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Troubled by Fredslover
Chapter 5 : Let it snow
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The sound interupted your wonderful dream, and it takes all your strength to go back to sleep. Thankfully though, your able too.

Ron wraps his arm around you neck loosely. You smile slightly as he leans in towards you. The two of you were so close that you could feel the wamth radiating off of him, and it was almost over powering. Your tired of waiting...feeling extremely bold, you start to close the gap between your faces. A few more seconds and all your wishes will come true, you were going to kiss Ron for the first time...


Your head shot up from your pillow. Where was that sound coming from? You wanted to strangle whoever it was that was deciding to wake you up from that perfect dream. Moaning, you sit up.


You turn your groggy head toward the source of the noise. The window, which over lookes the left side of the lake, is covered with a white fluffy substance. Rubbing your eyes roughly you push yourself off of your bed. The hardwood floor is cold to your bare feet as you stomp your way over to the window. As you get closer, you see that it's snow that is dripping down the glass, you look out of a snowless spot near the bottom of the window.

It was snowing outside, and looked as if it had been since the previous night. The lake, which had been frozen since November was now covered in a thick layer of fluffy white powder, curious, you look down below you, no one is there. Turning to the Forbidden Forest, you notice that the snow covered branches are swaying in the breeze that's carrying the falling snow in odd patterns through out the grounds.


You jerk back slightly, gasping. A giant wad of snow had hit the window right in front of your face. Sighing loudly, and your heart racing, you look through the dripping snow and back down below the window.

Standing there, five stories down, was Ron. You could barely make him out from this hieght, but his hair stuck out clearly through the white snow surrounding him. There were two other people standing with him, but you couldn't reconize them.

A smile krept to your lips as Ron's waves up at you, motioning for you to come down. You hold up one finger, indicating that you'll be down in a minute. As you turn around you glance at your trunk, there is clothes spilling out from all sides. You bolt over to it, clawing through all the school uniforms, the T-shirts and jeans. Luckily for you, you find a relatively decent purple knitted sweater, and a pare of brown corduroy pants. You slip them on, and pull out your only pair of gloves, and a matching black beanie, which you stuck on your head hurridly. After putting on some purple eye shadow, your ready to go outside.

There weren't many people walking around as you reach the main hall. The few that were however were dressed heavily and headed in he same direction as you. When the girl in front of you opens the large oak front doors of the castle, you stop mid step.

It was beautiful, you'd never seen Hogwarts over Christmas, you were always at home when it snowed like this. Everything was covered in snow, and it was still falling. The cold air hits your face forcefully as you step out of the warmth of the castle, and your glad that you remembered your beanie. Looking more closely you see that more people stay'd over the holidays than you had expected, there were students of all ages running around throwing snowballs at eachother. There was even a few snowmen scattered across the grounds.

Smiling almost to yourself you jog down the front steps of the castle, the snow crunches under your tennis shoes as you look for Ron. Your breath is coming out in puffs in front of you, as your head turns back and forth, looking for any sign of orange amongst the black and brown haired students running around. Where is he? You think to yourself as a snowball comes soaring over your head, narrowly missing you. Rolling your eyes you hear a young sounding voice in the background laughing. Choosing to ignore it, you continue your search. There's still no sign of him, and now your getting nervous. Tucking a stray hair behind your ear, you stand there for a second thinking that maybe he'll come to you.


You can't help but to let out an embarrassingly girlish squeal as icey cold snow drips down into your shirt, sliding down your back. Your hands shoot to your back as you try to get the ice out, it doesn't work. Letting out an angry growl, you turn around.

" If I were you, I'd think twice about throwing another snowball at me. If you do I might have to... " Your sentence fades off when you reconize who is standing there. Laughing, Ron smiles over at you. He has a snowball in his right hand, and he's throwing it up and down...threateningly.

" You might what? " He asked smartly. he caught the snowball, and didn't throw it back up.

" Oh, Ron...sorry I-I wasn't talking to you, I was... " You mutter lamely. He smirks.

" Weren't talking to me huh? " He asked, jerking his arm backwards and flinging the snowball toward your face. Attempting to dodge it you slide it the side. It grazes your shoulder. Your face scruches up menacingly as you realize that it was him who was throwing snowballs at you. Of course now that you know this your not complaing, but you can't let him know that.

" Oh I see... " You mutter, slowly reaching down at your feet, you dig your glove covered hand into the crisp white snow and withdraw a handful. Mashing it together tightly, you continue to stare at him. A smile forms on his face, and you can tell he's about to run.

Sure enough moments later all you could see of Ron was the back of his beautiful head, as he ran in the opposite direction. Without hesitating you sprinted after him, snowball still sitting firmly in your hand.

Ron is shouting now, but the wind, along with the snow is whipping the side of your ears as you speed behind him, making it impossible to hear anything.

Then out of no where another person--no, make that two people--appear beside you. One of them looks faguely familiar, but only because he hangs out with Ron sometimes. The other person is a blond headed girl, who was wearing radish shaped earings. You suspect that these are the people that had been standing with Ron earlier. You stare at them quizically, as all three of you chase after Ron, who hasn't noticed that they had joined you.

" Hey...names Neville, this is Luna. " The boy panted, pointing to the girl on your left. You nod at both of them. Through your gasps of breaths you attempt to intruduce yourself.

" Hi, I'm-- " Neville shook his head and cut you off.

" Morgan, yeah I already know. Ron's told us all about you...hasn't shut-up about you actually... " He mutters launching a wad of snow in Ron's direction.

It narrowly missed his ear, making him turn his head, his eyes wided when he saw the two extra people behind him.

" Just give up! " Neville yelled. It was obvious that they had been carrying out a snowball fight before you had arrived here. He was laughing as he tried to gather more snow. You would have shouted something as well, but you were too busy registering what Neville had told you...Ron had been talking about you, a lot by the sound of it. Did that mean...

Your thoughts were interupted by the jerk of your leg as you were pulled down on top of something soft.

" Urgh... " You mutter as your head hits the snowy ground. Your body seems to be higher than your head, then suddenly the ground beneath you shifts, and for a terrifying second you have the insane notion that the ground is splitting.

" Gotcha...if I'm going down I had to take you down with me... " Someone's voice mumbed, the voice sounded muffled at first, and you wondered where it was coming from. You shifted sideways, moving your hand out beside you, it landed on something moist, and it definately wasn't snow. Glancing over you see that your hand is sitting right on top of Ron's mouth...and you are draped over him, arm's and legs spawled out over his.

Before you can do anything, Ron grabs your wrist and pulls your hand from his mouth. You feel totally humiliated, but for some reason you don't move. Somewhere in the back of your head you know that laying on Ron, with Neville and that Luna girl watching could probably look like something suspicious to them, and probably to Ron as well. But as you lay there, you can't help but to stare Ron in the eye, just for a second. It's like a dream come true, except the fact that Ron really doesn't have a lot of options in this matter...

" Are you going to move, or are we just going to lay here like this all day? Not that I have a problem with it...but if you haven't noticed, the ground is covered with this freezing cold snow... " Ron said grinning up at you from his spot in the snow.

Snapping out of whatever trance you were in, you scurry off of him quickly, feeling the warmth of his body leave you being imediately replaced by the wet icey feeling of the snow. You sat up feeling absolutely mortified as Ron stood up. He extended his hand, and it took you a few seconds to realize that he was helping you up and you grasp it, feeling your hand shake in his own.

" S-sorry...I don't... " You mutter incoherently as Ron pulls you to your feet gently. He laughs.

" What are you sorry for? I'm the one that pulled you down. " He said letting go of your hand and brushing the snow off his pants and jacket.

" Oh, " You say laughing nervously. " Yeah...right. "

" Are you all right Ronald? " Luna asked quietly, as she walked over to him, patting him on the shoulder. It's the first time you've heard her speak, and her voice is kind of far off and day dreamy, and you hope it's not what you sound like when you talk to Ron.

" Yeah, I'm fine...tripped on a branch or something... " He muttered looking once at Luna before turning back to you. To your surprise he held your gaze and smiled softly, and your sure that it's meant solely for you.

" Good! " Neville shouted, almost stumbling over himself as he launched another snowball at Ron, this time hitting him squrely in the chest.

" Okay, that's it... " Ron said to Neville before turning to you, and arching an eyebrow.

" How about a little two on two? and me against these two? " He asks suggestively. You nod thinking that it's the perfect idea.

" Okay, I'm in. " Neville said, scooping up more snow as he spoke. Luna nodded staring at Ron quietly. Ron clapped his hands together and gave the other two a fierce look.

" Perfect... " He muttered staring Luna down, causing her to blush furiously. You force yourself to look away, it's none of your bussiness who Luna likes...

Neville throws another ball of snow at Ron, but this time he dodges it completely. Grabbing your arm, he drags you away from the others, so that now both of you were running from flying snowballs.

" Come on! " Ron yells as the two of you rounded a corner of the castle walls and found yourselves near the edge of the forest, you saw Ron look back and forth worriedly, apparently he hadn't thought his escape plan through. His face straightened up as he glanced to your right. You could hear footsteps on the other side of the wall and knew that any second now there would be snow pummeling you in the face, unless Ron knew what he was doing...

He was still gripping your arm as he led you to where most of your Care of Magical Creature lessons were held. You saw Professor Hagrid's cabin sitting beside a large patch of leaves that in the fall usually sprouted extremely oversized pumpkins.

" Where are we going? " You ask him, not oblivious to the tingly sensation coming from his gloved hand.

" Hagrid's cabin... " He muttered as you arrive at the doorstep. He doesn't even bother to knock as he pushes open the door and ushers you inside. Finally he lets go of your arm to shut the heavy door closed.

You look around, you've never been insode the Professor's house before. Granted it wasn't very big, but there was a steady fire burning in the large fireplace in the corner. There was a giant comfortable looking couch sitting in fornt of it. A small table sat next to a tiny stove, which had a steaming teapot sitting on one of the burners. From what you could see, the cabin was empty.

" Won't Professor Hagrid mind the fact that you broke into his cabin? " You asked, not wanting to get in trouble. Ron was looking in the back of the of the cabin, then coming up front and into the kitchenette.

" No, Hagrid won't care...I guess he's out in the forest or something but it's not big deal, I come here all the time. Hagrid's a friend of mine... " He said, taking two large mugs out of a cabnet over the sink. " Tea? " He asked as he pours himself a cup, you nod when he looks at you.

" Your friends with a teacher? " You ask, making a face at him. He finished pouring your tea and brought it over to the couch.

" Well, we were friends before the whole teaching thing started. " He said, drinking from his mug as he lowered himself into the couch. You walk over taking your own mug from his other hand, and sink into the soft cushion next to his.

Silence fell between the two of you, making you a little uncomfortable, so you drink the rest of your hot tea in practically one gulp, feeling it slide down your throat.

You notice how intimate the cabin felt. It's small size, the soft cushion underneath you, the heat from the fire warming everything from the tip of your nose to the end of your feet. You sipped from your mug slowly, trying to ignore Ron's kneecap, which was slgihtly grazing your own.

" Think it's safe to go outside now? " You ask, not wanting to leave, but needing something to say before the silence killed you. He glanced at the window, then back at you.

" Probably... " He muttered, he sounded distracted, but not by the worry of being caught or found by the others, which was strange, because he had went through a lot of trouble just to get you to the cabin to hide from them.

" So, shouldn't we-- "

" No! I mean...not yet. I have to tell you something. " He said, the look on his face resembled nervousness, but that didn't really seem to be likely, this was Ron talking...

Silence fell for the second time, and this time you felt more nervous, because this time you knew Ron had something to say, but if we had to say it, then why was he being so quiet? You looked up from the bottom of your now empty mug, which you had been staring sat so that your eyes wouldn't wander somewhere else, to Ron. He was sitting there with his mug also held firmly in his hands.

" Well? " You asked, masking your voice do that it might have sounded at least a little calmer. He finally looked up from his cup and to your face.

" know what, nevermind it's nothing. Forget it. " He said standing up from the couch. Your heart sinks slightly as he grabs your empty mug and takes it into the kitchen. You were disapointed for some reason, you had thought that he was about to admit to liking you...something you should have done a long time ago. But of course, he can't admit to something that's not true can he?

You ease yourself off of the couch, taking your time making your way to the door. You wait while Ron finishes putting the cups where he got them. He shuffled over to the door and started to straightened his jacket. He put his hand on the door knob, but didn't make an attempt to open it. He looked up at you, and for a second it looked like he wanted to say something, but then he looked back down agian and the moment was gone.

" What, what is it? " You ask curiously. He shifted his weight awkwardly, not saying a word. Then quiet suddenly Ron looked up from his feet.

" Ron what--"

He cut you off again, but this time it wasn't with words. It took you a few seconds to realize it, but once you did, you felt happier than you had in years. He was kissing you, gently at first, but as soon as you got the hang of it, you felt yourself pressing your lips more firmly on his own, feeling his hand as it rested on your shoulder.

It ended quicker than it had began, and all too soon you feel his lips leave yours, and you feel an actual physical need for them to meet again, but somehow you refrain ourself from tackling him to the ground.

Looking embarrassed Ron pulls away farther from you. His ears turn bright red, so that they almost match his hair.

" I'm sorry Morgan... I didn't mean to... I mean I did...but... " He muttered, looking absolutely horrified with himself. You shake your head for two reasons. One: to try and get the dizziness that came with the complete and utter happiness of kissing Ron. And two: to let him know how not sorry you were about it.

" I can't believe... "

" Yeah I know, I can't believe what a git I am either, but I just...I really like you Morgan..." He finished causing his whole face to flush. You step closer to him, not believing what your about to do.

" Ron. " You say, feeling your own face color as well.

" What? " He asked, looking like he thought you were getting ready to yell at him.

" I really like you too. " You say, leaning forward you gently peck him on the cheek, and for some reason it's more awkward to kiss him on the cheek, than it was to have him kiss you on the lips. But that doesn't matter after you see Ron's face visibly regain normal coloring at your words. After a few seconds where nobody said a word, Ron broke the slilence.

" Well, I guess we should go win us a snowball fight... " He said smiling softly. You laugh, glad that you've finally gotten everything out in the open, and even more glad that Ron felt the same as you.

The two of you left Professor Hagrid's cabin, prowling the grounds for Neville and Luna. A couple of minutes in, you felt Ron slip his hand into yours...And at that moment you made a mental note to personally thank your mother for making you stay at school this Christmas.

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Troubled: Let it snow


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