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The Leather-Bound Journal by ireallydontknow
Chapter 1 : 1- The Leather-Bound Journal
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Hermione Granger hopped out of the car, and gave her parents a goodbye hug and kiss. “Make sure to write!” they reminded her, and she rolled her eyes. She always wrote. That is what she loved to do.
She dragged her luggage through the wall leading to platform 9-3/4, and was soon on the other side. Remembering everything that had happened last year, she reluctantly went on the train. She hadn’t told her parents, or anyone who didn’t know about the “incident”. True, it was important, but it was her business.
Hermione was going down to the great hall, when she tripped on something. She looked at it; it was some sort of book. It had no title, but it had leather binding and cover, which made it look very elegant. When she opened it, she felt a strange feeling in her stomach, and slowly felt her surroundings change.
When she looked up again, she appeared to be sitting in a dimly lit………. dungeon!? Whoa why was she sitting next to Crabbe and Goyle? She looked at her hand, and it was deathly pale. She felt her hair, it was just some thin gelled back stuff, not hers at all. Professor Snape looked at her and said, “Well, Draco, do you know how to answer the question?” Hermione screamed and ran out of the room. But what about the journal? Maybe if she shut it she would go back to regular? So she closed it, and found herself in the very spot she was before.
Why was Malfoy in class now? They had all looked a little younger when she had been in Malfoy's body; maybe it took place last year. Why did this book do this to her? Over the next several months, she continued to open it until one day Malfoy himself confronted her.
“What in the hell do you have my journal for, Mudblood?” He knew secretly he wanted her to have it, for a reason to talk to her. “Uh… uh I just fell upon it one day, I didn’t realize it was yours,” she said Malfoy gruffly replied “Well it’s my journal, so give it back before I have to curse you, Mudblood!” Hermione hesitantly gave it back, but for a second their hands touched, and she experienced a feeling throughout her she had never had before, it was like excitement in all her veins, and she liked it. Draco must have felt it too, because the look in his eyes was one she had never seen. He blinked twice, got back to reality and left grumbling about stupid mudbloods.
*End flashback*
Her friends helped her put her stuff in the bag area, and then headed to a compartment. They had seemed so excited to see her again, why was she not feeling the same way?
“So, what did you do this break?” Harry asked her.
“Not much, did my homework, went to the library…”
“But anything fun?” Ron interrupted. Hermione sighed. The truth was, she had been too distracted by the journal to do anything fun. It really interested her. After a couple hours of light chatting, they arrived at Hogwarts, and were told to go directly to the great hall, as usual. Hermione sat next to Ginny, and Harry and Ron across from them.
Dumbledore made his welcome speech, which Hermione didn’t listen to- she was too busy seeing what the journal’s owner was doing. She still wondered why she had been put as if she was him. Was it some sort of magical journal? Hermione’s attention shifted to the table as all sorts of delicious foods began to appear. But she wasn’t in the mood for a big feast. She grabbed a plate and put a small amount of meat and vegetables on her plate. Harry and Ron began to talk about Quiddich, so she was left to talk with Ginny, who was okay.
“Are you quite sure you didn’t do anything fun this summer?” Ginny teased. Hermione smiled at the girl, hoping she was just joking.
The deserts appeared, but Hermione wasn’t hungry. She just sat and waited while everyone ate and chatted with their friends. Someone was looking at her, and she could feel it. She looked around the room, and was met with a pair of dark brown eyes from the Ravenclaw table. The boy, whose name was Ben, smiled and winked at Hermione. Hermione looked at him with surprise, but found herself blushing and looked away. That boy was a charmer, but why was he flirting with her?

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