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Pendent of the Serpent by ChristinaLR
Chapter 1 : Pendent of the Serpent
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She walked slowly down the carpeted stairs, trying to stay quiet. All her concentration was on being quiet and not paying attention to where she was going. Her platinum blonde hair curled at the ends, flowing half way down her back. It rustled with the slightest movement she made, but she wasn’t betrayed. Finally, she reached the bottom of the stairs, in one piece.

The house she was in was once very beautiful, but since the war began, it looked like the war had struck the home, destroying the beauty. She didn’t trust making any noise, knowing someone or something would hear her if she did. Why she stayed in that particular house was beyond her, it was after all her father’s idea. He had told her that she would be safe and out of the path of the Dark Lord and his minions.

“What are you doing?” Someone hissed in the deepest darkness on the first story of the house.

She turned to find her friend there beside her. “I couldn’t stand it. I can’t stay in this house another second.” She whispered back.

“Cass, this is dangerous! What if your father finds out?” The figure to which the voice belonged to silently crept into the moonlight that poured through the open windows.

“Like my father would find out, Jared, you worry way too much.” Cass replied, knowing that apart of her knew that Jared was right. The other half knew that her father wouldn’t even find out. He was in hiding at the moment, with the full moon and all coming the following week.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Jared whispered in her ear. His brown hair stuck out of place more so than it had before. Cass looked into his hazel eyes and smiled.

“Don’t worry about me.” Cass tried to reassure her best friend. She gave him a quick hug before she tried to leave the house.

“I’m going with you, no matter where you end up going.” Jared said as he followed her.


Remus looked at each member of the Order closely. They already knew what was at stake, especially Harry and his friends. They were the same age as his daughter. He met his daughter a few years ago after her 18th birthday. It was his understanding that the love of his life died shortly after the birth of their daughter. He missed Cathleen greatly.

”Remus, darling, can you help with the plates?” Cathleen called from the kitchen of their small country house. They had just graduated from Hogwarts the month before, planning on marrying in just a few months.

“Of course, love.” He answered. He smiled sweetly at his fiancée, taking the plates from her.

“Remus, we need to start thinking of baby names now… In case we get a surprise one day and we can already have the name planned out, in case something should separate us.” Cathleen said. Little did Remus know, she had been planning names of her future children for years, coming up with different combinations along the way. Cathleen even expressed a few of her ideas to her best friend, Lily Evans, or the soon to be Mrs. James Potter.

“You want to now? I don’t want to.” Remus stubbornly said.

“Yes, now. I don’t want this to be put off to the last second, in case our child is born on the full moon.” Cathleen told Remus. She knew that he would be a werewolf during those times and it worried her often.

“Alright, my dear, what do you wish to name your son?” Remus sat down at the same round table that occupied a portion of their kitchen. Cathleen sat across from him, her mouth drawn in a straight line.

“That is a tough one. I never really considered boy names before, only girl ones.” Cathleen answered.

“How about Rollin James Lupin?” Remus asked.

“I like it. My grandfather’s name was Rollin and he was a werewolf as well.” Cathleen smiled. “I personally like Katarina for a girls’ name, though I like Cassandra as well.”

To Remus, she sounded undecided between the two girls’ names. “How about Cassandra Katarina Lupin for our daughter’s name? It has a nice ring to it.” He smiled.

“I love it. I’m glad that you will be my husband, Remus. I’m the luckiest woman alive.” Cathleen rose from the table and opened the refrigerator, taking out several white boxes. She flicked her wrist, with wand already in hand, heating up the contents of the boxes.

“I love muggle food!” Remus exclaimed. He had taken a liking to Chinese food, especially when it was heated up.

“To this day, my Remus, you amaze me.” Cathleen giggled, knowing that she still had yet to learn more about her fiancée.

“Ah, and you amaze me.” He said some of his dinner already stuffed in his mouth.

“Professor, are you alright?” Hermione asked. It was still habit for her to call him Professor, even after she graduated three years before.

“Yes, Hermione, I’m fine. I was just thinking about my daughter.” He answered her.

“I never knew you had a daughter, Lupin.” Snape acknowledged.

“I just found out a few years ago, after she graduated an American institute. I sent my wife away before she was born and I just never heard from my wife.” Remus replied. He still disliked Severus Snape, though he owed him his life.

“Where is your daughter now?” Remus was asked. He looked over to find that it was Harry who had spoken those words.

“She is safe for now. I’ll be bringing her to the next meeting, along with her friend.” He replied. “We should get this meeting started. Alright, where is group B located…” With that the meeting began.


“Cassandra, you are going too fast!” Jared shouted, trying to catch up with his best friend. She turned and glared at him, he had said her full first name and she despised it.

“Jared…” She hissed, pausing for him to catch up.

“I’m sorry Cass, but I am not that quick to keep up with the likes of you.” He panted.

“I want to get into the muggle world, preferably before daybreak.” Cass continued walking through the thick woods, trying to find the main road of the muggle world. Never did she realize how thick the forest was, or how deep the house was hidden. It was the first time that either of them had been in London, let alone England and should not have been left alone in the decrepit house.

“I understand, I truly do, but it’s been hours and we should have reached someplace by now.”


Hermione, Ron, and Harry sat around one of the tables located in headquarters. All three were now officially Aurors for the Ministry, having completed their training just a month before, in June.

“Harry, do you know where he will strike next?” Ron asked him.

“I’ve had my mind closed off… I didn’t want to risk him possessing me again, for any length of time.” Harry replied. They needed a Seer and they weren’t easy to come by. The trio knew that the Dark Lord had a Seer on his side, but from what they had heard, the Seer could only predict the outcomes of the battles.

“That’s good news, Harry. I will admit I am curious as to where the next battle is.” Hermione said. Ron held her hand underneath the table. Harry knew that they were couple already, but they were waiting to marry once the threat of the Dark Lord was gone.

“What do you think will happen?” Ron asked, not specifying who the question was meant for. Both Harry and Hermione had no idea.

“I hate to interrupt, but I’ve received word on another attack somewhere outside London.” It was Ginny Weasley, Ron’s younger sister.

“Thanks Gin.” Ron said. The trio got out of their chairs and walked into a large room that housed the Order meetings.


“Cassandra, where are you?” Remus called out in the large and apparently empty house. It was no use, he knew they were gone. He knew she would be bored and knew they would be heading for the muggle world. Remus set out into the woods; she only had a day’s start and knew he would be able to catch up quickly. He let his mind wonder, wonder back to the day he made Cathleen leave.

”I am not leaving! In case you have forgotten, Remus, I am your wife, who happens to be pregnant as well!” Cathleen screamed. Remus was worried about his wife; she was already seven and a half months pregnant. He wanted her and their child to grow up safe, far away from the threat of the Dark Lord.

“I’m sorry, Cathleen. I know that the day she will be born, I will be a werewolf. I’ll come after our child is born. We’ll live happily in the States.” Remus hugged his wife and kissed her forehead.

“I don’t want to leave. I want you to see the birth of our first child.” Cathleen cried. Remus could feel the tears forming in his eyes now.

“It will be less than two months. Don’t worry, Cath, I will be there as soon as the full moon is over and I have the strength to go, but right now, the Order needs me.” He told his wife.

-AN: I got smart about this and put the tags in when I was typing it. Tell me what you think of this so far! I really want to know.

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