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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 - The Portable Library
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 1 - The Portable Library

Hello everyone. This is my first story about Harry at Hogwarts. My other stories are either before or after he is there. I hope you enjoy it and please don't forget to review! If you like this story you may like my other stories, Living as Dead and Fear of Love. Thax to everyone that reviewed those!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez


The summer sun beat down on the houses of Privet Drive, like a cake in an oven. People were stooped up inside, trying to avoid the heat. The black tar on the neatly laid roads was sizzling like a fry pan. Illusions of water could be seen across the black burning death. A single bird lay on the road. Dead from heat exhaustion, dead from dehydration.

A boy stood looking out the window. He felt sorry for that bird. He watched it's helpless form on the road. He wanted to go out and save it. But he knew it was already dead.

Harry took his eyes away from the window and back onto his desk. A few books lay open on it surface, but Harry had refused to read them. He felt he needed distractions away from the distractions, but it did not help. (A/N Distractions being his mourning for Sirius)

The whole summer holidays he spent mourning his godfather's death. It was all his fault, he would tell himself, as if he had killed him single handily.

Few letters in unopened envelopes were thrown across the desk. The neat handwriting of Hermione was among them, as well as the scribble of Ron’s. Harry knew they told him nothing, and that there was no use in opening them.

They would usually say:

Dear Harry,
Everything is fine. We are both at the Order and awaiting your arrival. You should be here any day now! We promise! Nothing new, still don’t know what's happening in the meetings!


...And that was weeks ago. He had given up writing to the Order to tell them he was okay. They never replied or told him when he would be leaving. They just ignored his letters. Harry would write he was okay, but Harry was not okay. He had been locked in his room for the past weeks of the holidays. Some days not even being fed. His body had not grown skinny, though and he was glad, but he had a sickly pale look.

“Harry! GET DOWN HERE NOW!” bellowed Uncle Vernon from the rooms below. Harry raised an eyebrow and mentally told his Uncle, ‘I can’t come down here, you big oaf! I am locked in my room, you locked me in yourself!’ But as soon as Harry reached the door, it magically swung open.

Harry reluctantly jogged down the stairs, missing every second or third step. He was scared of what Uncle Vernon would do to him.

“Yes, Uncle Vernon?” Harry asked as he entered the living room.

“Have you written to those freaks of yours. I don’t want them turning up on my doorstep again!” Harry smirked at this. Hedwig hadn’t come back in time once for Harry to send a letter to the Order. Lupin and Moody had turned up on the Dursley’s door step, asking questions. This made Uncle Vernon very angry and he pushed Harry down the stairs that same night. Harry knew that crying to the Order only made things worse, he didn't want to seem like a cry baby who didn’t know how to look after himself.

“Actually, now I think of it. I don’t think I have.” Harry smirked at this, knowing it would peeve his Uncle off. But what he said had been the wrong thing.

“WHAT?” His uncle shouted, causing Harry to jump. He grabbed his nephew by the arms and shook him. His grip was tight and Harry tried to wriggle out of it. “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” He suddenly threw Harry into the glass dining table, causing it to shatter beneath Harry’s weight.

Harry could taste blood in his mouth. He was lying on the floor surrounded by glass. Glass was sticking out of his back at odd angles.

“Stupefy!” Harry heard someone yell. The Order had come. Harry tried to get up, but his head throbbed and he watched the world fall into an uneasy swirl of blackness.


Harry shifted, and was suddenly aware of what pain was in his back. He slowly and painfully climbed up and sat on a chair in the lounge. It was now his job to take out the separate pieces of glass from his pale body. Harry pulled the first piece out and winced in pain. A deep slash appeared at that spot and blood streamed out.

“Harry, let me help you.” It was a strange thing for Dudley to say to a person he had most hated all his life. Harry looked at his cousin and smiled in thankfulness. During that summer, Dudley had actually been kind to Harry. Harry wondered if Uncle Vernon had been abusing his son as well, because bruises could be seen on his arms. But Dudley, being the person that he was, said that they were from his boxing.

Dudley, pulled the separate pieces of glass out of Harry’s back as Harry tried not to cower from the pain.

“Did my dad do this to you? I heard shouting.” He asked. Harry nodded. How could he be so brave, he had just been scarred by glass wounds from his Uncle, and he hadn’t even shed a tear.

“Harry?” A voice was heard from the doorway. Leaning against the door frame, with his arms crossed in front of him, was no other than Remus Lupin. Harry’s eyes widened when he saw, Tonks, Moody and Professor McGonagall standing behind him.

The last real Marauder walked over to Harry and flicked his wand. The cuts on his back disappeared and Dudley jumped back at this action. He fled into the kitchen holding his bottom and biting his tongue.

Harry laughed and looked up at his ex-DADA professor in anticipation. What was going to happen now. They had seen him being abused. They surely couldn’t let him stay here any longer. They stood their in silence discusted at what had happened. Lupin finally broke the uneasy silence.

“We think it is time you came back to the Order, you will be safe there.” Lupin said, a horrified look on his face at what he had just witnessed.

Harry stood up and followed Tonks upstairs to pack his trunk. On the way up he heard Moody exclaim, “He has bruises all over his body, Remus.”

“Just let him be, Moody.” Remus replied, but he stared at Harry as he climbed the creaking stairs.


Harry collected his books and letters he had left on his desk and threw them into his trunk. Tonks helped him by placing the spell she had used the year before on his clothes to be brought into his trunk.
She didn't speak the whole time, as if worried for Harry, or scared for that matter.

After a couple of minutes, and a huge mess in his trunk, later, Harry and Tonks brought it down stairs to the lounge.

“Harry, you will be needing this.” McGonagall said as she showed him an old milkshake container, which Harry assumed was a portkey. She looked at him with a hint of pity on her face. But Harry didn’t care, he was going to back to be with his friends. But then again, he was going back to his Godfather’s house. The one Sirius grew up in and practically died in.

He reluctantly grabbed the container and felt the familiar pull behind the naval as he was swished away to Grimmauld Place.


The carpet of Grimmauld Place’s lounge was an unearthly red colour. It reminded Harry too much of blood. Now the mixture of soot and carpet gave it a sickly brown colour. Harry had found himself lying on the ground at number 12.

He could feel the pain grow in his shoulders as he pushed himself off the ground. The sun shone through the windows, and the air of the house was no longer a stuffy smell of mould, but now a refreshing, sweet smell.

Suddenly the other Order members who had gone to get Harry appeared with a loud crack. Lupin had his trunk and Tonks had hedwig. Both Moody and McGonagall were standing with their wands outstretched in front of them. It was a strange sight.

“You made it back, Potter.” Moody said flatly.

“Yes...” Harry said, frowning at the absurdity of the question. Of course Harry had made it back. It was him standing there in the flesh.

“Harry, Ron and Hermione are up stairs. We will come with you to take your stuff up.” Lupin told him.

Harry climbed the creaky old stairs to the house. He didn’t skip two of three like he normally did, he only took each step at a time.

“Harry!” Harry heard a shout from down one of the corridors.

“Hello Neville, what are you doing here?” Harry asked his fellow school mate. He motioned for Lupin to take them into the room without him. Neville had grown a lot over the holidays, and was no longer the chubby, clumsy school kid. He was much taller and seemed to actually have a smarter look about him.

“My grams dropped me off. Hermione offered to tutor me over the holidays, and my gram made me do it. I think I am getting smarter!” Neville exclaimed. Harry felt happy for his friend, who obviously needed some tutoring. Neville wandered over to a room and motioned for Harry to come to.

“Look who’s here!” Neville exclaimed. Ron, Hermione and Ginny looked up from their games and books to see who it was.

“Harry!” Hermione yelled as she flung herself around his neck. Ron stepped up form his game of exploding snap and gave Harry a brotherly hug.

“We haven't heard from you all summer, we were starting to get worried.” Ginny stated from her sitting spot on the ground.

“It’s not my fault.” Harry said, knowing that that was a lie. Of course it was Harry’s fault, but he wasn’t going to tell them that.

“Was it those Muggles? Were they treating you badly?” Ron asked.

Harry hung his head low and pulled up his sleeve of his shirt. The bruises from when Uncle Vernon had grabbed him had shown. He showed his friends and heard them gasp.

“Those bloody Muggles. Let me show them....!” Ron started. Hermione grabbed him before he knew what he was doing.

“No reason to get rash, Ron. Here Harry.” Hermione flicked her wand and the bruises on his body were gone.

“Thanks... Hang on minute. You’re allowed to do magic?” Harry asked, astonished.

“Only me and Neville. I am tutoring him.” Harry watched the jealous look on Ron’s face as he sat back down on the floor in a clump.

“That’s wonderful, Hermione.” Harry said, without the slightest happiness in his voice. He wanted to do magic as well.

“Harry, don’t be jealous. Dumbledore told us that when you came, we could all do magic inside this house. We were granted permission from the Ministry.” Hermione stated in a serious voice.

“He did? I didn’t know that!” Ron said quickly. Hermione laughed at her friend.

“He only told us every time he came to visit!” Ginny said as she rolled her eyes. Harry made his way over to the bed and sat down next to Hermione, who had been reading books again.

He picked up one of her many books and examined it. The writing on the front was in Ancient Runes and Harry couldn’t make out a single word, let alone one letter.

“Guess what Harry! My parents won the Lottery!” Hermione said in an excited voice.

“What a lotterow?” Ron asked. Obviously Hermione hadn’t told anyone yet.

“A 'Lottery'.It’s like a competition to win money, Ron.” Harry told his friend.

“Oh... Your parents won money?” Ron asked.

“A lot of money! They gave me some for my year at Hogwarts, along with some for my birthday present.” Hermione said, a huge grin crossed her face. Harry knew what she was going to buy, and suddenly what he was thinking came out of her mouth.

“I am going to buy books! I have been looking in the Daily Prophet, at the buyers section. Someone was selling a trunk, which has two keys. The first key you put in turns it into a normal trunk and the second is a room which you can go into. I ordered it through the paper and it should be coming today!” Harry raised an eyebrow and remembered what had happened in his fourth year. One of those rooms was used to store not only belongings, but an entire professor.

“That's wonderful, Hermione!” Harry said. There was now going to be a library in the Gryffindor tower. But Harry wasn’t going to be allowed to use it because boys weren't allowed in the girls dorms.

“Oh and don’t worry Harry, you will be able to use it. Sixth year boys and above can go into the girls dorms. I think the founders of Hogwarts thought they were mature enough. I don’t know why... Silly really...” Hermione told them as if she was reading Harry’s mind. Ron frowned, but decided not to take his mental argument any further.

Hermione suddenly squealed as she saw twelve tiny flapping figures in the distance carrying a large box. She ran to the window and watched the owls bring the trunk closer.

When the owls reached the window, they magically squeazed through and placed the trunk on the ground. One owl reached up to Hermione and offered her a pouch. Hermione frowned.

“Oh no! I haven’t changed my money to wizard money!” She squealed in disappointment.

“Don’t worry Hermione. How much was it?” Harry asked. Hermione told him and thanked him for his kindness. He handed her a fist full of gold coins.

“I will pay you back when we go to Diagon Ally.” Hermione told him.

Hermione placed the coins in the pouch and was handed a set of keys. There were two keys on the key ring, one gold and one silver. Hermione giggled and placed the gold key into the trunk’s lock.

It sprung open revealing a normal trunk. Nothing was inside the trunk, so Hermione fiddles for the next key.

“This must be the normal trunk” She stated. Ron gave her a look as if to say ‘No duh!” But he refrained from speaking.

Hermione placed the second, silver key in the lock and lifted up the lid. Coming from the trunk's opening was a set of old wooden stairs. Hermione motioned for the others to make their way down them.

The room inside was not that big, but it was big enough for what Hermione had in plan. Several bookshelves lined the wall and a couple of forgotten books were scattered across the floor. Hermione strolled over to the books on the floor and examined them, squealing that they were books she could find useful, she place them on the bookshelves.

Hermione suddenly ran up stairs to the room. Harry, Ron, Ginny and Neville, exchanged glances and climbed the stairs to help Hermione.

They made there way to Hermione and Ginny’s room to help Hermione fetch some books. Hermione’s trunk was full of them. They were stashed in at odd angles and corners of her trunk. She had to have an extra bag for some of her other things, because she couldn’t fit them in there.

Harry picked up a copy of Hogwarts: A History and made a vow never to read it, he all ready had a walking version of that book, Hermione. He picked up more books and placed them in his hands, before taking them back to the boy's bedroom.

The bookshelves suddenly started to fill up and Hermione decided that instead of going and grabbing them all, she would teach Neville to use the spell, ‘Accio’, which took a couple of turns for him to master. First he summoned for Hermione’s night gown, and then Ginny’s clock. But before long, he two was summoning for books. Harry, Ron and Ginny helped, by summoning some themselves. It seemed that what Dumbledore had told them would happen, had taken it's effect already. After one of the three bookshelves was filled and there were no more books up stairs, they made their way back into the bedroom.

As they reached the ground, Harry noticed a barn owl sitting on the table. He walked towards it and five Hogwarts letters fell into his hands.

“Our Hogwarts letters are here.” He exclaimed to his friends as he flung them into their hands.

“Oh my! We get our OWL results back!” Hermione said. Harry had forgotten about his OWL’s and wasn’t really sure that it was a good thing to be getting at that very moment.

“Why don’t we go one at a time to see what each others are. Then if there were something that we were bad at, we can help each other in the future for better results." Neville looked a small bit weary, but agreed with Hermione. She opened her letter first and giggled in delight.

“I got all O’s!” She exclaimed, as ten shiny gold badges fell out from her letter. She showed her letter to the others. They all smiled for her, but looked at tad jealous. She tehn pinned them onto her top in delight.

“Next it can be Harry’s turn” Hermione said. Harry opened his mouth to say something, but decided not to at the last minute. He carefully opened the back of his letter and read the first couple of lines.

Dear Mr Potter,

We are glad to say that you will be returning to Hogwarts this year. You life long ban of Quidditch has been lifted and you have been named Quidditch captain for your team. Congratulations...

Harry didn’t need to read the rest of the letter. He pulled out a shiny Quidditch captain badge and rolled it over in his hands.

“You made quidditch captain!” Ron exclaimed, but Harry heard a slight tone of jealousy in his voice.

“Does that mean that you’re seeker again?” Ginny asked. Harry nodded and she frowned. “I never gave up the position.” She exclaimed.

“You will have to now.” Harry smirked. Ginny laughed. She had actually wanted to be chaser. “So you will be chaser then?” Ginny nodded and giggled again. Harry slowly put the captians badge on his T-shirt.

“Am I still Keeper?” Ron asked anxiously. Harry laughed at this and looked at his friend’s face.

“Of course.” he said.

“Can we look at your owl results, please Harry?” Hermione asked. Harry pulled out another piece of parchment from the envelope and looked down at his results.

It read:

Care of Magical Creatures - O
Charms - EE
Defence Against the Dark Arts - OO
Divination - A
Herbology - EE
Potions - O
Transfiguration - O
History of Magic - A
Astronomy - EE

“What does OO stand for, Hermione?” Hermione took his letter from him and her mouth hung open. She read the rest of his letter and handed it to Ron to have a look.

“It means Overly Outstanding. That is the best you can get, and most intelligent people only get Outstanding. Professor Dumbledore got OO for all his subjects, I read it in Hogwarts: A History. Did you do anything to impress the examiners?” Hermione asked. Harry raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, I showed them my Patronous.” Harry told her.

“That must be why. That's very advanced magic, Harry. Most adult witches and wizards can’t even do them.” She explained to Harry.

Harry tipped his letter upside down and seven small badges fell out. Three gold ones fell out, three silver, two bronze and a black one with Defence Against the Dark Arts written on it. The letters were twirled around OO. Hermione grabbed the last one off him to examine it.

“Ron, its your turn.” Ginny sighed, looking up from her Hogwarts letter. She hadn’t gotten her OWL’s, they would come the following year. Her letter would say that she had been given the role as Chaser in the Griffindor Quidditch team, instead of Seeker.

Ron opened his letter and let seven small badges fall out onto his lap. There were two gold ones, three silver ones and four bronze coloured badges. Ron handed Harry his list with a smug look on his face.

It read:

Care of Magical Creatures - O
Charms - EE
Defence Against the Dark Arts - O
Divination - A
Herbology - EE
Potions - A
Transfiguration - EE
History of Magic - A
Astronomy - A

“Oh Ron, You got and O in Defece as well! Well done.” Hermione exclaimed. Neville started to open his letter before anyone asked him.

Two gold badges fell out, along with five bronze and a sicky green one. A huge grin was placed across Neville’s face as he took out his letter.

“Oh wow Neville! Well done!” Hermione said.

Neville handed his letter over to Harry and Ron to see.

It read.

Care of Magical Creatures - A
Charms - A
Defence Against the Dark Arts - O
Herbology - O
Potions - P
Transfiguration - A
History of Magic - A
Astronomy - A

“I see the DA really payed off. Does that mean you don’t have to do Potions again?” Ron asked. Neville smiled and nodded. “Lucky” Harry heard Ron mutter.

“Mrs Weasley said that we will be going to Diagon Ally tomorrow, to get out books.” Hermione said.

“I think I want one of those trunks.” Harry said. Neville and Ron nodded as well. But Harry knew that they wouldn’t have enough money to buy one. He frowned for a moment and decided he was going to buy them one each. They couldn’t be that expensive.

“KIDS! LUNCH IS READY!” Shouted Mrs Weasley from down stairs and the five teenagers made their way down to the kitchen.

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