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Getting There by wudnulike2know
Chapter 7 : The Last Two
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, only Jane, Adea, Kayla and any other characters not in the book belong to me

(a/n): Hey everyone I actually don’t have anything to say (for once). So just read and review I guess.

**The last two**

James eventually decided to go up to the Astronomy Tower and do some stargazing, clear his mind, work out what the hell was going on etcetera.

Hopefully, the Astronomy Tower won’t be, ahem, occupied- but when he got there he only saw one silhouette not two. –He or she seems to be doing just what I want to do, they won’t mind, I’ll be quiet-

He tiptoed in. ‘Hello’ called a faraway voice –Swales? Oh no not another one of Evans’ friends, great, but wait she’s like on another planet, she won’t remember- ‘come here often?’ he replied. ‘Yeah, I have a connection with those stars’ Jane stated 

‘Riiight, yeah uh huh’. He turned towards the window.

‘Lily was very upset today’ she said and James looked uncomfortable. ‘Uh, yeah’ in one quick movement, Jane had his arm twisted and pinned behind his back and used her other arm to put him into a headlock

‘Potter, if you ever, ever upset her again, you’re dead’ and now she tried giving him a clue ‘never refer to her as anything but a human being, even if you think nobody’s listening, because chances are somebody is. So never talk about her like that, not even to Black’ James who was in considerable pain and humiliation just nodded. She let go ‘now I’m going to leave and you’re going to sit here and think about what I said’.

James, slightly more confident after she’d released him ‘What if I want to leave’ 

‘You will sit here and think about what I said’ she said sounding more forceful and if possible more menacing, she continued ‘or I will make you, and trust me it will be a lot more painful than that little stunt a second ago, got it?’ he gulped and nodded. She turned and left the tower.

As she was walking past Sir Cadogan’s portrait she crossed paths with Adea, who looked slightly agitated. Jane didn’t stop ‘Astronomy Tower’ the other girl nodded ‘Thanks’.

Lily was sitting in the Head’s Lounge, when she heard a knock. ‘Lily, it’s Jane can you let me in’ Lily muttered “hari ankhain”. The doors swung open and allowed Jane entry. She was grinning

‘So what’s the password’ 

‘Green eyes’

‘Can’t be’

‘Why is that?' 

'I tried breaking in here last week, and I tried green eyes’ 

‘Of all the things why did you try green eyes’ 

‘Duh Lily because you sleep here and it’s like one your most striking features, so even if you hadn’t set it, Potter would have done' 

‘Well it is, just a slight variation’ 

‘How come Dee knows the password’ 

‘Because Dee won’t use it to break in while I’m out’ 

‘In my defence, I’ve just come back after making Potter suffer pain’

‘Ah, I see, let me guess, it’s Adea’s turn now right?’ 

‘That’s right, saw her going up there to have a go at him now’ they exchanged glances and burst out laughing.

Jane sputtered ‘Adea...having a go…that’s good’

Adea finally reached the Astronomy Tower. Clever she may be but physically fit she was not. She was hopeless, she couldn’t walk around for more than 20 minutes at a time. She was thin but only because she never ate very much.

Panting, she went to sit next to James, who seemed not to notice her wheezes. Once she’d regained her breath she turned to him with a cold look ‘Potter’. He jumped but relaxed when he saw it was Adea. ‘Hey Qureshi’. She didn’t say anything she just gave him the death glare.

He spoke up ‘ Can you tell me what’s going on with your friends, so far Simmons and Evans have blown up at me and Swales had me in a headlock (a/n dormant fierceness remember?). ‘You really don’t know do you, you are unbelievable’ she asked, bewildered

‘Don’t you start on me’ 

‘I bloody well will start on you, I told you not to hurt Lily’

‘And I didn’t’ 

‘Bloody hell Potter, the hall, this morning, breakfast, chats with Sirius Black, ring a bell?’ 

‘OK but no one was there, well they were, just not any of you lot'

‘I’ve told you before Potter, maybe you didn’t look around’ she emphasized the last word.

Something had just occurred to James –no, she couldn’t have, that’s impossible, it was just Sirius and me- ‘What do you mean’ she laughed bitterly –please no, don’t tell me she heard- ‘Lily heard the whole thing you prat’ 

‘Shit, so that’s why she’s been giving me the cold shoulder and why your friends are intent on kicking the crap out of me’

‘No, because it’d take a lot more than yelling and a headlock to kick the crap out of you’ James looked surprised ‘quite the little bitch aren’t we?’ 

‘When it comes to my friends yes Potter’ -I need her help, I can’t win Evans over without her-

‘Listen Qureshi, Adea even. I’m sorry ok? But look at it from where I’m standing. I made friends with Evans, Evans. The girl I’ve loved since first year, whose eyes haunt me no matter what I do, the girl I dream about every night, who plagues my every thought. When I’m in the same room as her, I forget all else and when I’m not in the same room as her, every little thing reminds me of her. And suddenly she was talking to me, without so much as an ounce of resentment. You can’t imagine how I felt, I felt as if I was on top of the world and never coming down and I’m a guy, I have to boast, it’s what I do’ Adea who had softened when he’d said the part about Lily’s eyes, now chuckled.

She took one look at the stars. ‘You certainly know what to say don’t you’. James looked at her with pleading eyes. ‘I’m an idiot, I know that, seriously I know you say it’s just infatuation and you’re probably right but to me it feels like so much more. I need her, I really do and to get her I need your help. I know how close you two are. Like sisters right? And I’m really sorry but please, please help me’ he turned to her with a pained expression on his face.

She, however, did not turn around like most people would. She continued to stare at Cygnus as if she hadn't heard a word of what he'd said. Defeated he turned to gaze at Orion.

Nearly ten minutes later Adea spoke in barely a whisper ‘I will help you. Not because you claim you need her. No, because she needs you’ James looked shocked beyond words but still she gazed at the stars, not once turning round. ‘Don’t be surprised. You two will get together, I can feel it. And it’ll turn into more than either of you could ever imagine’ at this she got up and exited without once turning to glance at James.

(a/n): Don’t have much to say. Leave a review please.

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Getting There: The Last Two


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