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Wishes by Wildmage
Chapter 13 : Sandry\'s Wish
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I thought it would be pretty cool if I put my own little chapter in. Just a quick note, really, to say I really enjoyed writing 'Wishes', and I hope you all enjoy reading it. I got the idea from Pinnochio, when the old man wishes on a star. I even have my own 'wish upon a star'.
I wish, I wish, on shooting star, that all the young writers out there realise their potential, and start getting their stories down on paper, or on a website where everyone can read them.

As you know, I'd like it if you reviewed. Even though I don't mind a little bit of constructive critisism (advice), please don't be horrible, cos if you are, I'll find your stories and leave horrible comments, so there!

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Wishes: Sandry\'s Wish


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