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Lily and James: Star Crossed by Emlyn
Chapter 2 : Snow and Cuddles
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For some reason, James was uneasy. He tossed and turned in his bed , plumped up his pillow, counted sheep, but it didn't work. He had been lying in bed for forty-five minutes now, trying to get to sleep, it was ridiculous. Sirius, Remus, and Peter were each snoring comfortably, probably dreaming about the next day when they would finished their last final and then pack their things to go home for Christmas Break.

Finally deciding it was hopeless, he got out of his bed, grabbed his Invisibility Cloak just in case, and left the dormitory. He started making his way down the stairs, but stopped in his tracks next to a window.


It was snowing! It was finally snowing! He'd thought they would be having quite a green Christmas, which was depressing, but now -- snow!

He laughed out loud, staring out at the soft swirling flakes, and bounded downstairs into the Common Room. There was a fire going in the grate, and when he noticed who was in the big couch in front of the fire, he calmed himself.

It was Lily. She was the only one there. She was sitting cross-legged on the couch with a heavy book in her lap and several heavy books besid her. It seemed as though she had been studying at some point, but now her head was on on the book in her lap and she was breathing steadily.

He watched the firelight flicker across her face for a moment. Then he movd the books to the floor, laid [[layed? I have a huge problem with this]] his Cloak on top of them, and sat down beside her. He touched her hair and she stirred and groggily opened her eyes.

"J-James? What are you doing here?"

James grinned at her. "You're in the Common Room, Lily. You fell asleep while you were studying."

She abruptly sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Oh! Oh, God, I didn't mean to -- I need to finish reading this chapter." She took up her book and her quill to start underlining things again. "I was on -- I was on -- Medeival Ointments of England -- no, I finished that. James, did we take the Potions Exam yesterday?"

"It's late. You should be sleeping," James said, stroking her hair.

"Can't sleep, I have to study . . . if I don't pass all my exams, I won't be able to get a
job, and I don't have money to spare to --"

"Lily, you're stressing yourself out too much. Just calm down."

Lily looked at him and melted inside. His shirt was unbuttoned and hanging open. His eyes were warm, his body next to her warmer. She knew she would pass her exams. . . . he knew it, too. She could just . . . lay her head down against him and nap for a while . . . She shook her head --

"No! No; stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?" James asked. He had not meant to be looking at her any particular way.

"And please button your shirt."

"James put one hand on the book in her lap and closed the cover. "No, thank you. The fire's quite warm. I'm comfortable like this."

"It's . . . distracting me." The book fell to the floor.

"It's snowing."

A happy expression diffused across Lily's face. "Oh! It is?! Oh, you're wicked for not telling me soon- --"

He cut her off with a kiss. Lily dropped her quill and put her hand on James's cheek as they kissd gently. After a few moments James broke it off.

"We should really get to bed."

Lily touched his lips. Her studies, her exams, school; she'd forgotten about them. When he'd kissed her, her cares had fallen away . . .

"Kiss me again," she whispered.

His eyes gleamed, and he did. The fire crackled and warmed them. Lily moved closer to him and touched his bare chest, then moved her hand up to his neck. James moved his lips against hers, and her mouth opened to him.

A couple minutes later they stopped, but kept their heads close

"Guess what?" James whispered.


"Remus decided to go home for Christmas, too."

Her eyes brightened considerably, and she grinned. "Oh! I mean, oh . . . what a pity."

"You as happy as I am?" James said knowingly.

"Twice," Lily answered, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Now I've got you all to myself . . ." James laughed and hugged her closer. She leaned in to kiss him agan when they both heard the portrait hole start to creak open.

Lily and James glanced at each other in horror for a split second -- then James grabbed his Invisibility Cloak from the floor and threw it over them both. Lily drew up her legs against her chest and she and James huddled together as close as possible (for multipe reasons: so as to fit under the Cloak, and because they both rather liked the closeness.)

Then Filch opened the portrait hole, peering above his thin frameless spectacles. His cat, Mrs. Norris, looked around in quite the same fashion, but without the spectacles.

"I though I heard talking, my sweet. . . . Have a sniff about. Nobody should be up at this hour . . ."

Once they were both through the portrait hole, LIly took up her wand and flicked. The portrait swung shut noisily; Filch spun around. Lily's body trembled with silent laughter in James's arms.

"Potter! Potter in his Invisible Cloak, I know it is, now!" He flung it open and sent Mrs. Norris. "Run! Catch him!" And Filch himself clamered through the portrait hole.

"Clever!" James said when Filch was gone. Lily grinned and nuzzled her head on his bare chest. She meant to put it there only for a few moments, but her eyes closed against her will.

"Oh, Lily," ames said quietly, kissing her feather-soft red hair. "You're exhausted, aren't you?" He stood up and pulled her to her feet. "Come on. You're going to bed."

"No!" Lily said obstinately. "No, I really need to study. You go to bed and I'll --"

"Don't argue," James commanded, leading her to the girls' stairway. "Now go. Sleep, and I'll see you in Transfiguration first thing in the morning, and we will finish our last exam, and you will fret obsessively, and then you will pass with top marks."

"How do you know --"

"I know," James said simply. He didn't remind her that that was what had happened every single term since they had started school.

"If you say so . . ." Lily said unsurely.

"Okay. Good night, James."

"Good night, Lily."

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Lily and James: Star Crossed: Snow and Cuddles


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