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Troubled by Fredslover
Chapter 1 : Your Crush
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Sunlight breakes through the curtains of your four poster bed, nearly blinding you. You roll over onto your other side in hopes of blocking it out. But it's too late, you're already awake. There's a Hogsmeade trip today, it's the last one before the holidays, and Cho would kill you if you were late. Reluctantly you lift your head off your soft comfortable pillow, and fight the over-powering desire to lay it back down again. Groaning gentlyyou sit up, and pull the curtain surrounding you aside so that your dormitory is in full view. As usual at this hour the room is empty. All the girls you share it with are already dressed and downstairs, gracing the rest of the school with their presence. Swinging your feet over the side of the bed, you slowly stand up, and feel all your muscles begin to wake up gradually

Walking over to the mirror, you look into it, and automatically cringe. Your not by any means an ugly person, but your face in the morning is something that no one should have to witness. Stumbling slightly, you make your way over to your trunk, where you pull out a faded pair of jeans, and a dark blue sweater.

One good thing about the weekend and Christams break, you think to yourself: No uniforms...Yawning, you slip out of the sweat suit you slept in, and pull on the sweater and jeans. You quickly find your hair brush amongst the clutter of things around the dresser that's sitting beside Marietta's bed. You run it through your long chestnut tangled hair and wince as you force it through the knots.

You take some blue eye shadow that matches your sweater and brush it onto your eye lids, it's a pretty color and it brings out the dark brown, and the bright greens of your hazel eye's.You pick up a tube of clear lip gloss and slide the tip over your lips. You've never really cared much for make-up but it's an excellent quick fix for that oh-so-annoying morning face.

When your finished and finally satisfied with yourself, you give a quick glance in the full length mirror. Okay, good enough.

Slipping on some old tennis shoes, you grab your wallet, slip it into your back pocket and head down the stairs.

The Ravenclaw common room is empty, except for a few first and second years who are sitting next to the fireplace talking. You smile at them as you pass, and notice that one of them is your brother Nathan. He is wearing an orange fleece shirt and khaki cargo pants, he sort of sticks out when he is hanging out with his other friends. You are both Muggle born, so your clothing is a little different than most full blooded witches and wizards.

" Hey 'Nate. " you say, smiling over at him, but trying to avoid looking any of his friends in the eye. They tend to get a little too talkative, and you find it easier to just say as little as possible to them, so as not to give them any encouragement.

" Hi Morgan. Little early for you to be up isn't it? It's only ten o'clock, I thought the queen of sleep didn't wake up 'til twelve? " He said, mocking your never ending quest for more sleep. He was right, you usually wouldn't be waking up this earliy if you didn't have classes, but since your friends were leaving for the holiday, you decided to go out with them before they left. Besides, I'll just sleep in an extra three hours tommorow. You think, absolutely loving the idea.

" Ha ha, very funny. But I have a Hogsmeade trip to get to, so...I'll be seeing you. " You say, relishing the look on Nathan's face as you turn around and walk out of the common room. Nathan had been whining all summer about wanting to go to Hogsmeade and when you had told him that you had to be in your third year to go, he got angry, and now when anyone even mentions it he gets jealous of you. But since your in your sixth year, the novelty of the little town has worn off a bit, but it's worth going if it annoys Nathan.

The halls weren't all that crowded, but as you reach the entrance to the Great Hall you hear the buzz of people talking, indicating that all of the older students were eating breakfast while they waited for Filch to start letting people off of the grounds.

Stepping into the Great Hall you imediately spot Cho sitting at the Ravenclaw table chatting with her group of shallow, and unbelievibly preppy friends. Cho is your bestfirend, and has been since your first year here, which means that unfortunately you have to associate with her four shadows: Marietta Edgecombe, Padma Patil, Lisa Turpin, and your least favorite Mandy Brocklehurst. You have no idea why Cho hangs out with those girls, but you do know that when those girls aren't around and Cho is just hanging out with you, she's actually a pretty decent person.

No one looks at you as you walk over to where Cho is sitting. As you pass the Gryffindor table however you catch a glimpe of your crush...Ron Weasley is sitting with his two close friends, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. For some reason you find yourself staring at Ron, you don't mean to, it just sort of happens. Then all of a sudden Ron looks up without stopping his conversation with Harry and catches your eye. You weren't expecting this, and you quickly look away, feeling the heat rise in you face.

Feeling totally mortified you sit down next to Cho, trying to compose yourself. When she notices you Cho turns around smiling.

" 'Bout time you woke up, I thought you were going to be late. " She said, running a hand through her long dark hair. You utter your reply but nothing comes out, but a grunt. You clear your throat and try again.

" Yeah, sorry. " You mutter, feeling yourself calm down considerably. You look across the table and see Mandy staring at you the way she always does. You throw her a very fake smile and turn back to Cho, who is talking to Marietta about some guy who just transferred to Hogwarts.

Feeling slightly less hungry than normal, but needing something to do, you start filling your plate with eggs and sausage. Before you start eating you can't help but to through another glance at Ron. He of course is still talking to Harry, with Hermione just sitting next to them listening intently.

What I wouldn't give to be Hermione Granger... You think wishfully.

Two glasses of orange juice and three eggs later Mr. Filch walked slowly into the Great Hall, with Mrs. Norris trotting at his feet.

" Poor bloke, " Mandy whispered to Lisa who leaned over the table to hear her. " He's so hidious he has to buy a cat to be his girl friend... " She finished, sending Lisa into a fit of laughter. You roll your eyes when Cho isn't looking, then gave Filch your full attention.

" Everyone who is planning on going to Hogsmeade this morning, be at the school's entrance in five minutes... " He growled, looking up at Dumbledore, who nodded and then walking out, muttering to Mrs. Norris.

You wipe your hands on your jeans and turn to Cho who has finished talking to Marietta, and was now shoveling her neglected oatmeal into her mouth. You laugh as a big glop of it drips off her spoon and lands right in the middle of her plaid green and blue skirt. She squeled, dropping her spoon into her bowl.

" Shoot! Oh my gosh, look what I did... " She moaned, looking like it was the end of the world. You hand her your napkin, and she starts wiping the oatmeal off her skirt.

" Hurry up, we have to leave in a minute. " You say, watching as people start getting up around you. Marietta, Lisa and Mandy all got up, telling Cho that they were gonig to go ahead and leave, and that they'd meet her in Three Broomsticks later. Cho completely ignores them and sighs as she stops wiping at the spot.

" Oh, it's not coming out! " She said, starting to panic, as she looked at something beyond your head. You laugh again. It's just oatmeal...

" Whats the big deal, you can hardly see it. " You lie as your eyes rest on the gigantic spot in the middle of her other wise pretty skirt, that you could never pull off.

" Yes you can! Oh my gosh! He's comimg, he's coming! Quick hide the stain! " She said, her voice sounding eerily like Lisa's. You reconized that tone, it was the one she only used when she was thinking, or talking about certain boy. You stand up, pulling her up with you, she positions herself so that her skirt is intirely out of view. You turn around and see Harry Potter walking casually with Ron and Hermione at each of his sides.

You imediately tense up, Ron isn't even looking at you yet and your getting warm. You feel Cho behind you shifting around, making sure that Harry couldn't see her bottom half. Harry, and the other two made there way toward the place where you and Cho were standing.

" Hey Harry. " Cho says, sounding totally calm and collected. Harry looks over at her, then he seemed to register who it was that was talking to him. He sighed and gave a slight wave.

" Hello Cho. " He said nodding over to her. He looked calm as well, but you knew that he wasn't even trying to act natural, you had known for a while now that Harry didn't fancy Cho anymore. Cho probably knew too, but she wasn't one to give up that easily.

You looked away from Harry, and at Ron. And once again, he met your eye's. You were prepared this time and didn't quite look away in a hurry, instead you smiled what you hoped looked like a normal nice-to-see-you smile. To your relief, it must have been normal enough, because he smiled back.

" Hey Morgan. " He said. Your stomach drops considerably, you hadn't thought of what you were going to do if he actually responded to your bold actions. You want to say hi, but your voice isn't working. Your brain is yelling at it to speak, but it wont budge. Finally your mouth twitches, and you think that you have enough control over it to say something.

" H-hi Ron. " You say, cursing your shaky voice. But it doesn't matter. After your response, Ron turns around and walks away. You see Hermione lean her head close to Harry's ear and whisper something, Harry grins and continues out of the Great Hall. You bet anything that she was talking about Cho.

" Do you think he noticed? " Cho asked, coming out from behind you. You shake your head, grabbing her arm and dragging her towards the door.

" Nah, I told you, it's hardly noticable anyway. Lets go. " You say, giving her a reassuring smile. You don't mention the fact that Harry probably didn't notice anything about her, concidering he wasn't trying to anymore.

You both walk out of the Great Hall, both thinking of your crushes...

Okay, theres the first chapter, hope you enjoyed it. This is my first story where the main character is {Your name} but I read one like this, and thought that it was pretty fun to read.

Please R/R! :)

Also I can now make banners so if you'd like one, please emil me at

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Troubled: Your Crush


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