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The Forbidden Secret by Jazzy
Chapter 3 : The Plan
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The Plan

The Plan

A/N: Sorry
that I haven’t updated.  I’ve been really
busy. Thanks for reading my fics. I love all of you for reviewing my past
chapters and I would appreciate it if you all reviewed so I know how I’m doing.
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            It was a
late night In the Slytherin common room. 
The room was dark except for the few lit candles that were floating in a
ghostly manner around the cold room.  It
was quite.  So quite that you could hear
a pin drop and still here it rolling down the floor minutes later. 

            That night
the only people you could find awake in the common room were Crabbe, Goyle, and
Draco.  Crabbe and Goyle were obviously
zoned out in their own worlds when they suddenly snapped out of their trances
with the breaking of silence.

               “That’s it!” Yelled Draco jumping out of
his seat.

it?” asked Goyle yawing while stretching his arms out and then cracking his

            “ I know
exactly how I’m going to get back at that stupid, filthy weasel.

            “How?” asked Crabbe scatching his

            “ I’ll
seduce her.” Malfoy said began as he started pacing the room. “Then, I’ll
convince her that I’m madly in love with her until I have complete control of

Draco stopped.


what?” asked Goyle curious to know the rest of his plan.

“…Then I’ll crush her like the little roach she is…”Said
Draco as he stopped pacing.

“..and?” asked Crabbe.

then…”,Malfoy started.


            “I’ll let
my father take care of the rest” Draco finished in a dark and dangerous whisper
and an evil glint in his eye and a devious smirk on his pale white face.



Ginny was woke up in a cold sweat and was breathing heavy.  She had been dreaming of him again.  But the dream was different. It’s was of him
in class or walking the corridors. No, not this time.  This time her dream was way different. 

            They had
been together.  She saw him smiling and
running up to her and embracing her in a huge bear hug while telling her how
much he had missed her and how beautiful and smart he thought she was before
kissing her.  They had gone to the beach
on a romantic date with a sunset and everthing.  They were on a gorgeous picnic with straqberries ,choclate,
sandwiches and watermelon. Yet, all of the food was forgotten because the had
gotten lost in eachothers eyes. And for the moment nothing in the world
mattered and everything else except their love was forgotten. Then suddenly
Draco’s trademark evil smirk played on his face as he looked past her.  She turned around to see what he was looking
at when she was covered and darkness. 
She struggled to get out of whatever she was trapped in when she could
feel herself being thrown into the water as sound of evil laughter was drown
out.  The loudest laugh was that of
Draco and as she was consumed by the water that’s the only sound she could hear
ringing over and over in her ears when suddenly she became light headed and
stopped breathing. It was then she woke up.

            Ginny was
shaking as she reminded herself that it was only a dream.  It wasn’t real.  She was never in love with Malfoy, they never went on a romantic
date and he never had her killed. It wasn’t real. It would never become
real.  She would love him. It wasn’t
possible.  Or was it?

A/N: I hope you like it! Please review! I’ll try to review
it as soon as I can. I don’t know when that will be I’ve been really busy
lately but I’ll try. L8er! -Jazzy


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