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Getting There by wudnulike2know
Chapter 5 : Meeting James
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, only Jane, Adea, Kayla and any other characters not in the book belong to me

(a/n): Hey I’m not going to ask for reviews because it doesn’t seem to be working, so would anyone like to be my beta reader?

**Meeting James**

In the Girl’s Dormitory, four girls were preparing for their sleepover. ‘Hey Jane could you nip down to the kitchens and grab us some food’ Lily looked skeptical -On one hand we need food and on the other hand I'm Head Girl, letting her go would mean abusing my position and showing favouritism- Jane looked at Lily expectantly 'Head Girl gonna' stop me?' 

'I dunno', it'd be favouritism'

'Calm down, she's only going to get food not breaking into the Shrieking Shack' Adea snorted. Lily rolled her eyes and went back to transfiguring some straighteners. Jane grinned 'Be back in a sec' 

‘Moony! Moony! MOONY!’ Sirius whispered hoarsely. Remus flung a hand in the air and rolled over. ‘Oh hey Simmons, were you looking for Remus? Oh he’s sleeping right now but…’ and the sleeping boy shot up, fast as a bullet and looked around hurriedly but only found his best friend smirking. 

‘Sirius what the hell is wrong with you, its 2 am’ he moaned. 

‘Exactly and Simmons wouldn’t be up at this time would she?But you still fell for it you great prat’. Remus reddened slightly but tried to look indifferent. ‘Well since you’re up lets go get something to eat’ 

‘NO, it's full moon tomorrow and I’m not hungry,you are’. He gave Sirius another dirty look, shut his hangings and fell asleep. Sirius merely looked on ‘call yourself a best friend’ he muttered darkly.

Sirius wandered through the corridors for five minutes until reaching the painting. He tickled the pear and walked in. He waited for elves to rush to him but found himself disappointed. One look around the kitchen showed him they were in another's service. 

He strode over to the huddle of elves. ‘Good Evening, I’m terribly sorry but would any of you talented cooks like to be of help to me?’ and he gave them a charming smile, Sirius Black style. An elf called Wailer turned around ‘Oh master Black, how silly of Wailer nots to notice, how mays I help you sir?’ 

‘Oh Wailer, my usual night snack will do’ all the elves ran off into the depths of the kitchen to fulfil both visitors' wishes. Sirius turned around to find that odd girl he’d met on the train that day. ‘Swales, right?’ the girl acknowledged his presence.

‘Oh my, Sirius Black remembered my name, I could just die’ she replied sarcastically. 

‘I can see why you and Evans are friends’ they were met with an uncomfortable silence. ‘What are you doing here anyway?’ Jane asked 

‘I was just hungry, you?’ 

‘Sleepover’ she finished shortly. A wave of guilt suddenly overcame Sirius and he couldn’t understand why, but he remembered that day on the train. He looked sideways and could tell that Jane didn’t want to be standing there next to him ‘Hey listen Swales, about that thing on the train, I’m sorry ok?’. 

Jane was shocked –Sirius Black, apologising? So maybe he isn’t as insolent as I thought, no don’t be stupid. But he’s saying sorry- ‘You mean it? You’re actually sorry?’ she asked doubtfully. 

He met her gaze, inwardly he gasped, what amazing eyes. –Shit, how do you have eyes that colour, are they even real- ‘Are those eyes real’ he looked mortified. 

‘What?’ she asked incredulously 

‘Oh God, I said that out loud didn’t I?’ He asked quietly, still lost in her eyes. Jane noticed – Wow I think I know what those bimbos are always going on about, there’s something about him, NO stop thinking that- ‘Yes they’re real’ and she looked away. 

Sirius now took the rest of her in –I’ll never meet another person able to pull off that hair, and wow she’s got curves, who knew pyjamas could be so…tight- but a comment from her broke off his thoughts ‘wonder where those those elves got to?’ Sirius realised she was right. 

‘Hey, elves, we’re sorry but we really need to be heading back so if you could just hurry up’ and suddenly all the elves rushed back. 

‘Oh master, mistress we are ever so sorry to have kepts you waiting, here’s your food’ and they handed over the food to the two seventh years. Jane walked immediately out. Sirius brisk walked to catch up with her ‘Hey we’re headed in the same direction, mind if I walked you up’. 

She felt a blush come on – Oh No, Black’s going to think I’m one of his fan club or something- ‘Sure, whatever’ she answered nonchalantly

‘You’re Evans' friend, don’t you care about getting caught?’ 

‘Why should I, if it aggravates authority, I’m all for it’ Sirius laughed ‘You’re something else, you know that?’ 

'Wonder how many girls have heard that line before?' and she turned away. They walked the rest of the way in silence occasionally turning around to sneak glances at each other.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, a very awkward eternity, they reached the Gryffindor common room. They looked to each other and Jane carefully avoided his gaze. ‘Er…so I guess this is your stop huh?’ Sirius drawled

‘Yours too’ he nodded. She couldn’t help it – Just one glance, a few seconds, couldn’t hurt me right? – She looked into his eyes and both got lost all over again. –No, I can’t let this happen to me, it’s not going to, Sirius Black cannot make a fool of this girl- she broke eye contact and bounded up the dormitory stairs.

 –Wow that girl’s got something else, something I can’t grasp, she’s unachievable, but wait is she? Yeah she is, she’s different, she isn’t like the other girls- Then finally realising it was 2.45 am he went upstairs laden with food. 

‘Oh God finally Jane, where the hell have you been’ Jane blushed. 

‘The elves took ages’ she said quietly but Kayla persisted. 

‘Oh really, whats the blush for then?’ Jane turned around immediately ‘what blush? There’s no blush? I don’t see a blush do you see a blush?’ she babbled. 

Lily smirked ‘No, but I do see crimson, whoever knew getting food could be so embarrassing’ her and Kayla sniggered. Adea spoke up ‘So Swales, care to tell us what happened or are we going to have to force it out of you’

‘You’re off your rocker, all of you, if there was something to tell, you’d bloody know by now’ All three girls smirked leaving the fourth with her temper rising. Suddenly Adea spoke up ‘Guys, I know, crush time!’ she squealed. The other girls groaned. ‘Come on, Dee we haven’t done that since second year’ 

‘Yeah, do you remember, we’d gather round every month and talk about our crushes and almost every time we’d have a different one, how ditzy were we?’ They laughed reminiscently. Adea spoke up again ‘Come on guys, pleeeeeaaase’ she whined with her puppy dog look. 

‘Alright, alright’. Kayla grinned evilly ‘I know let’s start with Jane’ 

‘NO’ she said it so forcefully, her friends looked shocked. ‘Why, what are you hiding?’ Lily eyed the girl suspiciously. 

‘Oh, you know, my crushes are always so boring’ Jane tried. Adea raised an eyebrow, ‘If you don’t tell us, we have other, more cruel ways of getting it out of you’ Jane gulped, Adea’s personal favourite was the tickling charm –Oh god, they’ll find out anyway, but is he a crush? Oh what the heck

‘IkindalikeSiriusBlack’ she mumbled. Lily and Adea looked confused but Kayla had caught on ‘Sirius Black huh? So that’s who you met in the kitchens’ 

Jane looked up fearfully ‘Who said anything about kitchens’ the brunette rolled her eyes ‘Jane you never blush, you’re expecting me to believe that you’ve liked this guy for a month or something and decide to blush now?’ Lily and Adea were trying very hard to keep a straight face and Jane looked sheepish. ‘Damn you and your perceptiveness’ 

‘What can I say, it’s a gift’. Lily had gotten over her giggles and was now looking sceptical ‘so what about you Simmons?’ 

‘What about me’ Lily rolled her eyes ‘Oh you mean...riiiight, oh that’s easy Remus Lupin’ she said coolly. She was met by a ‘WHAT’ she looked sideways at her redheaded friend. 

‘What’s the matter Lils, it’s not that big, unless; wait you don’t like him do you’ Kayla asked. Lily waved away her question ‘it was unexpected is all’ The other two agreed. Jane sat up ‘Want me to set you up?’ she said eagerly.

‘Please don’t, Dee pass the popcorn would you’. Jane was known, pretty much all around school, for her chaotic matchmaking attempts. ‘So Lily, what about you?’ Lily took some popcorn and munched on it thoughtfully ‘Dunno, Hogwarts guys, get quite boring after a while, but you know Daniel McKinnon’s not looking too bad this year’ 

‘I agree, but you know Emmeline would murder you if she found you saying that’ Adea added 

‘Oooh why?’ 

‘Well, from what I’ve heard, she has this major crush and she’s quite the protective one, you know?’ the other girls nodded. ‘What about you Dee, like anyone?’ the atmosphere tensed up.

Adea was from an Asian family and even though arranged marriages at a young age had been almost terminated some still existed. They weren’t like the oldern days, when the couple didn’t get any say or only met on the wedding day. The more modern arranged marriages comprised of two teenage kids (who’ve known each other for a long time and get on) getting engaged and married when they were old enough with stable jobs. Of course, the couple got the last say in everything. 

Adea was engaged. She was engaged to boy named Waqar Mohsin, he was also a seventh year but in Ravenclaw. Adea and Waqar had been friends even before Hogwarts. They had gotten engaged in fourth year and even though she’d agreed, she hadn’t exactly been ecstatic about it.

‘Oh you guys know the scene, Waqar is really sweet, I’m kind of warming up to him now’ the other three sighed with relief. Kayla looked up ‘Does being engaged, mean you can’t have crushes’ 

‘Not really, but I don’t have one because I mean what’s the point. And its not as if he’s bad looking right’

‘Right, I happen to know that many of the younger Ravenclaws happen to fall for your, tall, dark haired, light eyed, mysterious man’ Adea laughed ‘aaaaawwww, how sweet’. 
‘So what about Potter, Lils, how’s the head situation’. Lily stuffed a whole load of marshmallows in her mouth ‘fuf a mimit’. Jane looked disgusted. Lily swallowed. 

‘Oh God, you know Potter, he’s so irresponsible. Just earlier, these two third years were like snogging in the corridor, right? So I’m like trying to tell them off and Potter just stands there telling me to ease up and that they were doing nothing wrong, if I left him to do everything, he’d reverse half the rules in a second’. Lily was more interested in Kayla’s situation. ‘Hey Kay, I'm proud of you ’. The brunette looked surprised ‘What for Lils’ 

‘Remus is a great guy and I know girls like him, but you’re the only one I can think of who’d like him even after knowing about … you know’ 

‘Actually, that’s part of the reason I like him. I mean a guy who knows how to put up with that much responsibility and be able to laugh it off, I don’t know it kinda’ pulls you in and plus he’s like a 10 for fitness’ all four of them giggled.

The rest of the night was spent straightening hair, gossiping, giggling, discussing guys some more and their fitness scale.

The morning after, Lily spent her day with the girls. They hadn’t been able to spend time together like that since the summer, what with the colossal amount of homework the teachers found amusing to give. They spent the whole day getting food from the kitchens, laughing, the occasional bitch.

Lily decided to leave her friends and go take a bath in the Heads Bathroom. After fifteen minutes, she walked out to find James in the lounge. ‘Hey where’ve you been all day?’ 

‘With my friends, what’s it to you’ she snapped. James looked hurt but let it pass 

‘Geez I’m sorry I cared about where you were and was just making sure you were ok’ Lily immediately felt guilty – Oh God I’m such a bitch, he was only being nice- ‘Sorry about that’ she said sheepishly. 

‘It’s ok, I’m pretty used to it but you know it gets to you every so often’ Lily was blushing now –crap, what’ve I done, he seems more human, I guess- ‘I’m sorry, okay? God, you really know how to make someone feel guilty, don’t you’ James smirked. ‘So have fun last night?’ 

‘Yeah, so how were the rounds last night’ she asked, James grimaced. ‘Channelling your spirit is hard’. Lily smiled –Oh my God, she’s smiling, at something I said, wow, I love her smile- ‘There’s a sight, you don’t see often. The spitfire smiles’ 

‘Shut Up Potter’ she joked. James shot her a smile ‘Please, call me James’

‘Well, while we’re on introductions. Hi, I’m Lily’ James was in a daze –she wants me to call her Lily- ‘So we’re friends?’ 

‘Yes, James I guess we are’ They spent the next couple of hours just getting to know each other, laughing at jokes, just having fun and acting like old friends would. Later that night, as she got into bed Lily thought – Potter has two completely different sides to him and one makes a really good friend-.

(a/n): Some people may think I’ve unravelled Adea too soon, but she’s got way more to her than this. Also anyone who thinks this new friendship between Lily and James will last is very very wrong. Merry Xmas!!

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