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Cloaked in love. by Aydrian
Chapter 1 : Cloaked in Love-Part 1
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Note: It will have a person in it that is not in the actual series. It will be my character and he has a small part in the story.......

Hermoine moved around the girls dorm room frantically trying to find something to wear. And, ofcourse, with most girls her age it meant trying on everything she had at least twenty times. Finally picking a white sweater and some pants that would be warm when she went to Hogsmeade. Hermoine looked in the mirrior for a moment to check her appearence. What looked back was a girl who would be really pretty if she could tame her hair.

Throwing her hands up in defeat she grabbed a coat and descended the stairs into the lounge.

Harry and Ron paced the room waiting for Hermoine to get ready. "Is she going to be up there all bloody night?" Ron asked in exasperation. Harry chuckled and replied, "Hermoine has not been really big on appearances. I wonder what made her change?" This year both Ron and Harry had started to see Hermoine as more than just a friend and finally got the brilliant idea that she is a girl! It had happened on the train to Hogwarts. Hermoine had walked into their cabin as they were chatting and she seemed to look different. An extra glow that made her stand out.

A movement at the stairs brought Harry from his thoughts and Ron gave a cry of relief. "It's about time Hermoine!" Ron offered and she favored him with a look that made him quiet down. Harry was still looking at her. He had meant to only do a glance over but his gaze was still glued to Hermoine. Hermoine noticed the attention and turned to him. Harry quickly looked away. "We should be going. The carriages will be here any moment." They exited the room via the portrait door and walked to the carriages.

Once they got there they saw that the carriages only carried two people at once, not three. "I'll ride with Harry!" Hermoine offered a little too quickly and she blushed under Harry's gaze. Ron looked at the both of them for a moment and then shrugged. "I'll catch a ride with Aydrian." Ron said and greeted Aydrian as he got into a carriage. A person standing by the carriage that would bear Harry and Hermoine opened the door and said, "And a carriage for the lovely couple!" That made Hermoine blush and Harry shift uncomfortably.

They both stepped inside and the door was closed behind them.

Ron looked over at the raven haired Slytherin student Aydrian. Aydrian, unlike his fellow house members, is not evil in any way at all. He is well on his way to becoming a prefect and mostly everyone likes him. He is a hansome boy and looked to be part veela. Ron tried to strike up a conversation, "So, what did you think of the last Quidditch match between Slytherin and Ravenclaw?" Ron mentally cursed himself. The Slytherin house had been beaten badly. Aydrian turned to him and chuckled, "It was a slaughter. Slytherin isn't doing so well this year."

Ron nodded and changed the subject. "Hey Aydrian, what do you think is going on between Harry and Hermoine?" Ron asked and Aydrian raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think there is something going on between them?" Ron went on to explaining how the two had been exchanging looks now and again and they were together more often than normal as of late. Aydrian listened to it all with his usual stoney expression, where it seems someone cast a spell and turned him to stone. When Ron was done Aydrian answered, "Sounds to me like they have mixed feelings for each other. Something that goes beyond friendship and into a relationship."

Ron thought on that. Harry and Hermoine? Together? No way! That could never happen, they rarely agreed on anything. But there was still something telling Ron that it could happen. It kept him thinking for the entire trip and with a farewell to Aydrian he stepped out into Hogsmeade and waited for Harry and Hermoine.

Harry looked to the other side of the carriage where Hermoine was sitting, deep in thought. Many minutes passed and niether said a word. The tension was growing and they both new it. *Why can't I speak to him? I have never felt like this before.* Hermoine thought and shifted as she felt something tug at her heart. *Why aren't I saying anything? This would be the perfect moment to tell her. But how? Would she just laugh in my face? Or just become angry and ruin our friendship? If I couldn't see her everyday with that beautiful smile then I'd die* Were Harry's thoughts.

"Umm Hermoine," Harry started, "There is something I need to tell you....."

(Next Chapter soon! Read and Rate please. I will take criticizm for my story but do not get carried away. This is my first Harry Potter fanfic)

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Cloaked in love.: Cloaked in Love-Part 1


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