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Enjoying Life by hawaiian_rachael
Chapter 1 : Enjoying Life
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Hi, Im Lily Evans, and this is my story. I’m going into my 6th year. I also have a very annoying neighbor named James Potter. He never leaves me alone!

“Where are you going, Evans?” James said.
“I’m going home” I said coldly.
“Wait! I have to tell you something!” He yelled.
“You can tell me later, Potter, I’m going to Paris for the summer. I have to start packing.” she said in a bragging tone.
“Wait!” He said desperately. Too late. I slammed the door in his face with a flick of my wrist.

I sighed. It was great to be home. The entry way was probably my favorite part of the house. It was also the most fancy. It had a gold trim and had a chest of drawers by the door. The walls were painted a light yellow and brightened up the room and my days, always.

I went through the entryway of my house to see my parents waiting for me in the Living room. They were sitting in our huge couch. My parents are always doing there own thing and almost always to busy to sit around. so why are they waiting for me? Uh-oh it has to be something bad. The last time they waited for me was when my pet gold fish silver died.

“Hi honey, come sit down with us.” My Mom said encouragingly . I sat in between both of my parents. They all had smiles faces plastered on their faces, but they seemed so fake.

“Honey, You know that trip to Paris we were planning?” said the sweet voice of my Mom. “Yes” I said. Uh-oh I don’t like where this is going.“We could only afford two tickets.”, said the deep voice of my dad.
“What about me and petunia? What are we going to do during the summer?”,I asked.
“Well, we need someone to take you to take you on the train to Hogwarts, so your going to stay with the Potters for the summer” Said my mother. OH MY GOSH NO!
“What?! Did I hear you right? What about Petunia? You know she hates magic, and you know I dislike James.”
“Petunia is staying somewhere else. As for you and James, I guess you’ll have to settle your differences over the summer”,said my mom.

I didn’t say anything. I was too shocked to speak. How could my parents do this to me? I just went upstairs to start packing all my things that I WOULDN’T be taking to paris. I know there is no way to change their mind.

I walked outside to think. I walked over to the fense in our yard. Why would my parents do this? Did I do anything? I guess I’ll try to make the best of it. Im not going to let Potter ruin my summer. I was deep in thought when a voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Did your parents tell you the news?” James said with a frown.
I woke up the next morning feeling horrible.
“Time to wake up,” said my Mom quietly. I mumbled for my response. I was really tired, and I don’t want to go. I wanted to go on Vacation with my parents. I put on a green tank top that matched my eyes with a pair of flared jeans with a crochet belt. I dragged my suitcase down the stairs toward the door. I put on my favorite sandals. Maybe they would make me feel better. They were pink and had beads around the toe. My house didn’t feel so welcoming anymore. I gave both my parents a goodbye hug. I’m going to miss them so much.

I started walking down the street. The potters lived a block away. My steps echoed on every step. It was dead quiet. Thought too fast. Here comes Potter to bother me.

“Hello, I thought you would be coming around now.” trying to put his arm around me, but failing. I didn’t answer. I was trying my best to keep my temper in check. I wasn’t a red head for nothing. He knew exactly why I was walking toward his house. He never left my sight when I was walking by the street. He even opened the door for me. He’s actually acting mature, I said to myself.

“Thanks” I said.
“No problem” he said in a confident voice.

I walked in the kitchen and saw two adults sitting at the small round kitchen table. I assumed these were Potter’s parents. When they saw me they stood up immediately.

“Hi, Im Rae Potter, and this is my husband, Tom.” I gave a strained smile. I didn’t want to be here in the first place, but I should still be nice.
“Nice to meet you Mr. And Mrs. Potter.” I told Mrs. And Mr. Potter about myself and chatted. I’m starting to enjoy myself.
“Would you like to see your room?” said Mrs. Potter kindly.
“Sure I’d love to” I said excitedly. She led me up a huge spiral staircase. The house was huge.

When we reached the top of the staircase it looked a lot different from the ground floor. It had dark wood floors and portraits filled the walls. She led me to a door in the middle of the hallway. The door was mahogany. Mrs. Potter opened the door for me. The room was magnificent. It had soft lavender walls with a quilted comforter. The dresser was a pale blue and had dolphins as handles. I jump/sat on my bed and looked at Mrs. Potter.

“This is so cool!” I exclaimed.
“I thought you might like it” Mrs. Potter said with a small smile.
“I also bought you some new clothes. I hope you don’t mind.”
I looked in the closet opposite of my bed and saw my closet jam packed with clothes.
“Wow” I said in an awed voice. There was every type of outfit anyone would ever need. There was more clothes than I ever owned in my life. Maybe this summer wouldn’t be the worst after all.

a/n hope you like it!

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