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Next Time by FAHIM
Chapter 1 : NEXT TIME
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Next time

Chapter One

‘Next time there’s a ball, ask me before someone else does and, not as a last resort.’
Even though those words had been said such a long time ago, he was still not quite sure what she had meant. He hadn’t stop thinking about Hermione. Every time he thought of her, his mood improved considerably. He was longing to see her so badly and now since there were only three weeks left before the start of term, he’d decided to ask both Harry and Hermione to stay at the Burrow for the last two weeks of the holidays. He felt really nervous asking her to come, because it dawned on him that he’d have to see her all the time. He got out two pieces of parchment and wrote out the letters , taking extra long time over Hermione’s one. He attached the two letters to Pig and threw the owl out of the window to speed up its journey. He walked down the stairs and found his mother reading The Daily Prophet. He could see the headlines even before he’d finished the last two stairs. SEVEN MUGGLE BORN STUDENTS DEAD IN LAST WEEK. His heart started to race. Seven students at which school? Surely not Hogwarts? His grabbed the newspaper as soon as his mother had laid it down on the coffee table. He scanned the article and relief swept through him as soon as he saw Beauxbatons. He immediately felt guilty. He was now really anxious for Hermione. Lord Voldermort was regaining more power and his followers were becoming ever more violent. He wanted her here with him, where he could at least protect her from anybody, or so he thought.


She lay there on her bed thinking about the last two weeks she’d spent with Victor. She’d really found the trip very interesting and knowledgeable. She couldn’t believe the amount of information she had been able to absorb. Victor constantly telling her how much he loved her was kind of sweet, but she really wanted Ron to tell her that. Throughout the whole holiday she’d missed Ron the most, and though she’d finally accepted it, she was in love with Ron Weasley. She spent days thinking about him, hoping for at least a letter from him. Just then , she looked out her window and saw Ron’s owl, pecking on her window. She rushed to let it in and grabbed the letter. She opened it, hoping for something that would give her hope:

Dear Hermione,
How are you Hermione? How was your holiday in Bulgaria with Vicky? I’m writing to invite to you to my house for the last two weeks of the holidays. I’ve really missed you. Send back a reply with pig as soon as you can. Harry’s coming as well!
From Ron.

He’s really missed her. She felt so happy. Granted it wasn’t the long love letter proclaiming his undying love for her, but missed her? She started jumping on the bed feeling as happy as she had done for a long time. She was gonna spend two weeks with Ron. She grabbed the nearest piece of parchment and wrote back. She tried to attach the letter to Pig who was flying around, knocking things down in her room.


Dear Ron,
How are you? I’d be really happy to come for the last two weeks of the holidays at your house. My holiday was ok, nothing special though. I’ve really missed you too! See you soon.
Love Hermione.

She’d really missed him too. He looked in the mirror and noticed that his face was almost as red as his hair. He just wished these next few days would go by really fast. Two weeks with the woman of his dreams, what more could a man want. But then all of a sudden he felt really nervous. What if she just meant she’d missed him as a friend. He wasn’t good looking enough for her, clever enough for her and maybe she didn’t love him the way he loved her. He decided to let his parents know both Harry and his Hermione were coming to stay.


This summer this year at the Dursleys had at least been bearable. They had even brought him a pair of socks for his birthday. Second hand but it was the thought that counted. He’d been missing his friends, life at Hogwarts, Quidditch, Hagrid, Cho and just wanted term to start. He hadn’t even noticed Pig lay on his lap and affectionately peck him on his finger. Finally a letter from Ron:

Dear Harry,
How are the muggles treating you? Dumbledore’s finally agreed to let you come and stay at our house. We’re coming for you whether the muggles like it or not . Me and my dad will be there at 3pm tomorrow. Don’t worry, we’ll be using a normal muggles car dads borrowed from somewhere. Send back Pig with a reply real pronto. I’ve asked Hermione as well, really hope she can come, seeing as she’s finally come back from Vicky. About bloody time. Anyways, see you soon
From Ron

He bolted down the stairs and found Dudley sitting at the table with two pieces of Kiwi on his plate, looking extremely unhappy.
‘Where’s my breakfast? I’m not having any more of this stuff.’
Harry smiled. At last Dudley was more unhappy and suffering more than he was. He found Uncle Vernon sitting on the sofa, with the television on and the newspaper stretched out in front of him.
‘Uncle Vernon?’ Harry said quietly.
‘Yes boy, what is it now? Cant you see I’m busy? Always me me me isn’t it with you? Not grateful that me and Petunia have fed you and put clothes on your back all your life. JUST WANT WANT WANT!’ shouted Uncle Vernon.
‘I got a letter from one of my friends from Hogwa…. sorry school, asking if I wanted to stay at his house for the last two weeks of school.’
Even though Uncle Vernon was sorely tempted to say no, he knew Harry would go and tell his godfather, so he decided to let the boy go.
‘Well what you waiting for? Get your things packed and wait outside that door now.’
‘They’re coming on Monday,’ said Harry matter of factly.
‘Well just get out of my way boy. Don’t always want filth in my face!’ said Uncle Vernon laughing at his own joke, as he headed towards the kitchen to get himself yet another snack.
‘More like on,’ Harry thought.


Monday had finally arrived. It had seemed to drag on for Ron. Finally he would get to see Hermione, Harry as well. He had missed them both so much. Mrs Weasley had gone to fetch Hermione, whilst his father and himself went to get Harry from the horrible Dursleys. A muggles car always seemed ancient to Ron. For one they couldn’t fly, they were extremely slow and they seemed so cramped. Nevertheless they both arrived at 4 Privet Drive at exactly 3pm. He knocked on the door and saw Harry grinning.
‘Hiya Harry. How are you,’ Ron said.
Harry was so happy to see them both. It was as if the Dursleys were trying extra hard to annoy Harry these last few days and he couldn’t wait to get away from them.
‘Hello Harry, how are you? Enjoying the holidays? I see your veletision is on,’ said Mr Weasley, hoping someone would at least invite him to investigate further.
‘Television Mr Weasley, but we really should get going,’ Harry said.
‘Yes perhaps your right, well go and get your stuff, I’ll just go and say hello to your uncle and aunty.’
Harry and Ron raced up the stairs and started heaving his trunk down the stairs.
‘So how’s Hermione, Ron?’ Harry said finding it hard to suppress his smile.
‘How should I know?’ Ron said going red at the mention of her name.
‘Just seems to me someone was really jealous that she spent her summer in Bulgaria with Victor Krum,’ Harry said, teasing Ron relentlessly, seeing his ears going red, unsure where to look.
‘MaybeilikeHermione,’ Ron mumbled really quickly.
‘What was said, Ron, couldn’t quite hear that?’ Harry said, grinning.
‘You know what I said, but hey its not my fault!’
They had reached the end of stairs and saw Mr Weasley standing at the door, looking rather annoyed.
‘About time, lets get out of here.’ Mr Weasley said loudly.
Goodbyes were said and they soon arrived at the Burrow. Harry could see Hermione standing outside with another girl. He looked over at Ron, who seemed to be finding it hard to breathe and mumbling something to himself.
‘Hey look Ron, its Hermione, the love of your life.’
‘Shut it Harry,’Ron managed to say.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fanfiction. All characters and others included in the story are owned by J.K. Rowling.

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