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Anything For Love by lupin_is_king
Chapter 3 : I Give In
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DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the characters, only the plot. This story was completely inspired by the song ‘I’d do anything for love’ by meatloaf. I hope you like the ending and please review! Please don’t be hasty in judging the content by my hints alone. You’ll realize that doing so is actually a bit shallow…=) Happy reading!

The next morning, your eyes snap open at the first glimmer of light from the rising sun. Getting up, you slip on your nightgown and wake Lily. You and Lily pull out your presents from your trunks, ignoring the presents at the foot of your bed. You and the marauders always handed out presents to each other personally.

You both go to the boys’ room and you hop onto Sirius’ bed and kiss him full on the lips to wake him. You notice Lily planted on James’ bed and that all three boys are now awake. Laughing, you all start to exchange presents, chatting happily. Sirius hands you his present last. You look down at the small box and feel yourself grow nervous. But, no, it can’t be another rude reminder, can it? It’s too small.

You smile with some effort as you pull off the wrapping to reveal a box covered in deep red velvet. Suddenly, you realize that the whole room has gone silent. Hardly daring to breathe, you open the box. In it lies a gold charm bracelet. The chains themselves form a slim band. It occurs to you that each charm actually represents your friends. There’s a dog for Sirius, a moon (a flat golden disc) for Remus, a flower for Lily, a little rat for Peter and a horse shoe for James.

“A horse shoe? What an insult Padfoot, old friend,” exclaimed James.

“Sorry Prongs. That was the closest thing I could find to a hoof print. Forgive me?”

“Of course. But, really, a horse shoe?”

Sirius ignored James’ indignation and spoke to you.

“I left some spaces blank so that we could add charms as we make memories. How about we add one after our next major prank?”

“I can’t wait. Why don’t you open my present now? I made it myself” you say as you hand him your present.

Sirius rips off the wrapping and stares at what you’ve made him.

“Er… It’s lovely, but what is it?”

Lily, Remus, and you start laughing. Living in the muggle world, the three of you know what it is. You explain to him that it is a wristband for him to wear when he plays sports. He is a beater, after all and you thought he would need it.

You help him put it on while Remus remarks on the picture you had embroidered on it. It is that of a black dog, not unlike his animagus form. You look at his face expectantly. Instead of being happy however, he seems disappointed.

“I thought…forget it. Who’s up for breakfast?”

Sirius continues to talk in a falsely cheery voice and you roll your eyes. Inside however you’re trying to ignore the nagging feeling of guilt. He’ll get over it eventually.


The five of you sit down that afternoon to Christmas lunch in silence, which Sirius finally breaks.

“Why won’t you do it?”

You look to the others hoping for support from any of them. However, this time they all seem to be on Sirius’ side. You glare at Lily who just shrugs.

“Honestly, I don’t know why you don’t just do it,” she says.

“Neither do I. And it would make Sirius’ day. Look at it this way. You’ll be doing it anyway, right? So, why not sooner than later? It is good for you. Better than broccoli, I dare say,” Remus adds.

“Yeah, listen to them. They do it too. And they’re prefects!” James exclaims.

“And,” adds Sirius, “does being a veg-whatsit really mean that much to you?”

This is the last straw.

“For the last time Black, learn the word! It appears my BEST friends don’t respect my opinions. I’m going back to the common room.”

With that you storm out of the great hall.


You’re sitting on a couch in the common room with your face in your hands. Your apologetic friends walk in slowly and sit near you. You look up to see Sirius fall on his knees at your feet.

He picks up your hands in his begins his profuse apologies. He makes promises that he’ll never question your opinions again regarding your wanting to remain a ‘vegrin’ as he still calls you.

You snatch your hands back and get up.

“Wait! Please forgive me! I’ll do anything!”

Oh no, you think. Not the ‘anything for love’ bit again. You walk resolutely to your room, disregarding all of your friends’ protests. You’ve made your decision and want to act on it before you change your mind.

Digging through your trunk, you find the plastic package Sirius gave you last night. Holding it tightly you race downstairs. You grab a startled Sirius by the hand and drag him up to his room. Behind you, you hear Remus and James chuckling.

Once you’re both alone in his room, you lock the door with a wave of your wand. You push Sirius onto his bed and sit next to him. You wave the plastic package in front of his face.

Smiling grimly, you rip it open and pull out- a strip of beef jerky. You take a big bite out of it, chew slowly and swallow.

“Well,” you tell Sirius, “that’s that. I hope you’re happy I gave up being a vegetarian for you.”


A/N I hope you liked it. Were you expecting the ending? Don’t kick yourself if you didn’t guess it though. The song this is based on was actually written by a guy who ‘would do anything for love’ but wouldn’t eat meat. Thanks for reading it!

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