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Living as Dead by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12 - Telling the Truth
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Living as Dead

Chapter 12 - Telling the Truth

Look guys I am so sorry I didn't update sooner, I know you love to read, so I decided to update now. I have been very busy at school and now that the term is coming to an end, I can finally write more! Thanx for you kind reviews everyone!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez


“What’s wrong with Harry?” a voice came from the side of Harry’s bed. It was a sweet motherly voice, but only in a voice of concern. Hermione and Ron had come to see if Harry was alright.

Harry had been asleep for almost the whole day after the visit to the hospital. During that time Tonks and Lupin had come back to the Order. Harry had heard a commotion going on down stairs, but he refused to get out of bed. He felt like his body wouldn’t co-operate with him for some reason or another.

But he knew that it was not his body. Harry knew that he had gotten over the pain in his legs and could now walk. But was sleeping in bed all day doing anything good for his health? He could feel the pain all over his body, a pain from doing something for too long, a pain for being stooped up in his bedroom for too long.

“Harry, are you awake?” Ron asked in a serious tone. Harry didn’t respond, his mind was off in some other realm. Ron gently gave Harry a nudge and pulled back to his standing position.

Harry turned his head to meet his best friend.

“Yes?” He said in a rather sharp tone. He felt like shrinking under the covers after he said this, it wasn’t a very nice thing to say.

Hermione and Ron almost jumped back at the bitterness their friend was showing them.

“What’s wrong with you?” Hermione asked, now in a more furious tone.

“Sorry.” Harry exclaimed, actually shrinking under his covers this time.
“Its okay Harry, we know you aren’t feeling too well.” Hermione said changing her expression. She stared at Ron, who after a while, nodded in agreement.

“Are you going to come down for dinner? Mum’s made something really specky tonight, because Tonks is back.” Ron explained to him.

Harry shrugged and climbed out of his bed. He was still wearing what he worn the day before. He hadn’t bothered to get changed when he apparated back to Grimauld place.

He slipped on him robe and closed the door behind him, making his way over to the stairs. The creaked under his wait as he ascended down them.

“Harry your awake!” exclaimed Mrs Weasley as he arrived in the heavily crowded kitchen. Many of the Order members seemed to have dropped in for dinner.

He sat down between Ron and Remus and starred out the window. The sky was rapidly changing form a deep red colour to the dark deep blue of the night sky.

Harry was torn from his moment of peace when he heard Moody talking to a couple of other order members.

“I am sure he is safe Moody, I’m sure he is himself” An Order member Harry had never seen before said.

“I just have a feeling. Something is not right. What if he is under the Imperious Curse or something. He could be a spy.” Moody said in a hushed tone.

They all looked over at Harry who quickly looked away. But after a few moments of watching Ron eat himself stupid, he looked back at the secretive group.

“You over everyone else should know, Moody. Harry is immune to the curse. He can fight it off in seconds.” Harry heard Tonks say. She was looking better, but a distressed look on her face told Harry that she didn’t want anything to do with this conversation.

“It was not me teaching Harry that year, you must know that.” Moody said, quite offended.

“Anyway, Harry has defiantly not turned, what ever you say.” Harry recognised the fourth person sitting there in the group. It was Harry old defence teacher from his seventh year, her name was Izavella D’Evelynes. No matter how much her name said, she was a completely different person inside. Her great grandmother had been a Veela and the beauty had been passed down through the years, but Izavella was just another British woman who had taken up the job of DADA teacher. She had started at Hogwarts the year James Potter had been named Head Boy. She was good friends with Tonks because she had been at the auror academy during Tonks’s first couple of years.

Harry smiled at her. She had always been kind to Harry in his last year at Hogwarts. He looked her in the eyes, as to say thankyou, when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his forehead. It was a pain that was not forgettable, one that he had felt everyday for the five years he had been gone. He held his forehead in pain, only hoping that no one had seen him wince.

“Harry, what’s wrong?” Izavella asked urgently.

“Nothing... Nothing professor.” Harry said wiping the sweat off his face.

“Please, Harry, call me Ella. And something is the matter, your scar.” She said. At this everyone looked up from what they were eating and stared at Harry.

“I... I don’t know. I think he is angry. It hurts...” Harry said, standing up from his chair, clutching his scar. He walked into the living room and collapsed on the old sofa.

The cracks on the roof had been fixed since he last laid his eyes upon them. There was nothing to keep him from taking his mind off the years of pain. A single tear fell down his face as he knew that he would have to fight again, but his thoughts were interrupted by the silhouette of someone leaning on the door frame.

“Harry. Is it You Know Who?” Lupin asked. Harry frowned, but continued to stare at the roof of the living room.

“Harry, answer me.” he said in a more serious tone. Harry slowly removed his eyes from the ceiling and looked his ex-professor in the eyes.

“Yes.” Harry said flatly.

“Is he coming? Does he know where you are? Does he know where the Order is?” Lupin started to ask.

“Yes. He wants me.”

“Well you’d better hide or something. So he can’t find you.” Lupin said suddenly. “We will beat him and make sure you aren’t harmed.”

Harry listened to these kind words of the Werewolf. He knew what he said wasn’t the truth and that Harry had to fight, not hide. He shook his head and got up from his sitting position.

“No, Remus. I have to fight.”

“Harry, you have to hide. He will kill you. You can not beat him, Dumbledore will.”

“You don’t understand...” Harry said annoyed.

“Harry, stop acting like you have the world resting on your shoulders.” Remus frowned. Harry couldn’t do anything but smirk at what Lupin had said, catching the man off guard. He looked at Harry with a questioning look on his face.

“You don’t know do you?” Harry said.

“Don’t know what?” Moony said slowly.

“The prophecy. You don’t know its contents... do you?”

“No, you never told me.”

“I am the only one. I am the only one who can defeat him.” Harry said, as if he was only talking to himself. His voice was no more than an echo from inside his head.

“WHAT?” Remus shouted, making Harry jump backwards. “WHY DIDN”T YOU TELL ME, YOU KNOW YOU CAN TRUST ME.”

“Remus... I couldn’t. Especially after you left me in my seventh year. Left me to fight all by myself. I waited for you, lying on the ground. You didn’t come.”

“I did so. You were dead. I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD.” He shouted again.

A pain beyond recognition spread across Harry’s forehead as he fell to the ground. Lupin fell to the ground beside him.

“Remus, you must believe me. I wasn’t allowed to. You must forgive me though. Please, now isn’t the time to fight.” Harry said in-between gasps of pain.

“Harry... I’m... I’m sorry.” He finished in a sad tone.

“Remus, he’s here.”

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Living as Dead: Chapter 12 - Telling the Truth


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