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Mixed love by Rose
Chapter 1 : Draco\'s longing
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Draco looked up from his potions essay and stared out his dormitory into the dark hallway. It was his sixth year at Hogwarts and the plain darkness of Slytherin house was dawning upon him. He had wanted to be in Slytherin…more under the influence of his father than his own, but it angered him that everyone thought this made him a bad person, evil to the bone. Sure, he may not be kind to the others in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but it was more out of envy than hatred.
He especially longed to be part of Ron Weasley and Harry Potter’s gang, both pure blood wizards with a taste for mischief, even if they were good. Hermione, however…Draco shook himself and turned back to his potions. ‘Why do Harry and Ron have to hang around with that stupid mudblood all the time?’ he thought. It was these thoughts that told him why he was in Slytherin. There was nothing wrong with Hermione, she was better a wizard then him almost, but Draco knew he could never admit to this. It would bring shame upon his family. Mainly his parents, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.
Draco sighed and placed his quill back into his ink bottle. If someone had told him back in their first year of Hogwarts that he would want to be a part of any other house, he would have laughed in their face. Now he only wished he could have pushed his father out of his head and been nicer towards Harry and Ron…maybe even Hermione.
Leaving his parchment on the table to dry, Draco made his way through the hallway and out into the Slytherin common room, seeing Crabbe and Goyle sitting infront of the fire, deeply engulfed in basic charms homework he quickly slipped up the winding stairs and out into the Hogwarts corridors, he didn’t want to speak with anyone. Instead, he made his way up the stairs and out into the great hall for a white coffee to help him concentrate. Passing Harry, Ron and Hermione in the doorway he tried to smile, he must have sneered again, Ron rolled his eyes and the three continued to walk in the other direction, Hermione gave him a quick glance before following.

Hermione stared across the Gryffindor common room at Neville Longbottom, her boyfriend, deep in conversation with Ron about which quidditch teams were versing that Saturday. Neville was saying England and France. Ron was saying England and Germany. It seemed pointless to Hermione as she sat in the comfy red chair in front of the blazing fire. Then Neville turned to look at her and she softened. Lost in his eyes. He grinned, then turned back to Ron, still smiling. Hermione stared into the fire for a few moments, turning things over in her mind, before deciding to go to bed. She got up and walked over to Neville, caressing his shoulder lightly, making him turn towards her, he had grown so handsome over their years at Hogwarts…not to mention romantic. He then reached out with a single finger and placed it under her chin, tilting her head and kissing her lightly once, twice, pulling back and smiling softly.
‘I’m gonna go to bed,’ said Hermione, letting Neville’s strong hand slide down her arm to find her hand, he pulled her close to him and kissed her again. He pulled away and rested his forehead on hers, ‘okay.’
Hermione blushed, Neville released her hand, brushing her fingertips as he did so, then turned back to Ron.
Walking up the stairwell, Hermione thought for the hundredth time that way how lucky she was to have Neville as her boyfriend. After the start of their 5th year he could have chosen any girl he wanted, he was so unbelievably gorgeous, but he had eyes for only Hermione. She remembered his surprise on valentines day…it was too hard to explain, so many hearts and all for her.
Hermione got changes and lay in her bed, smiling constantly. Nothing would ever be able to change what she felt for Neville. Content with this thought she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep…

Hey hey ppl please review! I've decided I'm gonna add a chapter a week....I've got like the next 3 ready so hopefully I'll be able 2 keep it up :S

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