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Harry Potter and the Dell laptop by kyle
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and the Dell laptop
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Harry opened up the laptop and typed in the address. " what do we do?" He asked Ron, "Click on the bit there that says read/post...and choose romance!" Hermione tutted, "Thats all you think about Ron!" Ron laughed, " about that one?" "Whats it called?" "The day Hermione and Ron got naked in a cupboard and did it", "RON!" "How about this one? Harry and Draco get it on?" "Ergh..ok", said Ron shrugging. Harry clicked on the story and began to read, "Oh Jesus Christ thats disgusting!!!" He yelled after reading the first line, "Actually", said Ron, "its not that the next line!" Harry read quickly, "!! Muggles are such perverts! I wouldn't do that to Draco Malfoy if you paid me a million galleons!" Ron grinned, "I would!" "Whats that Weasley?" Asked Malfoy, standing in the doorway. Ron paled, "Um..nothing", "What are you losers doing anyway?" He pointed to the laptop, "what is that?" "Its a computer dumbarse!" Said Harry, "why don't you come and have a look". Draco frowned but went over anyway. He read silently but then walked over calmly to the window, he leant over, was violently sick then left the room. "I have never seen anyone act so cool when being sick..he so suave!"


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Harry Potter and the Dell laptop: Harry Potter and the Dell laptop


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