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Living as Dead by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14 - The End of the Beginning
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Living as Dead

Chapter 14 - The End of the Beginning

I am so Sorry guys. But this is the end! But If you watch and wait, soon enough the sequel to this story will come out. Follwed by the prequels and other stories I shall write! I really hoped you enjoyed this story and please tell me what you thought of the whole thing! (I am quite proud!) Oh and that Izavella character(her name isn't spelt wrong! It is Izavella not Izabella, Charlie's wife), she plays a huge role in in the sequel and the prequels. So you shall be seeing her alot in the stories!

Thanx again!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez



Harry slowly fell out of unconsciousness and found himself lying on the ground outside the Order Headquarters. He felt his head throbbing softly and tried to stand up, off the ground, but his foot gave way and he fell to the ground again. He most have broken it in the fall. He examined his body and saw his arm hang loosely to his side, it was dislocated. Harry slowly and painfully popped it back into place.

He suddenly heard a shout coming from upstairs. He looked up and saw several faces in one of the windows. There was Lupin’s, Ella’s, Mrs Weasley, Ron’s and Hermione’s faces, as well as many others standing behind them in the darkness.

Harry quickly stood up; unaware of the pain his ankle was causing him and made his way up the stairs to the room his friends were in.

As he got to the door, it clicked open as if his wand less powers had clicked in, even without him knowing.

“Harry!” everyone yelled at once. Which Harry had to confess, sounded very strange with all the voice tones. He was engulfed one by one in many bone crunching hugs.

“Harry, thank goodness you’re alive.” Remus brought him into a brotherly hug.

“You beat him!”

“You beat you-know-who!”

“We all saw you!”

Everyone started to shout at Harry at once, until Harry saw Sirius, standing alone in the corner. His face was tear ridden and he shuddered as he looked out the window.

“Sirius?” Harry asked.

Sirius turned to meet Harry and a smile swept over his wet face. He gave Harry a huge hug and wouldn’t let go.

“I thought I had lost you! Harry please don’t leave me again. I am sorry!” That was enough for Harry as he mentally forgave his Godfather and returned the hug.

After being released a question popped into his mind.

“Where did you guys go? I mean, why are you here?” Harry asked them.

“After you said he was here, Harry, we all appeared in this room. We have been trying for the past, god knows, how many hours to get out and aid you.” Mr Weasley exclaimed. His voice wavered a small bit in relief.

“We watched you from the window. You were amazing Harry!” Ella exclaimed. Harry felt a great gratitude towards his ex-DADA teacher. She had taught his how to keep cool in situations like that and had practically led him to defeating Lord Voldemort.

“Harry, we really wish we were there to help you!” Hermione cut in.

“I was so worried, mate!” Ron said giving Harry a brotherly hug. This was another person Harry mentally forgave. It was not really anyones fault that these two had a fued. They just neede some time!

“When it was over, we thought you were dead. We shouted for ages and you finally woke up.” Tonks exclaimed, a worried look was etched across her normally beautiful face. She sat Harry down on a chair and fixed his ankle and arm for him.

“Hang on a minute!” Harry exclaimed. “If Voldemort found me. That means that someone told him. I mean with the secret keeping and everything.”

“That’s my fault, Harry.” An old voice was heard form the doorway. “I knew you had to beat him some way or another. I knew that it was your fate. I told him, only knowing that you would beat him.” Dumbledore stepped into the room. “I’m sorry, Harry, please forgive me.”

“Its alright, professor.” Harry said, forgiving his old head master.

“I am so glad you are alright.” Dumbledore said as he did something he had never done before. He gave Harry a hug. Harry felt a warm gratitude towards this human being. He had taught him everything in riddles, that were only uncovered when the time had come to understand.

“Oh, and Harry. Please call me Albus.”


Hello everyone. Its me again. I just wanted to tell you that I have started to write a prequel to this story. It is set in Harry's sixth year and is called Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants. I know its a corny name, but I try,.. If you liked this story please read and review that one. I have just started so It may not be all that good yet, but oh well. The first chapter of my new story is the longest I have every written, even if it is only around 3 of 4 thousand words long. The second chapter isn't that long, but it didn't really need to be there, so anyways. I hope you enjoyed this and will enjoy my stories to come!

Thanx everyone!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

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Living as Dead: Chapter 14 - The End of the Beginning


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