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Getting There by wudnulike2know
Chapter 4 : His Saviour
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, only Jane, Adea, Kayla and any other characters not in the book belong to me

(a/n): Hey, come on I am a frequent reviewer and I would appreciate it if people gave the same courtesy to me. This chapter is dedicated to Cherry, thanks so much for reviewing I really appreciate it. Now on to the next chapter.

**His Saviour **

James walked into the Head’s chamber utterly perplexed, why would someone want to be invisible? But hey if she was willing to help him, then he should respect her choices. He decided to talk to Lily about it.

He walked into the room and found the redhead bent over some parchment and a textbook. ‘Hey Evans, need any help?’

‘Not from you’. Damn he thought -this girl must really hate me- He watched her for a while and tried a different door.

‘Maybe you could help me’ he asked sincerely

‘What is it Potter, make it quick’

‘Sure, its about your friend Adea’ Lily’s head snapped up and she turned to him with wide eyes. ‘How do you know about her?’

'What is she? Forbidden fruit?' Lily scowled but James continued.

‘No I saw her at dinner alone, I had no one to sit with and she looked like a she had a brain, also I’m head boy and I thought she was new’
‘You talked to Dee, you actually noticed her? she talked to you as well ?’ she asked shocked. James raised his eyebrows 'No, Evans I had a one-sided conversation, just thought it'd be fun ' Lily snorted 'knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised'

‘Yeah, whatever, can’t believe I missed her she’s an amazing person’

‘Yeah she is, but how can you know you spent one dinner in her company’

‘Well it’s the mystery that draws you in’ Lily smiled, he was absolutely right; she remembered her first time on the train, when she had no one to sit with. She looked to the fire.

Oh god this train is so big and so full, who the hell am I supposed to sit with, there’s so many people. I make my way down the train and find a compartment containing a girl.

I can’t see her face, I wish she’d put that book down, she can’t be that bad and I say ‘Excuse me, I can’t find a compartment would you mind if I shared yours’. Oh finally she’s putting the damn book down. Woah she’s pretty. Her dark eyes search me for a moment before saying
‘First year?’


‘Me too, come, sit’

‘Thanks’ I take a seat across from the girl. God she’s so quiet, it’s scary ‘don’t be scared, I’m a quiet person’ she says.

Wow, she’s so, so… what’s the word. ‘I’m Lily Evans by the way’ I say, the girl sends me another appraising look, this time taking the whole of me in, she closes her book and smiles a small smile ‘Adea Qureshi’ she whispers.

I like her, I don’t know why
. I smile a large, true smile. While the other girl thought ‘and so begins a long friendship’ but Lily didn’t know that.

‘Yeah, you’re right’ she smiled again. She turned her head back to James. ‘You guys are close aren't you?’ he asked.

‘It’s like with you and Black, I don’t agree with everything she says, but she’s my sister’
‘Yeah she’s good-looking too, she could have her fair share of guys…’ Lily laughed and cut in ‘but she doesn’t want her share’

‘Is she swinging from the other door?’ he asked awkwardly

‘God Potter no, she likes guys, in fact …no forget it’. She had been about to reveal something big but decided against it.

‘How come she wants to be anonymous?’ Lily laughed bitterly. ‘She asked you not to tell, right? I wish she’d stop that idiocy’ she muttered sourly.

‘But why?’ he continued.

‘I couldn't tell you'

‘Do you know?’

‘Maybe, I've never believed what she tells us about that’

‘What about Simmons and Swales?’

‘I doubt it’.

Lily thought for a minute and James was lost in thought too, in fact for the first time ever he actually wasn’t thinking about Lily in her presence. She finally spoke up ‘Listen in the meantime just respect her and don’t say anything’

‘But what if I’m talking to her and Sirius comes and….’

‘She’ll hide’ she muttered so fast it was almost incoherent.

‘She’ll what?’

‘She will hide, Potter’

‘But how, trust me it isn’t easy hiding from a Marauder’

‘Potter for God’s sake, you think all those times you come up to me that she’s never there? 95% of the time she’s there Potter, but when someone comes, she turns away, takes out a book, anything’


‘Trust me if she doesn’t want to be found she won’t be found. She was sitting in our compartment that day but you totally looked over her, she’s good’

‘I guess’

‘Listen that map you have’ he looked shock to find that she knew about their map. 

‘Yes Potter I know about the map and I know about Remus too we'll talk about that later because I wouldn't be arsed if he were a manticore, just give me the map’ still in shock, James went to his desk and pulled out a piece of parchment.

She took it from him. 'But how do you know?'

‘Having someone like Adea helps, she picks stuff up, when people think no one's listening. Turn it on’

‘What? Qureshi didn’t show you how to turn it on’

‘She knows you have a map not the password, she isn't some skeazy reporter, out to dig all the dirt, you know’  James took it back ‘Alright, alright keep your hair on’ and he silently muttered ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ Lily raised an eyebrow but let it pass.

She said ‘Find Dee on your map for me’ he searched the map, where was she? He went over two more times ‘she must have snuck out of the grounds’ he remarked casually. Lily smirked ‘Please Potter, Adea’s even more law abiding than me’.

‘But this map shows everyone’ he said slightly panicked. Lily’s smile grew wider. 

‘Potter you made this in first year correct?’ he nodded ‘when you learnt everyone’s name’ he nodded again ‘yes I remember and you didn’t miss a single person, impressive. Then you modified it to erase those who’d left and those who’d entered. So I’ll give you credit, you thought of everything, it’s remarkable, but you missed one thing’ James widened his eyes in question.

‘How did she manage that, we scoured this castle, it's impossible, we made a list, the Head Boy and Girl approved it’ he rambled

‘I'll be damned if they actually knew she was here. Potter she’s a freaking genius, in lessons sure its undecided, because we’re in a tie. In a battle of wits and logic she’d outsmart us every time’

James was amazed but he let it drop at that. In Lily’s eyes, he had redeemed himself by 0.0001%; he’d accepted and respected her best friend, her sister. -Oh what the hell, if I don’t ask him this’ll take me all night

‘Hey Potter, can you help me with this Transfiguration, only we need to do rounds and Transfiguration isn’t my best subject, it’s yours so…’ and it pained her to do this ‘please?’.

James was about to say something when he heard Adea’s voice "be her friend, DON’T mess up". ‘Sure Evans’

‘What? No pratty comment, no cocky smile?’ he winced ‘No Evans, you wanna’ learn this or what?’.

Half an hour later, Lily had mastered the spell and it was time to start their rounds. It pained her to be nice it really did ‘Thanks, Potter. I guess’. Their eyes met for a moment, for Lily it was awkward for James it was an eternity but he ended it with ‘Yeah, sure whatever, we have to go or McGonagall’s gonna’ have our heads’. They left the chamber and started their rounds.

Jane was sitting at their vanity table experimenting with her hair. Kayla was reading Jane Eyre and Adea was having a shower.

Kayla put her book down ‘Let’s have a sleepover’ she squealed. Jane contemplated this idea ‘Fine with me, what? The wonderful world of Jane Eyre turn out to be not so wonderful’ Kayla ignored the last comment.

‘Should I go get Lily?’ but at this point Adea walked out in her red bathrobe and said ‘I think you’ll find that more than a little impossible’. Jane and Kayla exchanged looks ‘ and why would that be’

‘She’s on a nightly round with Potter today, although… no in fact we could get her to come’. Jane looked confused ‘what, what could get Lily away from her beloved Head Girl duties’.

Adea changed and magically dried her hair. ‘Swales, just trust me when have I ever failed you’ at this Kayla grimaced ‘you know for such a quiet person you sure are conceited’. Adea smirked ‘Oh I wouldn’t call it conceited, more embracing what God’s given me’ and with that she exited in her red silk pyjamas and slippers.

She walked around for a while when she heard a couple of voices and hid behind a corner.

‘What are you doing out this late?’

‘Evans ease up, they’re kids, you’ve experienced a night time ‘stroll’ that uuhhhh may have turned into something a little more’ he raised his eyebrows suggestively. Lily blushed ‘well if the night time stroll gets, ahem, out of hand again then you have to take it upstairs, understood?’

‘Yes Lily’

‘Yes Lily’

‘Good, 5 points from Hufflepuff and I will allow you to continue your stroll in your common room if you leave now’.

She heard the two strollers leave and then James’ voice ‘honestly Evans why’d you get so worked up, so what if they were making out?’

‘Well I'm better than you Potter, I’m still at a loss at to why Dumbledore made you of all people head boy’ she fumed.

Adea knew James was this close to going back to square nothing, assuming of course that James was at square one, so she stepped in.

‘Lils!’ she cried as she panted making it look like she had just run -man I’m a good actress- she thought to herself. She winked at James, which went unnoticed by Lily.- Wow that girl’s a saint- James thought. While Lily spoke ‘Dee what’s up, you sound like you ran the whole way'

‘Yeah practically did, searched everywhere…15 flippin’ minutes I’ve been going round here’ she lied.

She didn’t like to lie but she knew that Lily was bound to forget about her argument in a second. ‘So what did you want to see me about’

‘Kayla’s wants a sleepover, come on lets go’

‘Dee, come on you know I’d love to but I have rounds today and since Potter’s too thick to do them without me’ Lily turned her head to glare at James and Adea used this opportunity to mouth –that’s your cue- Lily turned around again. 

‘Oh I’m sure Potter wouldn’t mind, right. I mean he knows all about quality time with his friends, you know like once, say, every month. Right Potter?’ both Lily and Adea smirked identically.

James looked at both of them ‘you know this is blackmail right, this is very wrong’. Adea adopted a businesslike manner. ‘If you know what's good for you, you'll agree’ she stressed. James eyes widened with realisation but Lily looked confused.

‘On the other hand Evans, I’ll channel your spirit and I promise I will crack down on the slightest felony’ he smiled and Adea’s mouth dared to twitch but she refrained from smiling.

Lily scrutinized James. –Something’s not right here, but hey I want a sleepover with the girls and Potter’s letting me go- ‘OK Potter if you insist, Dee let me just go back to my room and grab some stuff, you wait here, OK?’ her friend nodded.

As soon was Lily was out of earshot. James turned to Adea ‘Oh sweet angel from the highest heavens how can I repay you’. Adea rolled her eyes. ‘First of all NEVER use that line with Lily, she’s a redhead she’ll slap you and second watch your temper’.

‘She started it’ he whined

‘But she’s not trying to impress you, it’s vice versa remember, you are so lucky I was here, if I know Lily, she’d have blown that way bigger had she been able to run her course’

‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and by the way why are you in your pyjamas and how the hell do you not get noticed in such an outstanding colour’ though he thought it best not to insult his saviour so he corrected ‘Of course you look breathtaking in it’

‘Yes I thought so. As for your questions: Your welcome, I’m in my pyjamas because we are about to go to a sleepover and I have my ways’ James brightened ‘we? As in I can go?’ Adea smacked him ‘No, you dolt, we, as in Lily and I. How you got to be a contender let alone Head Boy’ just then Lily appeared.

‘So what did you guys talk about’ James was at a loss as to what to say, Lily had never spoken to him politely as in without an ounce of indicated hostility.

‘Potter and I are in business and I don’t discuss my dealings’ James looked upwards- Thank you God for this girl-. Adea said ‘Hey Lils sweetie do me a favour you go ahead I need to talk to Potter about something ok’ she turned to the bespectacled boy as the redhead disappeared into some corridor.

‘FYI Potter, an arrangement of Starlillies and Tulips would be appreciated, send them with my owl Mehak’ and with that she took off for the Gryffindor tower.

James thought out loud ‘That girl knows everything, why can’t my friends be that smart’ and he went off to steal some flowers from the Greenhouses.

(a/n): again pleeeeeease review did you guys like this please tell me

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Getting There: His Saviour


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