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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 6 : Voldemorts Fury
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On the far side of the hill there is a small crook. To the passer-by it isn't much just a little jut, in reality it is the entrance to the lair of Voldemort. A labyrinth of passageways and corridors. all leading to different rooms. all showing a different set of doors when you exit the room. Only Lord Voldemort knew which passage to take. Those that followed him got absolutely lost sometimes. Everyone who could avoided his path today. He was not happy, not at all. Apparently Lucius, one of his highest supporters and a death eater had made a gigantic mistake.


"My lord, I don't know what I've done that makes you so angry, tell me and I will rectify it, just tell me!" Lucius was cowering, on his knees hoping that his lord wouldn't curse him again.

"Don't raise you're voice at me! You are but an insignificant worm! It is Draco I need, his talents would be more important than you, you're family and everyone else combined! You think that by letting him stay in that house he will be able to serve ME better! You fool, he's already forgotten to be scared of you! It's only a matter of time before he learns who he truly is. If we lose Draco, I swear you will pay in every way." Voldemort leaned in close to Lucius barely speaking the last words, his breath rushed across Lucius's face showing him exactly how he felt, and exactly what he would do. His final words were the softest but most frightening thing Lucius had ever heard. He hadn't even told the Dark Lord that three other Slytherins were in that house as well. Wait until Christmas time when the parents tell the Dark Lord that their children were in that house, maybe he could feign that he didn't know about them. That might fly, he just had to find a disposable pensive. Why did Voldemort explode over Draco's new house? Draco was loyal, there was nothing he wouldn't do for me, Maybe I should pay a visit. See my dear son, try some verbal persuasion. Lucius quickly apparated out of the dungeon when he was high enough up, his entire body quivering with pain, his wife would indeed be in for some pain tonight.

~ Leonoras Diary ~

Dear Diary,
I've been trying to stay away from that wand, but it calls, the call is so powerful. My fairy Trima says that I shouldn't worry, everything will fall into place. I don't know if it will, I know Hermione's worried. She'll meet up with Harry tomorrow, she loves him so much. I think its almost torn them apart to be separate for so long.

I've been noticing two things lately, that Ron is quite handsome but he seems to be so sure of himself, though Lily a girl in our house really fancies him, I think I'll tell him when I see him next that Lily likes him a lot. I've also noticed Draco. Since I met him he's actually gotten nicer. He was rambling a bit the first few sessions we had, and oddly enough he has gotten faster and better, his fairy says that he is just training him better. I doubt it, I talked to Draco briefly and he said that his food is tasting better, were his other house-mates poisoning him?

I've been reading about the famous Harry Potter, he's got quite a history, but I know that Dumbledore and him have been talking about the coming era. One where Voldemort will fight to have the right to rule the world. I don't know if he should be able to rule the world, but thats his prerogative.

I think one of my powers are starting to appear, I keep hearing peoples thoughts, their inner ideas, I asked Trima about it and she started testing me, she said if I reach the level of being able to penetrate the queen then no one will be able to hide their thoughts from me, isn't that interesting? I suppose thats alright.

Hermione's own power is starting to appears as well, she said she was going to create a book, I think she didn't even know why she wanted to but when she was starting to create the spell her book appeared before her, she's made some kind of book that displays everything she's ever learned, its actually really interesting. We wanted to know if it would bring up relevant facts as well, and it does! Our potions essay was so easy because she concentrated on the book and it showed all the effects of the potions and related things, its like some kind of comparative archive!

We we're study a boggart we found in a cupboard the other day, when I looked at it it changed into myself, but older. It was really familiar. I felt like I knew it, and I was feeling so small, so insignificant. I just wanted to cry and run away. Hermione got rid of the vile thing though. I don't know who that was, Hermione said that it looked like how I was afraid I would look in the future, I don't think its that. Today is the anniversary of my first day with the Gypsies. I met them 6 years ago, they said they would take me in and protect me with all their power until they couldn't anymore. I guess sending me away was the only thing they could do.

Leo stops for a moment she flips to the back of her diary and sees the note mama Drinis sent with her, it was a note telling her that when she first arrived at the camp she cried herself to sleep saying "momma don't please don't I'll be good I promise MOMMA!" Her last scream always woke the camp up, but her new mama said it was alright, she would forget. Oddly enough she did, the dreams went away and her hair would stop igniting. mama Drinis said in the note that she should always look for her other half. It would be the key or the knot to her failure. Leo hung her head low, and he curls fell over her shoulder. The enchantment that mama Drinis had put on her was starting to wear off. It was her own insistence to look spectacular. Her eyes were a little less vivid, and her hair started to show roots of being a soft brown, the hints of gold were still there but not as vibrant as they had originally been.

"Leo?" Leo jumped at Hermione's voice she'd been in a trance of sorts, she quickly snapped her diary shut, and she turned all her attention to Hermione.

"Oh Hermione I didn't see you there, do you need something?" Hermione thought that Leo looked even more tired then lately, maybe she wasn't getting enough sleep.

"I just wanted to tell you that Draco is looking for you downstairs, he says he wanted to show you something." Leo nodded her head and watched as Hermione left to go to the bathroom, or something.

"Oh okay, I'll be right down." I wonder what Draco wants, maybe we were scheduled to train together. The fairies do that a lot, at first I was really annoyed but now. well its alright.

~ The wand ~

It's not working any more, I can't even draw into her thoughts. Stupid girl, I need fresh blood, I need to be revived! I can barely reach out to anyone, its been so long. I need some substance, ah a rat!
here little rat come to me, thats right sniff my tip....

That was satisfying, a little bit longer I will wait... only a little bit longer.

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