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The Prophesy of the Twins by Hannah
Chapter 10 : The Truth Comes Out
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Chapter 9: The truth comes out (Which isn't alwayz a good thing)

"Ewww! No!" Harry said, sitting blot upright, a look of disgust upon his face.
"Okay . . . good . . . "Siruis said, looking relieved. "I thought I'd have to talk to you about it. And I wouldn't fancy that."
"Neither would I. Trust me." Harry laughed. "No. Ron's just being an old git."
"Really? Isn't that the name you usually use for Snape?"
"Yeah. So?"
"Shesh. That's a bit harsh. Compering Ron to Snape, I mean."
"Yeah, well, he deserved it. After all the things he said about me."
"What'd he say?"
"A bunch of this and that. All in all, it was pretty bad."
"Cause he said I wasn't his friend, and that he'd be damned if I was."
"Watch your language, young man!"
"What? I was just repeating what he said!"
"I don't like the influence he puts on you!"
"So? What're you going to do about it?"
"I forbid you to hang around him ever again!"
"Okay. Fine by me."
"Huh?" Siruis said, looking confusled at Harry's statement.
"I said, Okay - Fine - by - me." Harry said slowly.
"I thought that's what you said. You're kind of supposed to be mad right now . . . "
"Why would I be mad about being forbden to being friends with someone who obviously hates me?"
"Um . . . Don't know . . . "
"Whatever. I'm leaving. Bye." Harry said, walking out of the room to go visit the bestest sister in the world.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Angel, I think I'm pregnant." Hannah said, looking down at her feet.
"Can I name it?"
"Gosh, Angel! Be serious!" Hannah said, hitting Angel.
"Oh my god! You're not lying!"
"Of course I'm not!"
"What're you going to tell Ron? How is he going to react? What about Harry? What're are you going to tell Harry? When are you going to tell them? How will Uncle Remmie react?"
"Stop with all these questions! I don't know!" Hannah said, feeling fusturated and sitting down on her bed. God! What was she going to do? And Harry thought he had the worst life . . . Yeah right.
"Do you think I have a chance with George?"
"Urgh! Considering that you were making out with him in the library, yes! Me and Ron caught you two! We nearly threw up!"
"I just realized something!"
"If you and Ron get married, and me and George get married, we'll be sisters!"
"We practicaly already are. I mean, you call my godfather 'Uncle Remmie' in class, and we've known eachother since we were like, one."
"I'm going to be an Auntie!"
"There are more important matters to deal with! Like the Weasleys, Ron, HARRY, REMUS, Dumbledore . . . um . . . other things . . . "
"What about school?"
"Oh no! I totally spaced on that! Ron and me can get married, and he'll work our way through life! It's perfect!"
"If, you get married."
"If? But I love him and Hermione says everyone can tell he loves me!"
"Has he told you?"
"Well, no. But he almost did, but he couldn't get the words out and said he had to leave instead. But that still counts for something, right?"
"I don't know. George still hasn't asked me out! I think I'll ask him . . . "
"Will you shut up about George for one second?" Hannah yelled at Angel, getting extremly annoyed at how good she was taking this.
"I think I'll leave you to think." Angel said frightenly. "I'm going to go find George -"
"George this! George that! Everything's about George, isn't it?"
Angel ignored her and ran out of the room, bumping into Harry who was standing by the door.
"Uh oh. How much did you hear?"
"Enough." Harry said before walking into Hannah's room and shutting the door.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dinner that night was horrid. Hannah had decided not to eat and stay in her room, not wanting to face Harry again. Hermione was, as usual, studying in the library for the O.W.Ls. Harry was in an expecially bad mood. Angel was feeling unconfortable(she was sitting between George and Harry). George and Ron weren't talking to one another, and Fred was confused because of the tension at the table.
"So . . . " Started Fred, trying to get the group talking. "How was your night, Harry?" Harry glared at Fred and finished buttering his roll. "Oh - kay. Guess not. Ron, George, how was your nights so far?" George looked up and scowled at Fred, Ron just kept staring at his plate. "Oh - kay. You're not a happy bunch tonight. Angel? How was your night?"
"A bit shocking." Angel answered. "But okay."
"How was it shocking?" Fred saw Harry glance at Angel and she glanced back.
"I'm not sure if I can tell you. I think it's a secret."
Harry got up and his forks clanged on his plate. "I can't take this anymore! Ron, George, I heard you two fighting!"
Ron looked like he was about to faint. "Harry, I -"
"Save it, Weasley." Harry growled. "I've had enough of you to last me a life time, thanks. I'm not hungry anymore. I'm going to visit dad."
"Harry . . . " Ron pleaded. "I didn't mean -" But Harry had stormed out of the Great Hall, unable to look at Ron's pitiful face.
He raced over to the library. He knew he could always count on Hermione. Right? He walked into the library and found Hermione talking to Ginny, so he turned back around. He could talk to Hermione later. To late.
"Harry! Hi!" Ginny said, getting up and walking across the room. She tried to kiss him on the cheek, but Harry walked over to Hermione like Ginny didn't even exsist.
"Harry! Ginny's your girlfriend! Treat her with respect!" Hermione yelled.
"Funny, I thought she was Seamus's girlfriend."
"Harry, what on earth are you talking about?" Hermione asked, confused. "Wait! Do you mean . . .? Harry! You know what rumors did to our friendship!"
"This isn't a rumor. I saw it with my own eyes!" Harry said, glaring at Ginny.
"Saw what?" Ginny asked along with a nervous laugh.
"I saw you kissing Seamus in a deserted classroom!" Hermione gasped and Ginny went into tears, running out of the library.
"You're kidding?" Hermione asked, still shocked.
"Nope." Said Harry sadly.
"Oh, Harry! It'll be alright! I promise!" Hermione. She leaned forward slowly, and rested her soft lips on Harry's only to be interrupted by a gasp. They looked over at the door and saw . . .
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Back in the Great Hall, things were still going horribley. Ron was as upset as ever. George and Fred were trying to comfort him. And Angel was all by herself. They saw Ginny run into the room and stop at their table, her cheeks tear - stained.
"What's wrong, Ginny?" Angel asked.
"H - H - Harry." Ginny sobbed.
"What did he do this time?" Ron asked through clenched teeth.
"Was he kissing Hermione, Ginny?" Angel asked innocently.
"What?" Fred yelled. "She better not be!"
"Calm down, Fred." George said, alarmed. "What's up?"
Ron looked over at Fred and smiled. "You haven't told George yet?"
"Um . . . "
"Tell me what?" George said, looking upset. "You're supposed to tell me everything! I'm your twin! But of course, " George said, looking over at Ron. "You lied to me about Ron being in that stall."
"I better go find Hannah. Bye." Ron said, running out of the Great Hall. George and Fred cracked up laughing.
"So . . . What haven't you been telling me?" Questioned George.
Fred muttered something.
"What was that?"
Fred muttered again.
"I can hear you."
"I'M DATING HERMIONE!" George started cracking up laughing.
"You and that bookwrom? I just can't see it." George said, still chuckling.
"Shut up. I can't see you dating Angel."
"Well, technically," George looked over at Angel. "we're not."
"Not yet. Not if I have anything to do with it." Angel muttered, but nobody heard.
"So the twenty minute make out session in the library didn't count for anything?" Fred asked.
"Shesh!" Yelled George. "Did everyone see us?"
Suddenly, Crystal Glass of Slytherin came running up to the table.
"Angel! I have to tell -"
"Go away, Slytherin." George hissed at her, and Angel hit him in the back of the head. "Ow! What was that for?"
"She's one of my closest friends!"
"Well I don't like you, either, Gryffindor!" Crystal hissed back at George, hitting him. Angel hit her on the back of the head.
"What did you want to tell me?"
"I saw Harry and Hermione kissing in the library!"
"WHAT?" Fred screamed, running out of the Great Hall.
"Should we go save Harry?" George asked.
"Since Ron's not here, I'll say it for him. " Ginny began. "Let him die!"
George stared frightenly at Ginny. "You can leave now. You too, Slytherin." George said politly to Crystal. Ginny and Crystal walk off in separte directions, Ginny towards the doors, and Crystal towards Draco Malfoy. Ew.
"Should we save Harry?" George asked.
"No. We need to talk."
"You do know that Ginny cheated on Harry first, right?"
"No, but we still need to talk."
"But what about Harry? He's Ron's best friend. I love my brother. And he doesn't need anymore pain in his life than alredy does right now. For being Hannah's best friend, I think you should start to like Harry a little better . . . "
"I don't think Ron's life will get any worse, trust me."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I already said too much."
"Tell me! He's my brother! If you like me, you would tell me!" George yelled at Angel.
"It's not mine to tell. It's Hannah's."
"Argh!" At that, George ran out of the Great Hall.
"Oh crap. I just lost my chance to ask out George for real. Dammit." Angel muttered, hitting herself.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The next dayz were like no other for Hannah. It was peaceful(Harry hadn't came by in a while), it was calm(Angel hadn't came by in a while), it was relaxing(Ron hadn't come by in a few dayz). All until someone screwed it up . . .
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Angel walked across the lawn, seeing Crystal sitting on a rock by the lake with - ew! - Malfoy.
"Malfoy, can I have a word with Crystal please?" Angel asked sweetly.
"Sure. Go ahead." Thought he sat still.
"Alone!" Crystal said, pushing Malfoy away.
"That's no way to treat your boyfriend!" Malfoy said jokingly, while putting on a pouty face(A Malfoy first. People alwayz did say he wasn't like Lucius!).
Crystal got up and kissed him passionatly and Malfoy walked away. "What'd you want to talk about, Angel?"
"It's about Hannah."
"Oh my gosh! Is she okay? What's wrong?" Crystal started panicking.
"I don't know how to put this . . . but -"
"But what? But what? Tell me! Tell me already!"
"She's pregnant." Angel whispered.
"Who's the dad?" Crystal whispered back.
"Ronald Weasley. Red hair, freckles, kinda poor. Okay not kinda. Is poor. You know, George and Fred Weasleys are his older brothers."
"WHAT?" Came the voice of George Weasley to Angel's right. "Is that what you've kept fom me, Angel?"
"Yes. I can explain. She made me promise not to -"
"Who?" George asks
"Who what?"
"Who did my little baby brother get pregnant?"
"Hannah." Said Crystal. Fred nearly fainted at this statement and George had to hold Angel back from trying to rip Crystal's head off.
"You weren't supposed to tell nobody!"
"Draco! Help!" Crystal said, running off. George let go of Angel and fell to the ground, his head in his arms.
"Does Ron know?"
"No. And you can't tell him or anybody else. Hannah wants to."
"But he's my baby brother."
"I know. But it's best to hear it from her than from someone else." Angel looked over and saw that George was starting to cry. "George, we need to talk."
"Not right now, Angel. Oh my gosh. Do we have to talk about that right now?"
"About what?"
George looked up, his tear - stained cheeks visible. "Our relationship. I can't talk about it now when my baby brother has to go throught this, I just can't. I have to go." And at that him and Fred left for the castle. Oh no. She had to go find Hannah. She ran past Fred and George, up the stair cases and into - Ron?
"Have you seen Hannah?"
"Yeah. I think she's off her rocker, though. She got mad at me cause I said I had to go to the bathroom. She like, 'So you're going to leave me again? I hate you!' and then she threw a pillow at me, then some books."
"There's a logical explanation for this."
"And what in heavens name is it?"
"I can't say. Hannah has to tell you."
"Like I really want to go back up there. The next thing she'll chuck at will probably be a lamp. It that won't feel to good."
"Give me half an hour, and then come up. Okay?" Ron looked uncertainly at Angel. "Trust me, I'm her best friend."
"Okay, but if she starts chuckin' lamps at me, it's your fault!" At that he walked off.
Angel ran up to Hannah's room, panicking all the way there. She ran in and Hannah was sitting on her bed, whispering to herself.
"Hannah, you have to tell Ron soon."
"Why. What if I never want to tell him? He'll just leave me!"
"One, he thinks you're going crazy. Two, George and Fred heard me tell Crystal, but Crystal blabbed and said it was you, not -"
"I'm going to strangle her!"
"She's dating Malfoy."
"He's actually kind of cute."
"Yeah. He's really nice, too."
"How would you know?"
"Because I talked to him. He's funny, too."
"But what about Ron leaving me? He's going to! I know it! He's going to hate me!"
"Why? You didn't do anything wrong! And plus, he loves you a lot."
"But what if his love isn't strong enough?" Hannah asked, her eyes growing wide.
"Trust me, I'm your best friend after all, it is."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"How are we going to let Lupin know?" Harry asked Siruis five minutes later in his room in the Prefect Tower.
"I'll tell him. Then he wouldn't end up killing anybody."
"Like who?"
"That reminds me, I have to go -" But a knock on Harry's door interrupted him. He opened it and Ron was standing there.
"Harry, I -"
"No, Ron, it's okay. I'm sorry. I souldn't've -"
"No, Harry. You had every right to yell at me. I'm sorry for what I said, I really didn't mean it."
"I know, Ron. I should've listened to you. I'm sorry."
"It's okay, Harry. Best mates?" Ron held out a hand for Harry to shake.
"Best mates." Harry said, smiling as he shook Ron's hand. Ron smiled back and looked over at Siruis, who was now Snuffles.
"We'll be back, dad. We need to go talk." Harry said, Snuffles wined. "We won't be out late, I promise. Just go and try to talk to Lupin about you know what." Snuffles barked and Harry closed the door, smiling.
"So, you're getting used to calling him dad, then, are you?" Ron asked.
"Yeah." Harry said, his smile even wider. "It's great."
"Well, I'm happy you're happy, mate."
"Ron, about the Quiddtich position -"
"It okay. I understand."
"No, I don't think you do. You can have it back!"
"Really? No jokes?"
"No jokes!" Harry laughed. Ron jumped and hugged Harry, making him feel uncomfortable because of what Siruis had questioned him. They turned a corner and heard Fred and George wispering in a nearby classroom.
"We have to let him find out for himself, George!"
"Ron's our brother, he has to know!"
"Let Hannah tell him she's pregnant, George! It's not our business!"
Harry looked over at Ron and saw that he had gone white in the face. On no. God, those twins were stupid.
"Fred! George!" Harry called from outside. They walked out and saw Ron was as pale as a gost.
"Ron. It's okay! Everything will be just fine!" George called after him. Ron had run up the stairs that led to the Gryffindor Tower. George, Fred, and Harry flowed him. He ran into the room and up the Girls' staircase to Hannah's room. 'Oh no.' Thought Harry. 'This is just perfect!'
"Hannah!" Ron yelled from the door way.
"Yes, Ron?"
"How could you not tell me that you were pregnant?" Ron said gently. Hannah started crying Ron ran over to her hold her in his arms.
"I thought you would leave me!" Hannah cried into his shirt. Ron saw that Harry, George, and Fred were watching and ignored them. Ron moved Hannah so he could look into her face.
"Listen to me." Ron said, and Hannah started to calm down. "I will never leave you. Hannah, I love you!"
"Really?" Hannah asked smiling.
"Yeah. I love you so much!" Ron said.
Hannah kissed Ron passionatly. "I love you so much, too, Ron. I love you so much too."
"Is that why you alwayz chucked things at me when I said I wanted to leave?"
"I guess so." Hannah said, laughing slightly. "I'm sorry, Ron." Hannah said, crying again. "I just didn't want to be left alone! I didn't want you to leave me!" Hannah cried.
"Shh. It's okay, Hannah." Ron said, pulling her into a hug again, holding her, and rubbing her back. "I'll never leave you. I promise."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Harry watched as Ron soothed Hannah down. He now saw that they were perfect for eachother. But what was going to happen when Hannah finally had the baby? What was going to happen to Ron when Lupin found out? Well, he'd find out soon enough. Maybe sooner than he expected.
"Hannah!" Harry heard Remus Lupin from the common room. "I need to talk to you! It's important! I'm coming up!"
Fred, George, and Harry all looked at eachother with panickstricken faces.
"What are we going to do?" George asked.
"If he comes up here, Ron's not going to live till tomorrow." Fred said, staring at Ron from the door way.
"Well, we have to do something!" Harry said, hearing Lupin's footsteps on the staircase.
"Duh! But what would that be?"
"Hide!" They heard Ron say from the room, his voice high.
"Ron, don't be silly!" Hannah said grabbing his arm. "You're staying right here!"
"Then so am I." Harry said, walking into the bedroom and sitting on a bed.
"Me too." George said. "I'll sit on this bed. It's Angel's. I can tell by the stuffed Angel I gave her last time we went to Hogsmeade."
"Whatever." Fred said, rolling his eyes at George. "I'm staying, though, too."
The next moment they saw Lupin and Snuffles at the door way.
"Um . . . " Hannah said, eyes widened, staring at Lupin, obviously to shocked at the site of him to say anything.
Remus Lupin's pants were ripped, like a dog had bit into them, his lip was bleeding, and it looked like his leg was hurt.
Snuffles shut the door with his nose and turned into Siruis the next second.
" Um, sorry to desturb you kids," Siruis started, looking akwardly from Hannah back to Lupin, then to Ron, were Lupin was glaring. "but Lupin felt the need to come up here and have a, um - chat - with Ron and Hannah. If the rest of you could leave? Yes, you too, Harry."
Ron stared at Harry frightenly. Was Harry actually going to leave him? Harry smiled at him and Ron's hopes were high that Harry was staying. Ron knew that Harry had a sense of power over Siruis and Lupin, both who used to be two of James Potter's best friends.
"I'm not leaving Ron." Harry said, staying where he was. Ron heard the rest of his Fred and George echoed Harry's remark to Siruis. Siruis looked pleadingly at everyone, and then after a look at Harry's glaring face, sat next to him, surenduring.
"Fine. Whatever." Siruis said, laying down on the bed. "But do you know how Dumbledore's going to react when he found out that four boys and two men have been up in the girls' rooms?" Harry smiled at Siruis and shook his head. Ron had no idea why, but figured that Harry would tell him later, if Ron ever made it out of here alive.
"Now . . . Let's see . . . Where to begin . . ?" Lupin said, looking around at everyone in the room. His eyes landed on Ron and he walked over to him, his eyes wide like a madman's. "So, it's you, is it, that's got my poor Hannah in a bit of trouble?"
"Um . . . " Ron said, looking over at Harry with wide, frightened eyes.
Harry must've gotten the message because he walked over to Lupin caustiosly, and then spoke. "Professor Lupin? Remus? One of my dad's best friends?" Harry said, followed by a nervous laugh. "It's not intirely Ron's fault. It does take two to tango . . . " Harry trailed off, with the worst defense for Ron that anyone could muster up in the room.
"Well, Harry, you're quite right." Lupin said, backing away from Ron. Ron was quite releaved at this, but not at what Lupin did next.
"I suppose it's true." Lupin went on. "But it's none of your business!" Lupin pushed Harry into the wall with such force that he fell to the ground with a small little 'thud'. Siruis ran over to Lupin and knocked him flat on his back, punching him in the face.
"Harry!" Ron yelled, racing over to him. Ron looked at him and saw that he had been knock unconscious by the force and the contact that was made with his head and the wall. "Fred, George! He doesn't look good!"
Immediatly the two twins rushed over to Harry, around the fight that had broken out between Lupin and Siruis.
"We'll take care of him, Ron. All you have to do is go get Hannah." Fred said while he and George lifted Harry up off the ground.
"I've never seen Lupin like this!" George said, staring at him in horror. "He's acting like a madman!"
"C'mon, George! We need to get Harry to the Hospital Wing quickly! Before he . . . " Fred sentence trailed of as all of them were already thinking of it. Harry looked really bad. His head was bleeding from various places, his arm looked a colour it shouldn't have, and his nose and upper lip were bleeding. Harry lookeed so bad that it was a wonder that he was still breathing.
Siruis looked up, walked away from and unconscious Lupin, and walked over to Harry. He saw the state he was in and nearly vomited right there. His face had turned a shade of green and he looked like he was about to fall over and faint, though he didn't.
Ron ran over to Hannah and quickly got her out of the room, having to pick her up because she was still in shock about everything that had just happened.
She finally got to her senses in the common room and dropped down into a chair. Ron ran by her side and hugged her. It couldn't have been easy, finding out that the godfather that she so truely loved was a nutter. This wasn't something she should take lightly.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The next few days went by slowly. Nobody really talked to eachother as they walked in the corridors, or at meal times in the Great Hall. Hannah was starting to lock herself up in her room again, exsept during lessons, since Professor McGonagall had taken care of Lupin and the mess as soon as Hannah told her what had happen(even the part about why he was angry). Harry was still in the Hospital Wing, but fortunetly was awake now. Ron was trying to ignore everyone now, too, just like Hannah, by locking himself up in his room. Fred and George weren't even speaking to eachother, just walking around the place in silence. Siruis left Hogwarts after what had happened to Harry, blaming him self for Lupin pushing Harry into the wall, even if Harry told him that he was being stupid and they had nobody to blame exsept for Lupin. Remus Lupin had been sent home, after the attack on Harry. Hermione and Ginny, on the other hand, could be seen talking amongst eachother in the library when they thought no one was watching.
"That's what Ron told me." Whispered Ginny over her Transfiguration book.
"That's what happened that night?" Hermione said, a tone of concern in her voice. "Pour Harry!"
"Pour Harry?" Ginny askeed, her eyes widening. "Pour Hannah! Lupin was her godfather! Not even Dumbledore thought she would take it this well. All she's been doing is locking herself up in her room!"
"But doing what, exsactly?" Hermione thought aloud.
"What do you mean, 'doing what'?" Ginny asked, suspicion in her eyes as she looked at Hermione.
"Well, we know what Harry and Ron have done when the had no answers, right?" Ginny nodded. "Well, Ginny, what if Hannah's doing the same thing? She locked herself up in her room, hasn't she? That's what Harry and Ron did, too! Nobody's seen her through the last few days exsept for classes, beside the people in her dorm room! She hasn't even gone to a single meal, either!"
"That's true. But don't you think that Angel would have told us something if Hannah was cutting hereself?" Ginny asked, hands on hips, narrowing her eyes.
"Well, not really . . . "
Ginny narrowed her eyes even farther. "What do you mean 'not really'?"
"Well, maybe she doesn't know about it! What if Hannah's been keeping it secret from everybody?"
"I guess that a possibility . . . " Ginny thought on it for a while and shook her head, unable to beleive such a stupid thing. Why would Hannah do that? "That could effect the baby, though!"
"Exsactly." Hermione said, staisfied that she had finally gotten throught to Ginny.
Ginny ran out of the room to find Professor McGonagall.
"Professor! Professor!" Ginny yelled as she chased after her.
"What is it, Miss. Weasley?" Professor McGonagall asked sternly. Maybe this wsn't such a good time to be telling her bad news?
Ginny told her everything that Hermione had said back in the library. When she had finished, Professor McGonagall just stared at her blankly.
"Don't you understand, Professor? This means my brothers baby's at risk, here!"
"I understand, Miss. Weasley. Should we go inform Mr. Weasley?"
"Which one?"
"Ronald, of course!"
"Um, right . . . Yes, of course!"
So they ran toward the Gryffindor Tower, into the portrait, across the commo room, up the stairs, and in front of Ron's dormitory. Porfessor McGonagall knocked on the door and heard Dean Thomas say, "Come in." They walked in a saw Ron doing his homework on his bed.
"Can you two please leave, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Finnagan?" They looked at Ron and left, whispering amongst themselves.
"Mr. Weasley, we have some dire news to tell you." Professor McGonagall said, and Ginny noticed she was trying not to look at Ron.
"What is it, Professor McGonagall?" Ron asked, putting his books aside.
"It's about Hannah." Ginny said, looking down at her feet. "Profoessor? Hermione said that maybe it was true, not that it was. So we shouldn't worry my brother."
"True, Miss. Weasley, but Mr. Weasley could find out if it was true."
"Find out if what is true?" Neither Ginny nor Professor McGonagall looked at him, and Ginny realized that he was becoming worried. "Ginny? Professor McGonagall? What's wrong with Hannah?"
"Well . . . ya see . . . " Ginny trailed off. Ron looked at her expectantly, so she told him about what Hermione had said in the library. By the time she was done, Ron was pacing around the room and running his fingers through his hair.
"But, Ron, we don't know if it's true or not!" Ginny said, grabbing ahold of her brother's arm.
"Let go, Ginny!" Ron said, trying to get her hand off his arm.
"No! Not until you realize that may not be true!" Ron looked at her and she knew that she had gotten threw to Ron.
"This is quite true, Mr. Weasley." Professor McGonagall said, who was sitting on Harry's bed(In my story, the Prefects have two beds. One in the Prefect Tower and one in their house tower. Hermione gave up her bed in the Gryffindor Tower for Hannah, though.).
"Yeah! Yeah, you guys are right! It may not be happening! Hannah might be perfectly okay! I mean, I'm not doing anything like that, and I'm locking myself up in my room!" Ron had a smile on his face that made Ginny fell so happy. She hadn't seen her brother this happy since he had been made the Gryffindor Keeper again.
"But what you have to do, Mr. Weasley, is find out if Hannah is doing this or not." The next moment, Harry came bouncing in the door.
" . . . a year of waiting . . . " He was muttering dreamily to himself. He hadn't noticed that anyone was in the room until he went to go sit on his bed and sat on Professor McGonagall.
"Oh! I'm so sorry, Professor! I didn't mean to! I didn't see you there!" Harry said, getting up and looking around the room at Ron and Ginny. "What are you all doing here?"
"I sleep here, mate, remember?" Ron laughed, laying down on his bed.
"Professor McGonagall and I were here to tell Ron something, but now that we've told him we best be on our way. Right, Professor?" Ginny asked innocently.
"Yes, Miss. Weasley. Good day, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley." She said before turning out the door and leaving.
"What was that all about?" Harry asked Ron.
"Um . . . N - nothing." Ron let out a nervous laugh.
"Ron . . . I don't believe you. Just tell me. We're supposed to be best friends!"
"Okay." Ron said with a sigh. He told Harry what Ginny had told him and by the time he was done, Harry was pacing around the room.
"But, Harry, they're just suspecting it! Nobody ever said it was true!" Ron said, now sitting up on his bed with his legs crossed.
"That's true, I guess . . . Ron, you have to make sure it's not true!" Harry demanded.
"Okay. I'll do it now." Ron got up and walked to the door.
"Wait, Ron . . . " Harry said, walking over to him and grabbing his arm.
"Yes? What is it, Harry?"
"N - never mind. I - It's nothing,"
"It's going to be alright, mate. I promise." Ron said before leaving out the door. Harry sat on his bed a sighed. Harry and Ron had already went through this. They both came out of it like true friends. But what if they can't make it out of this like a true brother and a true boyfriend? What if they failed, and one day everything in the world was too much for Hannah, and it worked? 'No. I can't think like that.' He thought. 'Ron will get through to Hannah. He has to.'
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hermione walked back up to the Prefect Tower to take a nap, but soon ran into George and Fred.
"Are you two still not talking?" Both of them nodded their heads and Hermione sighed. "You're not even talking to eachother?" Hermione asked. They both shook their heads and left. "Fred! I know you're not leaving when I was talking to you." George started to laugh as Fred walked back over to Hermione.
"Why does it matter?" Fred snapped. "It seems that you like Harry better than me anyway!"
"Fred, I really don't!" Hermione pleaded. Fred dragged her through a corridor that lead to the Gryffindor Tower. "Let go of me!" Hermione struggled to get free but Fred wouldn't let go of her.
"Fred!" George ran after them. "Let go of Hermione!" He pushed him away from Hermione.
Fred turned to George and glared. "This isn't your business! Keep out of it, George."
"I will not keep out of it!"
"Well too bad! Let's go have a chat, Hermione." At that he grabbed Hermione and started running with her again, George following close behind.
"What do you want, Fred?" Hermione screamed from behind.
"I want to know what's going on between you and Harry!" Fred yelled at her, wipping her around to look her in the face.
"Nothing is going on!" Hermione sobbed.
"Mr. Weasley!" A voice called from a corridor to their right. All of them turned around to see Professor Snape running up towards them. "Unhand Miss. Granger!"
Fred let go of Hermione and George reached out and hugged her, letting her cry freely into his shirt.
Snape ran over to Fred and grabbed his arm. "Never hold a woman against her will, Mr. Weasley!"
"B - but how did you k - know, Professor S - Snape?" Hermione asked, tears still running down her face.
Snape looked at Hermione with such eyes that you couldn't tell it was him that was the Potions Master, that he was the one who hated Harry, Ron, and Hermione. He seemed gentler than he usually did, and it made Hermione feel safe.
"Peeves informed me, Mr. Granger. Have you got everything under control, Mr. Weasley?" Professor Snape asked George, who nodded. Snape took Fred down the hallway, still holding his arm fairly tight.
"Are you alright, Hermione?" George asked her. Hermione nodded. "Let's go find Ron."
"I think he's talking to Hannah."
"Well, she'll just have to wait."
They walked over to the Gryffindor Tower and up the Girls' staircase. They walked into Hannah's room and saw Ron and her fighting.
"But you don't get it, Hannah!" Ron screamed. "I just want to know for your own good!"
"Even if I was, it wouldn't be your business!" Hannah screamed, throwing a book at Ron who quickly dodged it.
"But it is my business!" Ron screamed, dodging another book.
"Ron!" George yelled. Hannah and Ron stopped fighting and looked over at the doorway where George and Hermione were. "We need to talk to you."
Hannah and Ron both glared at eachother, and Ron left the room.
"What is - Mione? Are you okay?" Ron asked, reaching out for Hermione and holding her, who started crying again.
"It was Fred. He was trying to take Hermione somewhere. She didn't want to go so he tried to force her."
"My arm really hurts." Hermione said, still leaning against Ron. She held out her arm and Ron inspected it. It was really red in one perticular spot, but besides that, it was fine.
"It's just a little red, Hermione. It'll stop hurting soon enough." Ron said, covering it back up with her sleeve.
"Let's go find Harry."
"I can't believe Fred! I'm going to kill him!" Ron said, walking down the stairs with Hermione.
"Me too." George said, following close behind.
"Thanks for trying to help me, George." Hermione said, turning around.
"Yeah. Thanks, George. Mione's one of my best mates and I don't want anything to happen to her."
"No problem." George said, smiling at them. "Harry would've killed me if I didn't."
"So would I." Ron said, turning back around and walking down the steps. They all were laughing until they reached outside Ron's dormroom. There were people yelling inside.
"No! You wanted to leave, so go!" Harry yelled at someone. They could tell he was crying by the way his voice was shaking.
"Harry . . . " Siruis said
"No! You said it was all your fault! You said that you wanted to leave! So go! Now!"
"Harry, I'm not going to leave until you listen to -"
"What could you have to say that would possibly interest me!? I hate you! You can't just say that my life is horrible because of you and that you never want to see me again, then just expect me to welcome you back with open arms whenever you decide you want to see me!"
"Harry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that last -"
"Well, you know what!? I don't want t hear your lame appogizes! If heard enough from Ron! From everybody! I can't stand it from you, too!"
"Why can you accept them from Ron and not me?"
"Because he's my best friend! He was the first friend I ever had! And I've known him for almost three more years than you! Sure, I knew you exsisted a two years after that, but I only started to trust you a year and a half ago! Ron is my best friend! I can trust him more than anything in the world!"
"Harry -"
"And I know he would never say something like that! So go!"
"Harry -"
"GO! NOW!"
They heard footsteps inside and knew that Siruis was about to walk out of the room. When he did, he didn't even notice that Ron, Hermione, and George were standing there. He just walked right past them. He looked really upset, but he wasn't crying.
"Stay here." Ron told Hermione and George. He walked in the room and closed the door. He looked at Harry and found that he was sitting on his bed, crying in his hands.
"Harry?" Ron said, sitting next to him.
"Go away."
"Harry, it's me, Ron"
"I know who it is, I'm not dumb. Just go away."
"But something has happened to Hermione." Harry looked up and Ron could see that his eyes were red and puffy and that his cheeks were tear - stained.
"What about her?"
Ron told him what had happened with Fred, George, and Hermione, and when he was done, Harry didn't even look suprised. He was still sitting on his bed, head in hands, though Ron knew he wasn't crying.
"There's also something about Hannah we need to dicuss."
"Is it about what happened when you went to go talk to her?"
"What happened?"
"Well, I walked into Hannah's room, and she didn't seem quite pleased to see me. I told her that we needed to talk and she's like, 'Fine. Whatever.' So I'm like, 'Hannah, is there a reason that you've been keeping yourself locked up in here?' and then guess what she says?"
" 'Even if there was I wouldn't tell you!' Like I'm the worst thing that could happen to her."
Harry laughed and Ron knew that he wouldn't be for long.
"Then I'm like, 'Okay. That's fine. But Harry and I and some others want to know something.' So she's like, 'Okay. What is it?' Then I tell her what Hermione said about her and she goes crazy! She like, 'It isn't your business and you should leave! How dare you ask me such a stupid question!' Then I'm like, 'But you don't get it, Hannah! I just want to know for your own good!' And then she starts throwing things at me!"
Harry laughed again and Ron was kind of pleased.
"Then she's like, 'Even if I was, it wouldn't be your business!' Then she starts throwing things at me again. I had to dodge a book while I said this, 'But it is my business!'. Then George and Hermione saved me from having to really yell at Hannah and break her heart."
Harry laughed again and said, "Well, it actually seems like it went fairly well. Better than I expected, anyway."
Ron laughed, too. He put his arm around Harry and said, "So, are you going to tell me what you and Siruis were fighting about?"
Harry jumped off the bed and glared at Ron. "That has nothing to do with you, so stay my business!"
"Harry! I just want what's best for you! I just want to help!"
"Well, you know what? You can't help!" Harry screamed. Then he started to whisper and stoped glaring at Ron, obviously amazed. "For once in my life, my best friend can't help."
"Harry . . . " Ron said softly, grabbing Harry's arm.
Harry wrenched free of Ron grasp and looked around for his cloak. "I have to go." Then ran out. Ron immediatly ran over to the window on instinct and sure enough, two minutes later he saw Harry running outside. He was running towards - The Forbidden Forest?
"Oh no." Ron said before grabbing his cloak and running outside, too. He could feel George and Hermione right behind him. He knew they were at the window, too.
"Harry!" Ron called, running to catch up with him. "Where are you going?"
Harry turned around. "You can't help me, Ron. I don't want you to get hurt. Nobody can help me. But I know someone who can."
At that Harry ran into the forest.
"Should we follow him?" Hermione asked.
"No. We need to go back up to the castle. Harry needs to be alone right now." Ron said, still staring after Harry.
"He seemed pretty shooked up that you couldn't help out, bro." George said, patting him on the shoulder.
"That's because Ron has always helped Harry. In our first year he helped with the Wizards Chess board. In our second year he helped with opening the chamber and leading to the chamber. In our third year he help protect Harry from Siruis Black. He said something like, 'If you want to kill Harry, you're going to have to kill all of us.', when we met up with Siruis. It was very brave, because we thought Siruis was going to kill us. Last year, he helped Harry through some of the tasks. Well, after they stopped fighting. Now, this year, he's helped with Hannah. He's just suprised that for once in their friendship, Ron can't help him."
By the time Hermione was done speaking, they were in the Gryffindor common room. Ron and George were more than happy to have her shut up.
"I'm going to bed." Ron said, walking up the stairs. "George? You want Harry's bed? I don't think he'll be back for a while, and this is his night to patrol."
"Oh, dear. It is." Hermione said with a gasp. "If he doesn't patrol tonight, he could lose his Prefect Badge. I'm going to patrol for him. Good night." At that she left the common room. George and Ron headed up the stairs to Ron's room. They got into bed and Ron heard George fall asleep immediatly.
Ron lay awake in bed thinking about who - or what - Harry thought could help him. Why would he need someone - or something - else to help him with his little problem with Siruis?
Ron lay awake thinking about these mysterious questions and did not notice when he fell asleep ten minutes later.

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