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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 5 : Asking for Help
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Hermione paced around the owlery, she had written a letter for Harry, but now she was debating whether she should even send it, What if Harry didn't want to help her, she hadn't even talked to Harry since she had switched houses. They had been so excited coming up on the train, They had even talked of making their feelings official, they would have been in the same common room, walking around to classes, making everything work out, and now, she didn't even have his daily support.

"Oh Harry, I don't know if I should even send this to you..."

Hermione slid down against the door, she started to cry, feeling so hopeless, there was no end, if she didn't ask for help than Leo might do something absolutely terrible.

"What are you doing here Granger?" Draco saw Hermione crouched down on the floor, at least she hadn't sat on the floor of the owlery, it had been a long time since they had switched houses and it had been nice. Even his teachers said he was improving.

It was Malfoy, he scared her out of her daze, she stared up at him, silent tears still streaking down her cheeks. He was surprised, Granger crying? He kneeled down to her level and gazed into her chocolate brown eyes, swollen with crying, a new emotion bubbled up in his chest, care.

"Oh, I'm sorry Granger I didn't know you were crying, do you mind if I ask why you were crying? I'd like to help if you could." Draco knelt down beside her, giving her a handkerchief he had in his pocket.

"Malfoy I just I don't know, I mean I want to send this letter but I don't know if I could, What would happen if I didn't send it would be terrible, but if I do send it he might not respond. Oh I don't know what to do." She broke out in a fresh batch of tears, Draco didn't know what to do, so he reached out and enfolded Hermione in his arms, let her sob against his chest, it felt nice to help someone. A part of Hermione couldn't believe she was confiding in Draco, she should be revolted, she should run away, something, but she couldn't.

"Hermione, I don't know who he is, though I think I know, but send the letter, he would never turn you down its not in his heart, and if he does I'll help you with anything you need, just ask." Hermione looked up at Draco she sniffled but nodded, she would send off the letter, Draco was right she hadn't anything to fear, Harry loved her. Draco helped Hermione up, and together they tied the letter to one of the school owls and sent it off to meet its recipient.

~ In the Gryffindor Common Room ~

"Harry do you think Hermione likes it in her new house?" Ron asked Harry questions idly, he'd been thinking a lot about Leo, she was so cute, but he couldn't just go straight out and ask her.

"Well I suppose, but we don't get to see her to often, I guess she's just really busy." Harry didn't want to talk about Hermione, on the train he was so sure they'd be a couple, but now he was nothing, they were nothing.
Just then an owl flew in through an open window over to where Harry and Ron were playing Wizards chess, Ron was winning but that was never a surprise. The owl came to a stop over by Harry's shoulder and waited for him to remove the letter from it's leg. He did so and the owl quickly flew off, not waiting for a pat or rest, guess it must be from within the school. Ron looked over at Harry quizzically.

"Whose it from Harry?" Ron had just called check mate and won again.

"I don't know yet, oh, I do now, can I ask a small favour Ron?"

"Sure what is it Harry?" Ron cocked his head quizzically.

"Could you let me read this in private? I just think I should." Ron slumped his shoulders a bit but decided it was for the best any ways, maybe Harry was sore about losing again.

"Alright, have fun reading!"

Harry opened the letter and began to read what Hermione sent.

Dear Harry, I'm so sorry I haven't sent you anything in a while,
I really wanted to but its so hard with all the work I've been doing.
We've been learning about our inner talents,
Draco has been quite nice actually, I know you would have been worried
about that. I feel like we've drifted away, I'm going to Hogsmeade this weekend,
and well I wanted to go with you, I need to see you. I miss you.

I actually sent this letter to you because I'm worried, That day when you
snuck up on us Leonara found a wand. It calls to her, and thats what worries
me so much, She seems to be attracted to it far too much. I read up on it.
The wand is cursed. Long ago when the Original Terrafin was alive
this was the wand he created for someone, who that is no one knows,
or at least it isn't recorded. I asked Draco for more books on the Terrafin
He found some in his fathers library, but that was no surprise to us. Since
he left the Slytherin house he's actually been a lot nicer, Leo and I have some
ideas, but we want to see you more often. I have been talking to my fairy,
Zildian, She says that since there is the war to worry about and they have
such an excess of fairies they would be willing to teach some of the
'Honourable' students in combat fighting, both with magic and without.
I've already talked to Headmaster Dumbledore, and he agrees. it would be
good for everyone in the order, and those who aren't as well.

But back to Leonara, I got a little off track there for a moment, she's been walking
the corridor where the wand is. I worry for her as it seems to be on her mind
all the time, she said she can even hear it speaking. Thats where we got
the idea to research famous curses. Oh yes, the wand once created didn't
work for the person he intended, and even he couldn't use it. When he
threatened to destroy it someone the unknown we figure put a curse on
it saying that if anyone other than the one true holder touched, they would die
until the true holder touched it. Its horrible I don't want Leo to die, she's been such
a good friend to me. Well if you don't want to meet at Hogsmeade thats alright.
I guess I'll just ask someone else. I would really love to see you soon, We have
so much to catch up on.

Love Hermione

p.s. I've put the cloak in the package below. I'm sorry I forgot to bring it back.

* Hermione, I wondered why you've looked so worried in class, no wonder you're covered in work, practises, and everything. I have to send you a letter, quickly too.*
Harry took out his quill and quickly wrote back to Hermione.

Dear Hermione,
I would love to go to Hogsmeade with you, its been so long since we had talked.
I will help you with Leo's problem, and I'm sure that Ron and few of the
others would love to do combat training we all need it for the upcoming fight.
Careful with Draco, we still don't know what he will do in the end.
I love you, and I always will.
Love Harry.

"That seems right, I hope Leo will be able to hold on until we can get together. Hedwig can you take this to Hermione."

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