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Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon by Edward Ollivander
Chapter 2 : 4 Privet Drive
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As far as the Dursleys knew, Harry had spent most of the summer in his room. Luckily, they never felt the need to look for him and seemed quite contented that his appearances were few and far between. Harry would hate to see their reaction if they ever found out he had magically transported himself in and out of his room all summer long.

The portkey had just returned Harry to his room from his unexpected meeting with Professor Dumbledore in the room of requirement at Hogwarts. It was still the middle of the day, so he knew that his Uncle Vernon would still be at work and Dudley would likely be out with his Gang until late that evening. With any luck, his Aunt Petunia would be out doing some shopping, and he would be able to sneak downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink and something to eat before returning to his room.

When Harry entered the kitchen, he was a bit disappointed to find his Aunt Petunia standing at the counter putting the final decorations on a multi-layered cake. She looked up and saw him enter, but then looked back to her cake without saying a word. Harry was hopeful that she would be willing to let his visit pass without a snide comment.

 As Harry was just about to take a drink of water, Petunia asked, “What have you been doing in your room all summer?”

Harry was a bit stunned that she would be the least bit interested, but managed to ask, “What makes you ask that?”

 “It’s a bit suspicious that you spend so much time alone in your room where we don’t have any way of monitoring what you may be up to,” Petunia said.

“So why the sudden interest?” Harry asked. “I can remember a time when you would have been thrilled to have me stay hidden away for so long every day. You don’t have to worry though, I’m just studying.”

“That makes it even more suspicious,” Petunia said. “No teenage boy would study so much during his summer break. Besides, I thought you weren’t allowed to do any magic away from that school.”

 “I’m well aware of that,” Harry began, “but I haven’t taken my wand out in my room for any reason other than to polish it. I haven’t uttered a single spell in that room all summer.”

 “You have never shown any noticeable desire to study before,” Petunia said. “What made that change so suddenly?”

 “In order to explain that to you,” Harry said, “I’ll have to tell you things I know you don’t want to hear.”

“You’re right,” Petunia admitted. “I don’t want to hear anything about the world of magic you live in, but for the safety of my family I don’t think I have a choice.”

 “In that case,” Harry said, “you should sit down.”

Petunia looked as though she wanted to back out, but eventually she sat down at the table.

As Harry sat across from her, he said, “To make a long story short, I’ll spare you all the details about the things that have happened to me during my years at Hogwarts. It will be enough for you to know that I’ve been in mortal danger every year that I’ve been there. I was only made aware of why I was in constant danger a few years ago.”

 “Why?” Petunia asked.

“A prophecy was made many years ago that another wizard and I would have to face one another in a battle that would leave one of us dead. That’s why I’ve been studying so much. I’m trying to prepare for that battle.”

 “Why would the teachers at Hogwarts allow two students to meet in a battle like that?” Petunia asked almost seeming concerned.

“The other wizard isn’t a student,” Harry explained. “He was fully grown and fully trained before I was even born. He killed my parents and gave me this scar and his name is Voldemort.”

Petunia gasped at the recognition of the name, and just after she did the kitchen door suddenly exploded into a thousand pieces into the hallway. Harry jumped from the shock and Petunia let out a shriek that must have been heard through half of the neighborhood.

“I’m sorry,” Harry said with his eyes still wide. “I swear I didn’t mean to do that. I really didn’t.”

Within seconds, they both heard several small pops as several wizards apparated into the kitchen and hallway. Petunia looked as though she was just about ready to pass out, and Harry just sat there waiting to be charged with doing magic as an under aged wizard. One of the wizards looked over at them, and seeing Harry got a big smile on his face.

He walked toward Harry as he said, “Harry Potter, I can’t believe I’m getting this chance to meet you. I’m Jonis Dilford, from the Department of Accidental Magic.”

“I never intended to destroy the door,” Harry managed to tell him as Dilford shook his hand.

“Don’t worry, Harry,” Dilford said, “you didn’t do it. She did.”

Harry saw that he pointed a finger to Petunia, who’s face suddenly got a look of terror as if her world had just ended. Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw the shattered door reform in the doorway as good as new.

Dilford reached down for Harry’s hand and shook it again as he said, “It really was a pleasure to meet you Harry. Wish I had more time to chat, but plenty more accidents to correct as you might imagine.”

Dilford then took a couple of steps back and waved as an instant later all of those who had appeared in the house suddenly disappeared with a chorus of small pops.

 Harry looked back to his Aunt Petunia and thought he had never seen her so shaken. He got up and went over to the cabinet and retrieved another glass, and filled it with water. Harry set the glass of water in front of Petunia as he returned to the table. She took the glass and took a long drink looking very much like was going through the motion automatically with no clear command from her numb brain to do so.

 Finally, she looked at Harry and asked, “How can this be? What will Vernon say?”

“Knowing the way Uncle Vernon hates any mention of magic,” Harry began, “I wouldn’t doubt if he started treating you the way he treats me. Believe it or not, I would hate to see that happen. So, I’ll make you a deal. If you don’t tell him, he won’t hear it from me.”

 By the time his Uncle Vernon got home, Harry was back in his room, but he didn’t feel much like studying any more that night. He had managed to get Petunia calmed down and conspired with her to keep silent about the day’s events. For the first time in his life he actually felt a solid connection with another member of his family. Harry sat back on his bed and thought happily that Petunia had just given him one of the best presents he had ever gotten from the Dursleys. A fitting thing, he thought, since after all the years he had spent at 4 Privet Drive would soon come to an end. He would not be coming back either because he would soon choose where to go when he left Hogwarts, or Voldemort would take that choice away from him for good.

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Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon: 4 Privet Drive


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