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Lily and James: Star Crossed by Emlyn
Chapter 3 : Final
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The next day Lily went into Transfiguration early. It was their very last final and Lily's most difficult subject, so she wanted to get as much studying done as she could in her free time. There were still fifteen minutes before class started and Professor McGonagall wasn't even in the room yet. She pulled out her textbook and was flipping through pages when James entered the room. Her face lit up as it always did when she saw him unexpectedly.


"Hey!" His expression mirrored hers. "Oh, don't tell me you're studying."

"I'm studying," she told him. James sighed and sat down on the desk behind her so her head was leaning on his thigh.

"Seven years hanging out with me and April and you've still you a streak of goody-two-shoes. You're a tough kid." He stroked her hair.

"Mmm . . ." Lily murmured, leaning into his hand.

"Tired?" He bent and kissed her head tenderly.

"A little . . . okay, a lot."

"You worry too much." His hand rubbing through her hair was forcing her eyes closed.

"You don't worry enough," she protested half-heartedly.

"I worry about you," he said sincerely. "Lily, you feel like you're going to zonk out right in my lap. Listen, after this test is over, you go on up to your dormitory and crawl back in bed."

"You were up as late as I was last night!"

"Well, I'll sleep with you."

James bent his head over her again and kissed her for a few moments before he
registered what he'd said.
"I didn't mean that."

Lily smied up at him mischeviously. "Didn't you?"

James didn't have the time to be slightly surprised at her response because at that moment they both heard a distinct "Ahem!" from the front of the classroom.

"Professor McGonagall!" James said. He and Lily extricated themselves from each other and looked at her like deer in headlights. Lily wondered exactly how long she had been there.

"I trust you've both studied?" McGonagall said conversationaly as she went through stray pieces of parchment at her desk.

"I did, for hours and hours and hours. Lily, on the other hand, refused forthright to, and went to sleep instead," James joked. Lily put her elbow in James's knee, thinking he might get scolded for his sarcasm, but McGonagall only said, "Good, good," and went on reading the parchments. James had the notion that she had her mind quite fixed on something else; he and Lily exchanged bewildered glances.



"Ah, Minerva! How was James during class today?"

"I don't think he knows, Albus. At least, not yet. If he does know, he's not making the connection between his heritage and the threatening dangers."

"He's happy, then."

"Yes. Very happy, as far as I could tell."

"Good. I don't believe he will see much happiness in the near future."

"He will see even less than you think if we don't do something soon."

"You believe I should tell him that he's the Heir --"

"-- That's not what I meant."

". . . No. You meant Lily."

"They're getting closer, Albus."

". . . I know."

"They musn't. If the Dark Lord knew . . . Lily's life, her family would be in great peril."

"Yes. He carries a heavy burden whether he knows it or not. I do not know how long this war will take, but I know at some point the magical world will depend on the choices James makes."

"Ignorance is bliss; bless them both!"

"You mean not to tell them, then?"

"I suppose they must be told, but . . ."

"We could give them these Three weeks."

"Yes. . . . It will make their parting harder, if that's possible. . . . But it is something they both deserve."

"Three weeks. Let us hope Voldemort's forces can be held at bay for that long, for the sake of Gryffindor's heir."

[A/N: That's all I've got typed up at the moment . . . but it's summer vacation so I'll be sure to have more soon! Check back, like tomorrow or the next day! And *HEY* Emlyn (your author) is to reviews as vampires are to blood! I THRIVE ON THEM. : : smilies: :]

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