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A Box Full Of Memories by SilverCloud
Chapter 12 : Good vs. Evil
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Disclaimer: I own the plot and Jessica. Please don't sue! I have no money to give...

A/N: I'm sooooo sorry for the wait, I've been so busy, it being the holidays and all. I'm glad I've finally got this up, I hope you all like it!!

The swings in the park creaked even though the night was still. No lights came from the houses across the street. Magnolia Road seemed cold and dark, just like the night the Dementors came almost two years before. This is how it looked, before four teenagers appeared in the midst of the park.

They looked around to see where they were, but only the bespectacled boy knew this is exactly where he intended on ending up.

“We’re a block away from the Dursley’s.” Harry assured them. “This is Magnolia Road, and this is the park where I’d come to feel sorry for myself when I was younger.”

No one spoke.

“Alright well, let’s go find that damned cave.” Harry said.

They all walked to the corner of the street and followed Harry into the wood. Harry told the this was the way. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny didn’t say much. They took in all the surroundings, as they have never really been to the area Harry grew up in. The most was Ron appearing in the Dursley’s boarded up electrical fireplace. Harry kept reassuring them they were almost there, but it seemed like days until they finally reached a clearing. And then they saw it.

Over the hills and valleys, a small light coming from a cave and a bunch of hooded men roaming around, waiting, for something. All of the sudden, the teenagers felt as ounce of fear. Were they ready for this?

‘Yes,’ Harry answered mentally. ‘I’ve been ready all my life.’

There were about a dozen Death Eaters surrounding Voldemort’s hide out, waiting for the Potter boy to come. A few went inside the cave, talking to Voldemort, while others, like Malfoy, and Lestrange, were keeping their eyes peeled for the boy. They’ve waited years to fight him and now they were finally getting the chance.

As they started to get anxious. The Dark Lord emerged from the cave. He spoke to his men, and women.

“He’s on his way, not to far from here. When he comes into sight do not pounce on him with hexes; We need to have a little chat first.” He snarled as he said the last sentence.

There were a few mumbled replies from the group, and then it was all silent.

Footsteps were heard coming towards the group. Lestrange lighted her wand and the light showed Harry standing a few feet away from Lestrange, with his three friends behind him.

“Well well well, It seems as if this moment has finally come, dear Harry,” she greeted him.

At the moment Harry saw her he wanted nothing more than to violently beat her. He never forgot what happened that night in the Department of Mysteries. He never would.

“Yes, I guess it has.” Harry replied. “But it’s got nothing to do with you.”

“I know exactly what you mean Harry,” Voldemort replied, glaring angrily at Bellatrix. “This has nothing to do with my Death Eaters, or your little friends cowering behind you. This, is our moment of the spot light. Our duel. Just us Harry, just me and you.”

“Well since you sound all excited,” Harry sneered, “Why haven’t we started yet?”

“Because, we need to chat first.” was his reply.

“Sepityma,” commanded Voldemort.

Harry had never heard of such a spell. He looked around, and noticed that everyone had frozen. Only Harry and Voldemort seemed able to move. It’s as if time was frozen.

“What did you do?” Harry inquired nervously.

“Don’t worry Harry, I just froze time so we wouldn’t be, shall I say, interrupted,” he sneered.

He had guessed right. Freezing time. How had he never heard of it?

“I’ve never heard of that before,” Harry said.

“Well you shouldn’t have,” he answered. “I made it up.”

Made it up? Harry didn’t know normal wizards could do that. Then again, Voldemort was no normal wizard.

“Whatever. Now say what you have to say and make it quick. I have some business to attend to, as you should already know.” Harry commanded. He was becoming impatient.

“Fine, fine. You see Harry, after growing up in that orphanage, I realized that the only way to get what you wanted in this world, was power. You had to be at the top of the pyramid to succeed. In the orphanage, I was at the bottom, and miserable. But then I came to Hogwarts, a whole nother world, and I slowly started my climb. Then in adulthood I reached my peak. Power. It made me happy. But there were to many people in my way. So I had to kill them. I was succeeding, while everyone else was failing. I had triumphed. But, then you came along.

“Oh yes. You. Everything was peachy keen until Halloween night of 1981.”

“Peachy keen? Hundreds were dead and the rest were living in fear because of you and your Death Eaters! You call that peachy keen?”

“Well, yes. I was the most powerful wizard. And then I… went away. And I rose back up, because I had the power within me.”

“If you had so much power, then why did it take you 14 years?”

Voldemort glared at Harry. “As I was saying, 3 years ago I came back, and now I am well prepared to kill you, something I should have done 17 years ago.”

“Yeah but you were stopped by a baby. And you called yourself powerful?” Harry chuckled to himself. He felt Voldemort’s end of the “chat” was a load of bullshit.

Voldemort chose to ignore the last comment. “And I’m still climbing. The only person in my way, is you.”

‘Right. The Prophecy. Well, the only thing on my way is him. Oh let’s get started already.’ Harry thought.

“Yes, good idea you had there,” Voldemort stated, reading Harry’s thoughts.

“Isn’t it?” Harry retorted.

“Sepityma pas,” Voldemort uttered, and the people surrounding them returned to looking alive.

“Come on now Harry, it’s simple. I say a few words and you get to see your parents again. Isn’t that what you want?”

“No. What I want is for you to be gone forever. And I’m going to destroy you.”

“We’ll see, boy.”

“Avada Kedavra!”

Both Harry and Voldemort spoke the incantation at the exact same time. The two lines of green touched, forming a line between the two wands. Harry’s end was blue, and Voldemort’s black.

At first they were both equal, but the blue kept gaining on the black. Every centimeter more it moved Harry was fighting to keep going. His strength was becoming less and less. But he was winning.

Behind him he heard shouts of encouragement from Ginny, Hermione, and Ron. The Death Eaters were getting angry. So was Voldemort. Harry was grinning from ear to ear, he was almost there, but he didn’t know if he could make it. ‘Just a little… longer,’ he thought to himself. ‘Just a little…’

And that’s all he thought as he saw Voldemort collapse and his world go black.

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