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Lily and James: Their Story of Love by Secret Lily
Chapter 1 : The Beautiful Friendship Begins
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Chapter 1- The Beautiful Friendship Begins

Lily Evans had just experienced the worst summer followed by the worst train ride of her life. Sure, she had been made Head Girl but the Head Boy to her Head Girl was a different story.

Lily was sitting in the annual Hogwarts feast, awaiting the Sorting to be over. She sat with her two best friends, Halle Douglas and Katy Jones. Professor Dumbledore, an aged man with a long, silver beard and electrifying blue eyes, was prepared to make his traditional speech to the school and Lily was so hungry she actually was not looking forward to listening to it.

“Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts everyone. There are a few notices I wish to make. Firstly, Mr. Filch would like to repeat that Dung bombs are not allowed in the proximity. Also, to the first years and some of the older students, the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds. Now, would the new Head Boy and Girl meet me after the feast to discuss routines and rituals. Also, to the new Prefects, please escort your group of first years after the feast is finished and get your passwords from the Heads. Now, let the feast begin,” Dumbledore said. He raised his hands and magically the empty plates filled with the most delicious food one could imagine.

Lily helped herself to the hot food on the table and began to eat as she noticed a sickening sight. James Potter was stuffing his face, a chicken leg in one hand and a goblet of pumpkin juice in the other. At least he wasn’t dripping food off his chin, unlike his best friend Sirius Black. Lily made a face of sheer disgust.

The Marauders, as they liked to call themselves, were unavoidable at the school. The Marauders consisted of four mischievous boys who considered themselves the ultimate in pranking and dating.

James Potter seemed like the ringleader of the whole charade. James was a touchy subject to talk about in front of Lily. The two of them had never gotten along, but recently the dislike had turned to disgust which had then turned to hate. James was a tall boy, who was Seeker for the Quidditch team, and had untidy, black hair that was useless to manage. He actually preferred it that way as it gave him that messy Quidditch look the girls loved. Well, all the girls except the girl he actually fancied. Lily thought he was a conceited prat who bullied people for no reason. That was part of the reason why she despised the idea of James Potter as Head Boy. She knew he was just going to break the rules and give detention to his enemies and even encourage misconduct.

Sirius Black helped encourage such behavior. He gladly took the glory of tying with James for holding the most detentions. Sirius was an excellent student but didn’t apply himself to the real world. Studying and homework was a waste of time to him. He could be pranking Slytherins or snogging girls in the broom closet. Yes, Sirius Black was a Hogwarts heart throb, but according to Lily, he was just a pain in the rear. He was Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team this year which Lily knew upset her friend Halle. Halle hated Sirius with a passion for all the same reasons Lily hated James. He was unbearable to be around. Therefore, Halle hated Quidditch and basically anything associated with Sirius. Lily thought of Halle and Sirius’s relationship as peculiar. Sirius loved Halle for all the wrong reasons - lust - and Halle hated Sirius for all the right reasons.

Remus Lupin was the third member of the infamous Marauders. He was the more responsible guy of the four and was the more likely candidate for Head Boy as he had been Gryffindor Prefect since 5th year. Lily respected Remus more out of all of the boys, but after years of watching him sit back and allow Sirius and James to get away with so much, the respect faded. It was also known that he had a major crush on Lily’s friend Katy, and Katy was madly in love with Remus. Lily had no idea why the two of them never got together but it wasn’t her place to play Matchmaker.

Peter Pettigrew, a chubby boy who looked extremely out of place with three of Hogwarts' somebodies that it was hard to believe he even belonged. Yet, after all the years at Hogwarts, the Marauders remained a foursome instead of a trio. Apparently Peter must have had some good qualities, but what exactly was beyond Lily.

Lily was proud to say that she wasn’t one of those obsessive girls who worshipped the Marauders every chance she could get. No, she Lily Evans was an authority figure who chose to make something of herself. She wasn’t ugly but she wasn’t remarkably pretty. Why exactly James Potter liked her wasn’t apparent at all but Lily figured that was because he couldn’t have her. He always loved a challenge.

“So Lily love, when’re we gonna get started on those kids?” James asked, in-between bites. She had the misfortune of being seated in the same compartment as him on the train, being seated in the same carriage as him, and now being seated directly across from him at a meal.

“I think I’ve lost my appetite,” she answered faintly. She turned to talk to Halle to distract her from the monster she was forced to work with all year.

“So, how was your summer?” she asked.

“Well, my parents were off on vacation, as usual. Sometimes I think they forget they have a daughter. They’re either working or off in Bermuda spending their money away. It’s sickening really,” Halle said.

“What about you Katy?” Lily asked, turning to her other friend.

“Well, let’s see, my two twin brothers tormented me the whole time. But I did meet this really cute boy in Africa, when we went on a trip there. He was nice but the whole language barrier may have been an issue,” Katy said.

“You think?” Halle asked sarcastically.

“That’s ok though, I like someone else,” Katy said dreamily.

“Remus,” Halle whispered behind Katy’s back. Lily laughed.

“I missed you guys so much this summer. Petunia’s getting married to that awful man, Vernon. I don’t know what she sees in him. But, whenever he was over she made comment as to how I was delusional. Annoying most of the time. She's glad I didn't live up to the awful reputation she's given me,” Lily said, grumbling at the very thought of her sister.

“Ok, Prefects, would you please escort the First Years to their Common Room,” Dumbledore said.

“That’s my cue,” Lily said.

“Mine too,” Katy said, as she had just replaced Lily after Lily had been made Head Girl.

“This should be fun,” Lily groaned as she saw James and Remus stand up. James followed quickly behind her as they headed for Professor Dumbledore’s office.

Lily walked on one side of the hall, trying to steer clear of being near Potter.

James grinned. This should be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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Lily and James: Their Story of Love: The Beautiful Friendship Begins


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