pain.

Suddenly, when he felt he could take no more, the pain subsided and Harry’s mind and vision blackout completely, taking the teenager’s life with it. Harry felt his mind fly out of the castle, he could not see, but the dampness of the air felt as if he was floating out to sea.

In more than a split second, which felt like eternity for Harry, he could see the remains of an old castle in his view.

He was falling suddenly, towards the sea, everything went black again and then he saw him. He saw the one person he hated the most. He wanted to spit at his feet, but nothing could be done.

“So nice of you to join us, Harry. You seem to be so disorganised you left you body behind.” A mirror shattering voice said from the person. He could hear the laughs of other people in the room, but nothing, but the man, could be seen. Harry zoomed around him lodging himself into the back of the creature’s head, causing him to laugh at the pain it was bringing.

“You see, Harry, we welcome what my young friend has done to you. Of course you are not dead, that would be just too easy, wouldn’t it? Young Mr Malfoy will make a great addition to my team when he is expelled from you school. Oh and don’t worry that will happen. Dumbledore has not the heart to let him stay after what he did to you.”

Harry cringed slightly, hoping that Dumbledore would not expel Malfoy for good; it would only turn out worse.

“Mr Malfoy has shown great strength today, he will be a powerful one. Even though he is not able to do his last two years of school, I will train him; I will make sure he is powerful enough to rid the lives of your friends. Who should be first Harry? That Werewolf? No I will not let him be killed; he would come in handy sometime in the future. What about that Metamorphmagus? She could be useful as well, but after what she has done she should be the first to die.”

Harry tried to scream. He wanted out, he wanted to just die. He did not want this to go on any longer.

“No? There souls will be very useful to me Harry. I shall let you in on a little secret shall I not? I have discovered a new plan to help me take over the world. Once I kill someone, their souls will no longer go to heaven; they will be stuck to walk the earth for eternity, where I shall seek their help. They cannot fight me once they are dead, they will have to help me. Bad luck you parents aren’t some of them, they would have been very useful with you, I daresay.” Harry had had enough he tried to block his head as he did in Occlumency the year before.

“Your Occlumency won’t help you here, Potter. I can trap you forever if I want to. But I do not feel like doing that right now, I have had my fun. But just before you go, Crucio!” Harry felt it hit him, but it only hurt for seconds. He fought it like he did with Malfoy’s and it worked.

“What is this? This cannot be! You are lucky this time, Potter, but not next time!”

Harry sat up so quickly from his position, sucking in all the air he could manage, that he caused Ron to fall back to the ground and half the class to scream.

“Harry?” Ron said as he got up from the floor. He then stepped back as the lights began to flicker and Harry’s scar burst open again, bleeding down the side of his forehead. A huge amount of unknown energy was emitting from his body, scaring the class severely. “Harry, your scar!” Ron exclaimed as he stepped foreword hesitantly.

Harry touched his forehead gingerly and winced at the pain the death curse left him. He took his hand away from his head and looked into Ron’s eyes, scaring his friend.

“Where is Tonks?” He asked. Ron didn’t answer he was staring at the green light emitting from the circles that were meant to be Harry’s eyes. Harry said it again. “Ron? Where are Tonks and Malfoy?” Ron snapped out of his trance and replied.

“They went to Dumbledore…” But before he could finish Harry ran out of the classroom down the passageways to the headmaster’s office.

Harry didn’t slow down until he reached the gargoyle that covered the stairs that led to the office. He did not have to say a password because the gargoyle sensed something and quickly jumped out of the way, showing Harry the entrance.

Harry quickly made his way up the steps to here Dumbledore speaking. How he could he Dumbledore from so far away from the office door was something very strange indeed and he did not know how to explain it.

“The only thing we can do is to expel him from his schooling…” Dumbledore was saying.

Harry had had enough, he knew perfectly well what the Dark Lord would do with Malfoy if he was expelled from the school and he had to stop that from happening. Expelling Malfoy would not be punishment; it would be a treat for him. He had to stop Dumbledore at all costs.

He burst through the door. “Don’t you dare!” The lights flickered as the two adults looked over to the now open door to see him. Dumbledore’s eyes widened slightly and Tonks’s face paled.

“Harry?” She said. Harry didn’t answer and watched the lights flicker out completely, leaving only the green shine coming from his eyes to light up the room. Harry saw the body of Tonks fall to the floor as she fainted in shock.

“Harry… How?” Dumbledore was speechless. Obviously Tonks had explained everything that had happened in the classroom. From what had happened, Harry could not be alive at this moment. From all the power of both the Cruciatus Curses and then the Death Curse, it was just not possible. But then again, he was The-Boy-Who-Lived.

“You can’t expel him, sir. Voldemort wants him. Malfoy wants to be expelled.” Harry went on into a quick explanation of what had happened. Waiting for the professor’s answer he sat down in the seat next the Tonks’s.

“Okay, we won’t expel him. But he needs to be punished. I want you to take Tonks to the hospital wing and get some rest there yourself. Your scar is open again, that needs to be fixed. I will talk to you tomorrow.” Harry nodded and flicked his wand in and arch movement, causing Tonks’s body to float up into the air. He left the office and made his way down to the hospital wing.

How he got there was unknown, he didn’t really remember going down the sets of stairs to the wing, but the important thing was that he was there. The only thing he wanted to do no was to go to sleep.

“My gosh! What happened here?” Harry made up a quick explanation about Tonks fainting from shock in Duelling and said that Dumbledore would explain everything else later. Madam Pomfrey did not really believe what Harry was saying but helped Tonks into a bed and made him get into one himself.

She flicked her wand and muttered some incantation under breath and the bleeding of Harry’s scare stopped, leaving him just the same as before, except for the fact that he was drowsy. She gave him some dreamless sleep potion and pulled the curtain around him, giving him some privacy.

Harry fell asleep as soon as he hit his pillow, not worrying about anything at that moment. He would have the next day to worry about everything, everything he had heard Voldemort say. He would reinstate the DA the next day and he could not wait.

But for now he just needed to rest.

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