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Getting There by wudnulike2know
Chapter 2 : Sixth Sense
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, only Jane, Adea, not in the books belong to me

(a/n): Do you guys not like my story? Please review, I’d really appreciate it and also I’m not going to discontinue this if I don’t get reviews, this story is for my own satisfaction but I’d really like it if you reviewed)

**Sixth Sense**

Gabrielle was sitting in a boat with three other girls, all of whom she did not know or speak to during the ride up. After shivering in silence for several minutes and contemplating the events to follow, a magnificent castle loomed overhead. They exited their boats and huddled at the back alongside the other scared first years. 

The huddle moved slowly behind an intimidating woman and soon Gabrielle took the matter into her own hands and strode ahead determined to speed up the pace and make the others feel less frightened. Once she had reached the front and was leading, the others fell in step.

An old, tattered hat was placed in front of them by a tiny little man. They stared at it for a second and the older students waited expectantly. Suddenly a rip appeared at the brim and it sang:

I may look old and weary
But I’m not what you see
I’m not like any hat
That you will ever meet
Most do not shout or speak
Only I can sing
Put me on your head
I’ll find your mind within
Four houses you will find here
You must be placed in one
My duty is to do just that
so don’t you start to fear
Bravery and Chivalry
Are what's needed for Gryffindor
While intelligence of highest kind
Is the key to Ravenclaw
Pure blood and ambitious heart
Will lead you to Slytherin
But those of kind and loyal souls
Find in Hufflepuff, their kin
You have told been all you need
And I have said all that I could
And now has come the time
To place me on your head
So I can look inside

The first years were in awe of what had just happened and were slightly anxious while Professor McGonagall produced a scroll of parchment. ‘Get in line please’ the standing children obeyed immediately. ‘Atkinson, Thomas’ a chubby, fearful looking boy fell haphazardly out of line and slowly stepped up to the stool. He placed the hat on his head. 

The hat took several minutes to make its decision before it announced ‘Ravenclaw’. The sorting progressed and the line got thinner. Finally, somewhere between the S’, Simmons, Gabrielle was called. Gabby sat on the stool and put the hat on her head.

‘ Aaaaah Simmons, I see, from a Ravenclaw and Gryffindor history, how very hard you will be to place. How very much like your sister you are. However and forgive me for saying, she was sharp but there is more intelligence in your mind, but like a true Simmons that outstanding bravery holds its own. Which for you, which for you? Ah I know where you belong’ suddenly it burst out ‘Gryffindor’. 

She took a seat next to her sister and let out a breath. She was met with four ’well done Gabby’s and four hugs to go with them. She was also met with a few winks from some new first year boys and smiled back at them. Dumbledore stood up and gave what she thought must have been the yearly announcements though she didn’t listen to any of them and when the feast finally appeared she dug in heartily.

After eating, it was time to go to Gryffindor Tower, her home away from home for the next seven years.

A few seats away, a black haired boy came to Lily grinning ‘Hey Evans, wanna’ be the first to explore the broom closets, if you catch my drift' and he winked. 

‘Agggghhhhh’ she screamed in frustration and if looks could kill James would’ve been six feet under.

‘Alright, alright calm down, just kidding but we do have to go with McGonagall, to our dormitories’ (a/n: in this story it’s the prefects job to show the dormitories, which is what its like in most books except for the third one). 

‘Fine Potter’ she stood up, smoothed her skirt and exited the great hall, Potter in tow. As they made their way to McGonagall’s office James struck up a somewhat mature conversation ‘ So how do you think you’re going to manage everything this year?’

‘How do you mean?’ 

‘Well think about it, Homework, classes, Head duties and throw all the stress of NEWTS on top and you’ve got a pretty messed up year’ 

‘I guess, but they made me head girl and if Dumbledore didn’t think I could handle it then I wouldn’t be wearing this badge' Lily was disconcerted but maintained a certain amount of hostility in her tone. James smiled a sincere smile, which she didn’t catch. She looked straight on ‘well what about you, how are you going to manage?’ 

‘Evans you seem to forget, I’m James Potter, I’ve been doing this my whole life, have 
you ever once seen me revise for a test?’ 

‘You’re right you know, I forgot, you are James Potter. Still the same cocky, arrogant, stuck up boy I met in first year. Can’t even hold up a decent conversation without screwing it up’ but she did not say it with the same fire and anger he was accustomed to, in fact she barely whispered but it got James thinking.

Lily had had enough and since they had reached the office, she opened the door and went in ignoring James completely, the woman at the desk did not notice any difference in their behaviour towards each other. ‘Miss Evans, Potter, I’m sure you know why you’re here. Dumbledore notified you in your letters about the dormitories. It is my job to show you them, then you must get to bed’ Professor McGonagall said in a no nonsense tone. She left her office immediately and the two seventh years followed. 

After a while they came to a solid mahogany door, in a part of Hogwarts Lily had never seen before. James was less impressed, he knew where everywhere was and almost 90% sure he’d been here before. ‘Magnum dormit’ came McGonagall’s voice and the door slowly swung open revealing a beautiful dark green room, Lily assumed was their lounge or common room, it had a 2 seater and 2 armchairs. An inviting fire could be found along with a nice big table and random paintings spread around. 

‘This is your dormitory, this is your common room and if you’ll excuse me I assume you can find your own rooms, its just I’m rather tired and have lessons first thing in the morning’ she yawned. ‘No problem, professor’ Lily replied sweetly. The older woman smiled appreciatively and left. By instinct, Lily immediately took off for the room on her left. Once she stepped in aside, she was speechless, couldn’t even release a gasp.

The room was snow white with sketches of black and white lilies and real ones in a vase on her vanity table. She walked over to the flowers and found a note: ‘Congratulations and Good Luck. Thought you might like the décor – Albus Dumbledore’ Lily smiled, how did that man know everything. She was just changing, when someone knocked on her door.

‘Potter I’m coming’. She put on her robe and went out. ‘Hey did Dumbledore do your room up to?’ she nodded in response. ‘By the way, how did you do that’ he asked the redhead. ‘What?’ 

‘How did you know exactly which room was yours?’

‘You get fascinated way too easily’ 

'Only by you, but seriously, you did that in first year as well, the prefect didn’t even need to show you your dormitory’ 

‘I don’t know, it’s my sixth sense I guess, I feel a calling coming from certain things or places, I just know that’s where I’m supposed to be. Everyone has a sixth sense Potter.’

‘How come you’ve never gotten a calling from my arms, you know you belong there Evans’ 

‘Amazing, you did it again, Goodnight Potter’ she called icily, turned on her heel and disappeared behind her door.

(a/n): OK you know what to do, review. Also wasn’t the sorting hat’s song crap?

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Getting There: Sixth Sense


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