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Beyond The Veil by Secret Lily
Chapter 1 : Darkness
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Beyond the Veil

Chapter 1- Darkness

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A woman was standing in a room surrounded by darkness; total and complete darkness. The uncomfortable and never ending silence was only broken by tears and screams. Screams of pain, screams of fear. Many did not understand why they were trapped behind this godforsaken veil. She was not alone. The room seemed to be never-ending and filled with victims of Lord Voldemort’s cause. The woman was waiting in front of a large black veil. She had tears dripping from her bright green eyes, streaming down her nearly colorless cheeks. Her husband was a short distance away, seated upon the darkness, with tears of anger. He had just seen his best friend fall to his death and he could do nothing to help.

The woman, Lily Potter, was waiting for the new arrival to emerge through the veil, just as the others did. She hoped her son would not follow. She was watching young Harry duel with Sirius’s murderer and prayed that he would be safe. She wished to see him with all her heart, yet she would never wish such darkness upon anyone.

Sirius Black appeared through the long, black veil. He eyeballed the room and saw his surroundings. He looked up at Lily and saw tears in her eyes. He looked over and saw a frustrated James Potter. He hugged Lily and whispered, “I did my best. We must rely on Dumbledore for his safety now.” She nodded at him and released him from her embrace. Sirius made his way over to James and looked at him with disappointed eyes.

“What’s with the water works, dear friend? I’m here and that is what matters,” Sirius told him.

“Padfoot, trust me, this is not a reason to celebrate. I am here with my wife yet, I am constantly alone. We receive no happiness until Voldemort is put to his death,” James whispered in a hard tone. The years in this ‘prison’ seemed to have darkened his spirit, bringing little to be triumphant over.

“I failed you Prongs. I failed you both. He has no one now,” Sirius said, feeling his own voice waver.

“You died protecting him, and I could ask no more of you,” James said, looking up at his dear friend with pride.

James stood up and gave his best friend a big hug. They walked over to join Lily. Harry was their focus now. Lily gave a soft scream as she saw Harry kneel over in pain from the dreaded Unforgivable Curse that had been laid upon him. Sirius clenched his fists in fury. Soon, Voldemort would come to finish Harry off and now there was no one to protect him; other than Dumbledore.

“Oh please Lord, save Harry. Protect Harry. Let me never see his face through that veil until he is old and gray,” Lily whispered.

“He’s going to be alright Lil. He has dueled before. Remember last year? He fought against Voldemort and about thirty Death Eaters. We need to face the facts and realize that he is grown now,” James said.

“I certainly do remember last year James. He has nightmares now! Nightmares! He’ll never be the same again and I can do nothing to help my own son!” Lily said with tears pouring down her eyes.

“Nor can I Flower,” James said softly.

They watched as the man who put them to their death arrived before Harry for the umpteenth time. They saw as Dumbledore came and saved Harry from his death once more. Lily could not protect Harry in human form nor through magic anymore.

“James, he could die! Our love doesn’t protect him anymore! How can I ever be happy if I know that our son could die?” Lily asked.

“In this place, we never can and we never will be happy. That is why we need to put our faith in our son. He is the only one who can save himself and set us free,” James said.

Lily fell into James’s arms and cried into his chest. They had become used to this as it happened on many occasions. Sirius still had his eyes focused on Harry.

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