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Troubled by Fredslover
Chapter 2 : Hogsmeade
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The cobblestone paths of Hogsmeade village were crowded with Hogwarts students as you and Cho made your way towards the Three Broomsticks, you planned on talking with Cho before her 'friends' arrived.

" Oh, I forgot to ask you...what do you want for Christmas? " Cho asks you as she glances in the shop windows. You follow her eyes to the window of a little bookstore that you've never noticed before. There's a display sitting in the middle, it has a stack of different colored books. Some were larger than others, but all of them were rather pretty. There was one in particular that caught your eye It was a black leather bound book, with a single white rose hand-painted on the front cover. It was gorgeous, and it made you stop walking. Cho slammed right into you, because she had been walking behind you.

" That. " You say, pointing to the book with you finger. You see a sign hanging above the stacks that reads:

Hand made diaries, 50% off! Christmas time only!

" What? " Cho asks looking at you quizically.

" Thats what I want for Christmas. " You say motioning more enthusiatically toward the diary. Cho nodded, looking doubtful.

" Okay...that kind of takes the surprise out of it though... "She muttered, stepping over to the wooden door of the bookstore. You follow her inside, wondering why you want the diary so bad. You've never really kept one before, and have never thought of keeping one. In fact you thought that the idea of writting all of your private feelings down on parchment for everyone to see seemed not only stupid and imature, but also a little unsafe, anyone could read it...

Cho walked to the clerk and muttered something to him. He was a plump man, with sandy brown hair, that was graying slightly. He wore long royal blue rodes, that dragged the dusty floor as he shuffled to the window display and picked up the diary you wanted.

" This the one? " He asked, his voice was rough, but kind, and reminded you of Professor Hagrid's. Cho nodded again.

" Yes that's it, how much is it? " She asked, opening up her purse, that matched her skirt perfectly.

" Well, all diaries are fifty percent off this season, but this one is particularly can have it for one galleon. " He said, acting like he was giving her the best deal in the world. You didn't know much about selling diaries, but you were pretty sure that one galleons was way over the price that any normal person would pay for a diary. You were about to the say something to Cho, but she was already digging through her purse. She pulled out one large gold coin, and handed it to the clerk. He smiled taking the galleon and placing the diary in Cho's out stretched hand. You look at Cho regretfully, she didn't have to buy you something so expensive...

Smiling Cho lead you out of the shop and back into the frigid winter air. She stopped once you were both outside, and held out her hand, extending the diary to you. You smile.

" Merry Christmas Morgan. And remember, my offer still stands... " She said as you gratefully take the book from her.

" Thanks Cho...and no thank you on your offer, I told you I'll be fine. " You tell her.

The moment you had told Cho that you weren't going home for Christmas, she had invited you over to her house to spend the holiday with her family. You had refused, thinking that spending time with Cho's perfect family, while your mother left you at Hogwarts, so that she could go to your evil Grandmother's house, would only make you more depressed than you already were. So now, of course Cho wouldn't leave you alone about it.

" Okay...suit yourself, but I'm telling you, my mother's apple pie- " You cut her off.

" Is to die for, I know, I know... "You mutter tucking your new diary under your arm, and walking with Cho the remainder of the way to the Three Brommsticks.

The Three Broomsticks was warm compared to the outside, as the two of you walked in. There were a few Hogswarts students squeezed into boths on the walls. Cho turned to you.

" You pick a both, I'll get the drinks? " She asked motioning to the counter where the bartender, Madam Rosemerta stood wiping some glasses with a rag. You nodded pulling out your wallet and taking out four sickles.

" I'll buy. " You say, giving her the coins.

" Okay. " She mutters, walking over to the counter.

You turn around, looking more closely at the students sitting in the boths. Rodger Davies was sitting in the corner with a Hufflepuff girl, a few Slytherin quidditch players sat at a little table in the middle. There was a both full of adult witches and wizards drinking happily out of large tankards filled with what must've been Fire Whiskey, judging by the strong smell traveling to your nose. You look to the other side of the pub and saw more students that you didn't reconize. You noticed Harry Potter sitting at a both, with his usual company Hermione...and Ron.

Well I know where I want to sit... You think, walking slowly to the both next to theirs. You sit down, placing you Christmas present in the corner of the table against the wall.

Your back is to them, and you can hear them talking, and reconize Ron's voice out of the other two's.

" I can't believe you guys are leaving me here over Christmas... " He was saying. He sounded disapointed, but not angry. Your heart all but stops as you hear his last words. leaving me here over Christmas...

" I'm really sorry Ron, but I skipped my parent's ski trip last year, and I'd feel really bad if I missed it this year. " You hear Hermione say. She sounded guilty. Harry spoke next.

" Yeah, Remus says that since the threat is so big right now that I should stay over at our house by myself with least until I'm settled in...I still can't believe I left the Dursley's. " He said, souding quite the opposite of Hermione. He was talking as if the best thing in the world was moving.

" Oh Harry, I'm so happy for you... " Hermione started. You didn't hear the rest of her sentence, because Cho was now arriving at your both, with two large mugs of Butter bear. She sat them down on the table and sat across from you.

" Wow...good job with the seating, nice view... " She said, letting her voice fade as she looked behind you. You knew she was staring at Harry...and Harry probably knew as well. You grab your steaming mug and raise it to your mouth, taking a long sip. Cho was talking...but you weren't paying much attention. All you can think about is what you've just heard. Ron is staying at school for Christmas.

You sat there with Cho for about another thirty minutes, until Mandy, Lisa, and Marietta came in and sat theirselves down next to you. You have absolutely no idea what the other girls talked about through out the rest of the trip. But you were still smiling as you climbed your dormitory stairs that same night, your diary clutched in your hand.

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Troubled: Hogsmeade


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