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Troubled by Fredslover
Chapter 4 : And so it Begins...
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The halls were full of people as you stepped onto the sixth floor landing. Students were walking in groups almost all of them dragging large trunks behind them. You on the other hand were not. Cho was already down stairs, you took your time walking the next flight of stairs. You saw Nathan walking with his little group of friends, he had his trunk, only it couldn't be his trunk, because the last time you checked, Nathan wasn't supposed to be going anywhere either.

" Nathan-hey-Nathan! " You shout, causing him to stop mid step, he turned around, walking over to him you point to his trunk.

" What's with the trunk? " You ask, wondering if maybe he was just carrying it for someone else.

" Oh, sorry I forgot to tell you. I'm staying at Robbie's house for christmas. " He said, sounding excited about the idea, Your stomach jrops slightly.

" Oh...and mom said that it was okay? " You ask, knowing the answer.

" Yeah Robbie's mom owled mom about it a few day's ago. "He said, turning around and continuing his conversation with Robbie, and making his way down the stairs in front of you. It's not until he reaches the bottom of the stairs that you realize that your jealous of Nathan. That's stupid, it's not like you weren't invited to anyone's house, Nathan's just stupid enough to accept the offer. You tell yourself, still standing there, feeling sorry for yourself. But the more you think about it, the more you start to think that maybe your the stupid one.

Behind you, you hear the sound of footsteps coming your way. Not feeling like dealing with whoever it was that was coming, your gut reaction is to run down the stairs as fast as your legs will carry you. But for some reason you walk slowly toward the stair case, as if waiting for the person to see you.

" Hey. " Said a wonderfully familiar voice from behind you.


As soon as you realize who it is, you imediately start getting nervous. Turning around, your nerves are tingling as he comes into view. You smile slgihtly trying to hide your shaking hands, you stick them in your pockets.

" Hi. " You say, surprised at your steady voice. He rolls up his sleeves as he makes his way over to you. It's clear that he's just woken up. His gorgeous red hair is tusseled, and his eye's are still puffy from slieep. In other words: He's adorable.

You catch him glancing at passing students, and reconize the look on his face, as being simular to what yours looked like moments before. He sighed turning back to you.

" Lovely morning isn't it? " He said sarcastically. Sarcasm, god I love him.You think laughing softly. He glances at your hand, as if looking for something.

" Where's your trunk? " He asked looking confused.

" Probably in my dorm. " Your answer, returning his sarcasm. His face lights up, his smile making your knee's literally turn to jelly.

" Your staying then? " He asked cheerfully. Taking this as a sign that he actually wanted you to stay here. This made you feel a little less crappy about it.

" Yep, mom had a choice: Boring, foul old lady, or beautiful, fun loving daughter, and she- " He cut you off.

" She chose the old lady? " He asked, sounding apawled. You smiled nodding your head sadly.

" Well the foul old lady is her mother so... " You mutter letting you sentence hang.

" Ah, family obligations, I can relate. My dad works for the Minstry and has to work most of the holiday and my mum took all my siblings to Romania to visit my brother Charlie. " He said walking a little ahead of you, you fall in step beside him.

" Your not going? " You asked, wondering why anybody woudn't want to to go to Romania for the holidays. Ron shook his head.

" Nope. I would normally, but my mum also decided to invite one of my older brothers, Percy, and since me and him don't exactly get along, I took it upon myself to stay here, Thinking I could spend the holidays with my two best friends. Sounds nice right? " He asked. You nodded not mentioning that you already knew that he was staying, and what his friends were doing.

" Well yesterday, Harry and Hermione both tell me that their leaving to go to different places. So now I have a whole Christmas break to look forward to...alone. " He said looking as depressed as you felt.

" Join the club. " You say smirking. He laughs and locks eye's with you. You flash him another smile, that he returns, making you feel better, now that he was happier.

" But, " He added as you reached the entrance hall. " at least you'll be here, and I won't be totally alone. " He said, looking genuinely happy about the fact.

" Same here. " You say seeing the little groups you had seen up stairs, now filing into the Great hall, leaving their trunks in the entrance hall.

You don't remember exactly when it happened, but eventually talking to Ron had gotten easier. You weren't all that nervous any more. The two of you had just had a normal conversation, like two completely normal human beings. And not once had you said something stupid, or that you'd regret later.

When you and Ron arrived into the Great hall, Harry automatically waved Ron over.

" Find me later okay? " He said. You nodded again feeling happier than you had in days.

" Okay... " You say as he goes over to his friends.

You walk over to where Cho was sitting, and as usual she was talking to Marietta.

But some how, this didn't bother you in the slgihtest. In fact you couldn't think of anything that could bother you.

Breakfast went by without any interuptions, now you were standing outside the school, telling Cho goodbye. She pulled you into a hug.

" I'll write, I promsie. " She said acting like she was leaving forever. Then you realized suddenly that she felt sorry for you.

" You'll only be gone a few weeks. " You say trying to sound unphased. She nodded.

" I know, but I'm going to miss you anyway. " She whined releasing you from her grasp. You smile, she really was a good friend.

" Yeah, yeah, yeah, just get in the cariage, before you burst into tears. " You say pushing her toward the cariage in front of you. Marietta and the rest were sitting in it, waiting umpatiently. You could see Mandy staring at you through the window. She was probably jealous. You had never seen Cho hug her before.

" Your right, see you later. " She said hugging you again. You squeeze her tight, then push her all the way into the cariage.

" Finally... " You hear Mandy whisper under her breath.

" See 'ya " You call out as she closes the little door of the cart. You wave once then turn around. Before you start to leave something catches your eye.

Firery red hair.

Ron is hugging Hermione Granger as Harry steps into a cariage. She does look awfully guilty. You see her telling him something, making him shake his head and pat her shoulder. She was probably apologizing again.

You watch as she hopped into the cart and closed the door. Both of them waved out of the open window of their cariage, as they sped off. The harnesses up front of all the cariages seemed to be floating in mid air as something invisiable pulled all the cariages out of view.

The few remaining Professors and students that had been seeing people off, all started to walk back up to the castle. You stole a glance at Ron and saw him sigh once and turn to leave. Not noticing you.

" Ron! " You say loudly. You hand shoots to you mouth. What has gotten in to me? You ask yourself as Ron turns around and see's you. He changes his direction and starts walking your way. Your mind races, as you try to think of something to say. He is smiling visibly.

" Hey Morgan. Fancy meeting you here. " He said making his way over to you. You would have responded, had you not been going over every sentence you had ever heard Cho say to a guy. But every one of them sounded so obviously desperate when you said it that you settled for standing there stupidly.

" Someone's awfully quiet, something wrong? " He asked, looking adorable as always. You wanted to tell him no, but the words almost didn't come out, with the new discovery, that he actually wanted to know if you were alright.

" Not really... " You mutter, staring at somewhere around his eye's, but never directly at them. He chuckled slightly.

" Yeah, I'm just dandy as well. " He said taking your arm and leading you back to the castle.

Your arm is warm where his hand rests, and you hope that he'll never take it off.

" So, we have all Christmas break, there's a Hogsmeade in it somewhere. What are our plans? " He asked nudging you in the side playfully, You smile at him. Again the nervousness was starting to fade.

" I don't know, do you have anything in mind? " You ask, he takes his hand from your arm, and you ache for him to put it back.

" I may have a few suggestions yes... but only if it snows tonight... " He said slyly. You look at him suspiciously.

" What are you talking about? " You ask giving him an accusing look. He smiled, not saying anything as the two of you made your way into the castle.

Christmas break had officially begun.

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