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Forbidden Desire by MaraJHendericks
Chapter 1 : Forbidden Desire
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Ginny sat unnormally still in her nightgown which she wore over her school robes as she carefully applied the Natural Velvet Absolute Oil-Control Ivory Foundation powder to her face and neck. Once it was blended in, it gave her skin a illustrius sheen and made it as soft as silk. She then made two dots on her cheek bones with Natural Velvet Soft Rose Rouge, then rubbed it in. She was amazed at how it brought out the color of her face. Then, one eye lid at a time, she applied Natural Velvet Baby Blue 8 Hour Eye Shadow and then Opal Sparkle Eye Dust on top of that. Then to top off the cosmetics, she applied Natural Velvet Color Stay Tempting Rose Lipstick to her lips.

She then tossed her hair out of the net that had held it up off her face, and it fell in glorious red spiral curls. Taking off her night gown to uncover her school robes, she examined herself in the mirror. She could hardly believe she was the same person. Practicing her charming smile one last time, she grabbed her school bag and headed out of the sixth year dorm.


Severus Snape hesitated and then decided not to gel his hair out of his face. He put the gel back and closed the container with a wave of his wand. In a flashback, he remembered Pearl waving to him in the corridor after breakfast before disappearing up the Gryffindor tower. She had changed dramatically from the shy, timid first year to a beautiful, confident seventh year. He still couldn't figure out why she was drawn to him, or why he was drawn to her, but he had learned not to fight it.

Straightening his black robes, he left his room and entered his class room. He then began to set up his class room.


The seventh years set down their quills when Professor Snape said: "Time."

Everyone wiped sweat from their foreheads and necks. Then one by one, they handed their tests in.

"Miss Montgomery, a word with you?"

Pearl nodded and stood off to the side.

When everyone else had filed out, Severus looked at her. "This weekend is when everyone goes to Hogsmede?"

"Yes, though I don't particularly want to go... why?"

Severus smirked. "I have nothing better to do, so what do you say we meet in the Forbidden Forest?"

Pearl grinned. "It's a deal Severus."

Severus took her hand and kissed it gently. "A deal, indeed. Now run along, I don't want to be the reason you are late for your next class."

Pearl laughed and ran out of the room.


Ginny waited until every one else was in the library and seated before making her grand enterance. Taking a deep breath, she walked into thr room the way Pearl had coached her, flashing a charming grin and waving at her friends.

Draco looked up to see Ginny walking--no, floating--confidently up to her regular seat next to her friend Anna. The sunlight caught her red spiral curls and made them shimmer like rubies and her grin made his heart beat faster. She sat down and Anna greeted her with a pleased grin and pat on the back.

He shook himself mentally. "Good afternoon, Weasley." He forced himself to sound bored.

"Good afternoon, Malfoy." Ginny replied, her grin widening.

Draco was unnerved. For once in his life he couldn't think of some degrading comment. He could only give her a coldly aloff look before going back to his studies.

Ginny opened an even thicker book and began reading it, glancing up once in a while at the handsome Malfoy bent over his school work, his eye brows furrowed in a slight frown. He took her breath away every time. Little did she know she did the same thing to him.


Anna grinned. "You were a hit, girl!"

Ginny smiled bitterly. "Yeah, with every one but Draco."

"Ah, don't give up yet girl!" Anna said. "D'you think it was easy for me to win over Fred? No, infact it was so hard I felt like giving up loads of times. But you gotta keep your inner vision on that thing you want to have and keep trying, no matter what gets in your way."

Ginny sighed as they entered Transfiguration. "I guess your right..." She trailed off when she sat down.

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