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Getting There by wudnulike2know
Chapter 1 : Think Gryffindor
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**Think Gryffindor**

‘Head Girl huh?’ came a voice from a compartment of seventh year girls. Inside the compartment sat 4 girls; Lily, Adea, Jane and Kayla were about to start their seventh and final year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Lily Evans, was seen to be the leader of the groups, she was down to earth and kind to almost everyone. With her emerald green eyes and vivid red hair Lily brought the redhead’s temper to justice and Hogwarts knew that it was best to stay on Lily’s good side. Lily was extremely clever and was top in many subjects, with only Adea and the marauders for competition.

Adea Qureshi was the quiet, pensive and slightly invisible character. Underneath the quiet, studious cover lay an observant girl, a study of character and a loyal, trustworthy, kind and understanding friend. Adea’s silence led to the fact that almost all of Hogwarts didn’t know she existed and because of this her beauty was overlooked. Being of South East Asian descent, she had jet-black hair, olive skin and somewhat remarkable eyes; the darkest brown with flecks of forest green. Adea was a bookworm and like Lily often got top marks and competed for the best all round student. She was best friends with Lily, and though Lily was popular she was also respectful of the fact that Adea did not want to be known and so allowed her to blend into the background when speaking with other people.

Jane Swales was the free spirit. Jane neither cared nor knew what others thought of her and this helped her to be at peace with the rest of the school. She had dyed charcoal black hair, with streaks of Cosmo blue and silver mirror eyes, which placed a mystical, faraway, look on her face. Though Jane was, as her best friend Kayla said, not always on this planet, people knew she was there for her friends 24/7. Her mystical aura could be dropped with the snap of a finger if she thought her friends were being endangered or were upset in any way, though it was Adea who could pick up sadness quickest. Her uniqueness combined with her dormant fierceness made many fear her.

Kayla Simmons was seen to be a character similar to Lily. How wrong those people were. While Lily was strong yet gentle. Kayla was stubborn, headstrong, outspoken and harsh. Her ‘I’m always right attitude drove some up the wall and made it impossible to work with her while others found her endearing and the younger ones looked to her as an inspiration. She had chestnut brown hair and sapphire blue eyes. All four girls were striking but each in her own way.

‘Our ickle Lily made head girl, we are so proud darling’ Kayla teased 

‘Shut up Simmons, do you want a detention?’ 

‘No seriously Lils, congratulations’

‘Thanks Kay’ Lily then turned around to Jane and Adea ‘so what do you guys think?’

‘It’s great Lils, couldn’t be happier everyone knew you were gonna’ get it so which rules are you going to change first?’ Jane asked, Kayla rolled her eyes and Lily raised her eyebrows and Adea took the question into her own hands.

‘I don’t think Lily’s gonna’ be changing anything just yet, well done you were a cert’ 

‘Thanks Dee, but you had just as much of a chance’ 

‘Nah, too quiet and if Dumbledore announced my name at the feast they’d think he’d finally gone over the edge for appointing a non-existent head girl’ she joked as the other girls chuckled.

Jane and Kayla went off into a conversation about their holidays while Adea and Lily continued.

‘ So did your letter say anything about the Head boy’ 

‘Just the thing about the dormitories but not who it was, but I figure it’s gonna’ be Remus’ 

‘Oh, I can tell you that now, it ain’t gonna’ be Remus, Dumbledore’s been down that road, he’ll pick someone unexpected yet seemingly obvious.’

‘Wanna’ bet Qureshi’ Kayla, who had the last part, challenged

‘Oh you’re on Simmons, but you’re going to lose again

‘Aaaaahhh but this time Dee, I have it in the bag, a galleon enough for you?’

‘Fine by me’

‘Who else could it be, Lupin’s the only candidate for the job’ 

‘I’m warning you….’ But Adea was cut short by the entrance of four seventh year boys.

The Marauders. There wasn’t a person at Hogwarts who didn’t know the Marauders. They comprised of James, Sirius, Remus and Peter.

James Potter, the bane of Lily’s existence. James stood at 6 foot, had untamed black hair and bespectacled hazel eyes. Lily had been the object of his affection (much to the aggravation of his fan club) since the Christmas of first year, and had chased her ever since, always receiving the same answer: no.

Sirius Black, owner of the largest ego and stomach in Hogwarts history. Sirius was slightly taller than James, stood at 6’1, with elegant brown hair and smoky grey eyes. Just like they did with James, girls practically threw themselves at his feet and he (like with James) didn’t have a problem with it.

Remus Lupin, the only marauder Lily could consider a friend. Remus had been a prefect with her since their fifth year and he along with Sirius, James, Adea and Lily gained top marks frequently. He stood at 6 foot, had sandy brown hair and aquamarine eyes dotted with random flecks of yellow and green. He wasn’t quite as popular as James and Sirius in the female department but had his fair share of admirers, who found his mysteriousness and shyness intriguing.

And lastly Peter Pettigrew, the black sheep. Peter was short (5’3), chubby, had dirty blonde hair, watery dark, shifty eyes, was pathetic and obsessed with food and also gave off an uncomfortable vibe. No one ever understood why the Marauders, would even acknowledge Peter's existence let alone allow him to be part of their clique.

‘Evans, looking good this year, as with every other year’ James started. Lily rolled her eyes while Sirius looked around taking in Jane and Kayla for the first time

‘Quite a couple you’ve collected here’ Sirius drawled, as Lily darted a glance to Adea who had conveniently hid her face behind a book, so as not to be seen. ‘FYI, we’re people, we don’t get collected’ Kayla snapped. Lily sniggered at Sirius’ dumbstruck look; no girl with the exception of Lily had dared to say something like that to him.

Lily stated with a smirk ‘ Yes Black as you can see, my friends will not swoon at the sight of you, volunteer to spit clean your shoes or comply to your every whim. But since you asked this is Kayla Simmons and Jane Swales and…’ but she stopped after casting another look towards her best friend’s corner of the compartment. Sirius snorted.

‘Something funny, Black?’ Jane barked. ‘Jane?’ he sniggered. ‘Yes that’s my name got a problem?’

‘What kind of name is that, bit outdated if you ask me’ (a/n: no offence to anyone called Jane out there, I think it’s a nice name but Sirius is a berk, remember?)

‘It’s my middle name, what kind of person jeers at another’s name’

‘What’s your first?’ Sirius pestered completely ignoring the last part

‘And why should I tell you?’

‘ Tell me’ he whined 

‘If it’ll get you to go away then fine, it’s Snowflake’ Jane answered not a hint of humiliation in her face. But her answer had all the marauders with fists in their mouths and the girls (minus Jane who watched them amused) scowling.

‘Why Snowflake’ James managed to sputter. 

‘Because I’m a muggle born and my parents are hippies. They’re not as narrow minded as you are. They see a snowflake to be a beautiful part of the Earth. Like an angel falling from the sky, a fluttering individual. They said I was a fluttering individual, their fallen angel’ she replied dreamily with a hint of haughtiness. This explanation had shut all of the guys up.

‘Oh and Black, you’ve lost the right to call me Jane, it’s Swales to you’. Kayla took hold of the situation before Sirius had the time to reply. ‘So Lupin where’s your badge you might want to put it on before the prefects meeting’ she asked
‘Hope you’re talking about my prefect badge because the head boy badge isn’t mine’ Remus replied. ‘No, it’s mine’ James muttered resentfully.

At this Adea had taken her face out of her book and was sitting in her corner with a small smirk on her face. Kayla sensed this and turned around. ‘Before you rub it in, here’s your money. All hail you, you were right Dee again, just like you said’ and she pulled a galleon out of her pocket grudgingly. ‘When are you going to learn. I’m always right sweetheart’ but Adea broke off there as she suddenly realised she had brought light upon herself. She reddened slightly as she inaudibly whispered ‘sorry, I’ll just take this, continue’ and she pocketed the galleon and disappeared behind her book.

The other three girls exchanged pitiful glances, while the boys turned around as if nothing had happened. Remus started off the conversation after a slightly uncomfortable silence ‘so….Lily, you head girl?’

‘Yeah, I am’ James head snapped up quicker than you could imagine, his face brightened instantaneously as he punched the air and Lily’s eyes grew wide with horror and realisation. Oh no, God no, this is not happening to me’ she muttered frantically. 

‘Eeeeeeeevvvvaaaaaannnns we have to share a dormitory this year’ James sang.
‘You listen here Potter, I’ve wanted this since third year and if you ruin this for me then you ain’t havin’ children…ever. Are we clear?' Lily whispered menacingly. ‘Crystal’ he gulped. 

Jane had apparently had enough as she groaned in frustration. ‘Lily will you please, take these four out, they’re trying my patience and you, Potter and Lupin have a prefect’s meeting to tend to in approximately 3 minutes so I suggest you all leave…now’ she said icily. 

After Sirius had cast a final glance at her he and the other boys edged quietly towards the door as Lily quite contently strolled out with the tiniest of smiles on her face.

‘Bloomin hell, you’d think it was my fault she decided to call herself Jane’ Sirius exclaimed 

‘You attacked her, judging by the way you looked once she’d said her bit you won’t ever do it again’ Lily stated coolly. James’ arm snaked around Lily’s waist.

‘So Evans, will you go out with me’. Lily took hold of the hand at her side and felt James freeze. She stood on her toes and quietly whispered in his ear ‘what does no mean to you?’ She slapped away his hand and started to literally glide down the corridor to the head’s compartment. Sirius and Remus smiled ‘ you’re not even going out and you’re already whipped mate’. James pinked slightly and ran to the heads compartment.

‘Can you believe the nerve of him, attacking me about my name, like’s its anything to him what I call myself’ Jane raved. Adea nodded in agreement and Kayla continued the rant ‘ I know. I always thought that Lily was a little bit OTT on the whole Potter thing but I never realised how egotistical they are, well listen I need to check on my sister’ and the brunette left the compartment.

The two left turned to each other. ‘So between Kayla and Lily I never get a word in edgewise, how was your summer Jane?’ Adea asked ‘I t was good, hey I’ve been meaning to ask you do you think I should have the blue taken out and burgundy put in’ 

‘Burgundy? Where do you come up with this?’ 

‘Dunno so what do you think’ 

‘I like the blue' Adea said abruptly and then stared at her friend in a puzzled manner 
'what is your actual hair colour?'

‘I’m a brunette’ Jane replied darkly.

The other girl just laughed. ‘Oh no the shame’ she mocked hysterically and Jane just scowled. 

‘My cousin's a brunette’ she pointed out as if it were the most obvious thing in the world but Adea just looked at her quizzically. 

‘Oh for God’s sake for someone this smart you’re not that sharp are you? If we’re both brunettes then we have something in common, hence we are not individuals, so I decided I would take the step forward and my parents embraced my decision’ she nodded. Adea rolled her eyes and then said 'Hey, I am so sharp. I have like a sixth sense for unhappiness. I can pick up it up like a dog picks up food’

‘More like you can pick it up like Pettigrew picks up food’ Jane laughed while Adea shook her head.

'Bad joke Jane, bad joke' they suddenly turned to look at the door as Kayla walked in with a first year in tow. ‘Sorry guys but I had to bring Gabby with me, I found her sitting with kids I know are gonna’ be Slytherins’.

‘Hey Gabrielle’ the other two chorused. Adea tentatively asked Gabrielle ‘were those kids your friends, did you choose to sit with them Gabrielle?’ 

The first year shrewdly searched Adea for a second as if looking for a fault and when she found none she replied in a tone not unlike her sister’s ‘No, of course not. They came along and thought it’d be OK to invade my compartment, started asking me if I was a pureblood and whether I thought halfbloods should be accepted and didn’t I think mudbloods were just vile, well I told them that yes, I was a pureblood and yes, of course half bloods should be accepted and that I knew muggle borns that could put them all to shame so they could take their prejudiced views and shove them where the light don’t shine’ All three girls laughed in a proud manner. 

Adea just said ‘I knew you were like Kayla but I didn’t know she rubbed off on you that much’ and Jane, who had met Gabrielle barely twice and was a muggleborn, stated ‘I like her Kay’.

‘Where’s Lily?’ the younger girl questioned. ‘She got Head Girl so she’s off doing head girl business’ 

‘See I was right about muggleborns’

‘What about muggleborns’came a voice belonging to a redhead. At this all four girls chorused ‘Hey Lily’. To which she replied ‘Hey Gabrielle, and I’m not saying hey to you guys I’ve seen enough of you as it is’ she stuck out her tongue. 

She took a seat and grabbed one of Jane’s pumpkin pasties since the meeting had caused her to miss the food trolley lady and she was famished. After she was satisfied she said ‘sorry Jane I know Black should be saying this to you but he never will, so I might as well. It was wrong of them to make of fun of your name and if you wish to plot their deaths, that’s fine with me’. 

Lily said ‘No Lily, that would be stooping to their level, that’s not how things work for me, but I will get him back don’t you worry, Potter try anything?’ Kayla asked casually
‘Doesn’t he always?’ she called back warily as this was getting quite routine for her.

Lily turned towards Gabrielle ‘so starting Hogwarts eh? You’ll be in Gryffindor right? I mean do you guys have any other house history.’ 

‘My mum’ s side has a Ravenclaw thing going and my dad’s a Gryffindor thing so it’s very much 50/50’ 

‘Aaaaaahhhh, I see, well Gabrielle what house do you want to be in’ Jane put in. Kayla snorted. ‘God, you sound like one of those wise old uncles you meet at weddings and stuff’ 

‘Anyway back to the question, I don’t really know, Ravenclaw are supposed to be the smart people and Gryffindors are the brave ones which is pretty cool, plus they are smart, I mean look at Lily and didn’t you say the head boy is in Gryffindor? What do you think? Oh and by the way stop calling me Gabrielle, just say Gabby’ she finished as the older four looked at each other and chanted ‘Gryffindor’ 

‘Yeah but I can’t make the decision that’s the hat’s job, isn’t it?’ This is where Adea came in.

‘Nope I have that covered, worked it out in our fourth year. I asked all the Gryffindor first years leading up to that year what house they actually wanted to be in and they all said Gryffindor, so I think all you have to do is truly want to be a Gryffindor and the power of your will aids the hat to make the decision.’ All the girls stared at her in amazement and she blushed. 

‘What? I was interested’ but Jane shook her head ‘now that little miss boffin has said her bit, you know what to do’. Remus suddenly came in and said ‘Hey guys, you’d better change, Hogwarts is barely ten minutes away.

Once the girls had finished changing and brushed their hair, one last time they started to make their way to the exit. Lily had to meet James and help out any second years who were using carriages for the first time just as Gabrielle was getting into her boat Lily whispered ‘remember Gabby, think Gryffindor’. She and James then parted to get in carriages and were on their way to the start of term feast for the very last time.

(a/n): This is my first attempt at fanfic so how as it?

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