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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 4 : The Next Day
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The sun that shone through the window that morning was glorious, like the reflection of water on a cave roof, it sparkled off of all the crystals Leo and Hermione had hung last night.

"Why did you want me to help with these hangings? I mean apparently I don't have a divination bone in my entire body."

Hermione thought back to the time she had made the misfortune of taking a divination course, never again she had sworn. Leo stopped for a moment and looked over at Hermione, if she was reading nanny's cards the girl had more intuition and the ability to read the soul than the average bloke.

"Oh pish posh, didn't you're mother ever tell you not to believe everything that was told to you, those crystals positively sung when you touched them. So what should we do today Hermione, or can I call you Mione?"

Leo smirked at Hermione, aside from her pushy behaviour which was quite like her own if I do say so myself, Hermione thought that she had a beautiful voice.

"Mione is fine, it's what Ron and Harry call me all the time, I guess we should eat first and than go for a tour of the castle, I'm pretty sure there are somethings we've never seen before, like this tower."

With those last smirked words, both Hermione and Leo burst out in fits of giggles, they were laughing so hard that they didn't see Rebeka, a third year, standing at the door.

Rebeka had been watching the two making there beds and the general banter for the last few minutes, at first she had wanted to say something but decided it was pleasant to watch them for a while longer, it was often she saw  how older girls acted and already she wanted to emulate these ones.

"ahem, excuse me, Leo, Hermione? Um me and the other girls don't want to go down for breakfast on our own, we wondered if" Rebeka paused for a moment, why did I get sent...oh yeah I pulled the short straw,  " well we wanted to know if you could well, take us down?"

Rebeka looked bashfully on and personally hoped they would, it was hard enough being uprooted and having to work past their old house differences, but now they had to face all of their old house mates.

Hermione jumped for a moment since she hadn't seen Rebeka at all, Leo on the other hand had just turned around listened to the young girl speak,

poor things terrified and awed at the same time

"Oh certainly, just let Leo and myself get dressed we'll meet you in the commons in ten minutes."

Hermione and Leo turned to each other after Rebeka went downstairs to wait, they were already becoming fast friends, who knew what adventures they'd get into. Hermione hoped that they would be fun and filled with joy, Leo on the other hand hoped it would be fun and filled with boys.

~ Ten Minutes Later ~

"Hi guys, oh I guess you guys can join us too, wheres Draco? oh well I guess he's going to go sit with the Slytherins, some habits are so hard to change."

Hermione stepped into command so easily, she had issued some littler orders and was about to step off to go to the great hall when Leo stepped up.

"I just wanted to ask a simple thing, I don't know your names, nor do I know the year, or house you came from, oh wait...I meant what year your in, sorry I get a little confused."

Everyone turned when Leo spoke, Hermione noticed that even when she was confused about something she had this innocent quality to her.

Rebeka stepped forward first cleared her throat and announced "My name is Rebeka, I'm a third year, and I came from Ravenclaw."

After her proclamation the group went around in a circle saying their names and houses, it ended up being approximately two from each year except seventh, and four from sixth year and fifth year.

Hermione noted that the grades and houses were average, and evenly divided. It was almost as if the fairies were purposely picking evenness, or maybe that was the sorting hat? Leo clapped her hands once in front of her once everyone introduced themselves.

"Ah well its a pleasure to meet you all, and here I was thinking I'd have no friends at all." She smirked a little "Besides, it'll probably take me the better part of the year to learn your names, but we'll all have fun learning each others right?"

Leo and Hermione began to walk towards the entrance to their house when she felt a small tapping on her shoulder.

"Ahem, I just wanted to tell you all that we have fairies who will be assigned as guides for all of you, this will be you're training aide and guide. When you've done you're homework, which you will do * eyeing the former Slytherins * you will begin you're various training, like combat, magical and non-magical, research for fighting against various attacks, and of course exploring you're hidden talents."

The fairy paused for a moment breathing deeply, she took a deep breath and continued her speel, Hermione could barely keep up with her as it was.

"For some this last trait will take a while to emerge, but do not fear it will eventually emerge out of the depths. well go have fun!"

The bright pink fairy shooed them off to class, obviously wanting them to be well fed. Everyone looked at them for a moment longer before they walked out of the portrait hole, could this day be any stranger? As they continued the group began to feel more terrified at the aspect of looking at their former houses and friends, as they entered the great hall a hush fell over the tables, everyone peered over to look at them. Hermione grabbed Leo's hand, even the Gryffindors looked at them as though they had deserted the group. The terrafins walked up to their table off to the side and plates appeared in front of them, rather than having to chose what they wanted to eat the plates seemed to know exactly what they wanted.

"this is so humiliating, I mean what did we do, eat their babies?"

A small blond boy was sitting beside Derrick trying to eat his food, he didn't appear to be talking to anyone but he voiced exactly what Derrick had been thinking. Derrick stood up and turned towards the rest of the school. He cleared his voice and set an amplifier on it.

"Just because we're no longer in you're houses doesn't mean we're any different have a common courtesy for us as we do for you and go back to eating you're food! We're just trying to eat ours!"

Derrick sat back down in a bit of a huff, the rest of the table reached over and thanked him, they felt a bit more secure now that they weren't completely alone. Reluctantly the rest of the school went back to their own plates. Over near the Gryffindor table Harry and Ron were quietly talking about something important, it was entertaining enough to attract the attention of Draco Malfoy, he sauntered over to them to see what they were doing and he also needed their help.

I can't believe I need...their help.

"Harry, Ron I need you're help,"

Draco leaned over the table, and then sat down, obviously planning on staying until they agreed.

"And why should we help you, you git!"

Ron wanted to spit on Draco, first taking away Hermione, which yes he knew wasn't Draco's fault, and then coming over asking for help and finally sitting at their table!

"Because I know you're going to use the invisibility cloak to stalk after Hermione and Leo, and I want in, look before you say no hear me out, I've got to know what they're up to, I tried to leave that house and I can't so I need to know if they've tried the same, it has some spell over it. Mind you I don't care for Crabbe and Goyle's constant staring"

Draco nodded with his head, Ron and Harry peered over his shoulders discreetly and they noticed the henchmen were indeed staring, almost as if they wanted in on the conversation.

"so meet me by the front hall, after lunch, that should give them, and yes I mean Granger and Leo, some time to be buddy buddy and start handing over good information. What?! don't give me that look you know as well as I do that it's pointless to follow someone around when they haven't even begun to warm up to each other yet. So what do you say?"

Draco didn't know what to do if this failed. before the two had a chance to say anything he cleared his throat and in a lower voice added some sweetner to the deal.

"I'll let you see the new tower, if its a deal, alright?"

Harry desperately wanted to see where Hermione was now, and she was too busy being friends with Leo, almost to the point where she was ignoring them.

"Fine we'll take the offer, show it to us after breakfast" Harry stammered out his response and watched Draco smirk a little, he seemed to think of something and Draco said one more thing.

"Crabbe and Goyle can't even get up to the landing near our tower. see you soon boys."

Draco laughed a bit and then started to walk away, he had been a bit sarcastic it was true though, his old goons were morons!

Maybe two of the trio would be his new goons, heh maybe even little granger.

His mind was working faster than normal, it felt like a fog had been lifted off of his mind, instead of sitting back down with the rest of the Slytherins, he headed over to his new house-mates and sat down, surprisingly enough he joined in the conversations, it was a pleasant breakfast and everyone was eager to search around the castle for the new and hidden areas.

~ After Lunch ~

"So Mione where do you want to head to next?"

Leo looked over at Hermione they were about the same height, Hermione noticed that Leo's eyes weren't as blue anymore.

"Hmm, I think we should go towards the fifth floor, it always seemed to lack something, maybe it was the little Terrafin in me knowing more than I should? I had a question though before we go, why aren't your eyes purplish blue anymore?"

Leo chuckled a little, at least Hermione was accepting a little bit that she could handle some future in her life.

"See I told you that there was more divination than not in you're mind! You just had to cleanse the soul of all those hidden thoughts! As to your second question... well I wanted to make an impression and well they were contacts, my eyes are just a deep blue, sorry about that."

Hermione started giggling a little, shaking her head softly she looked up at Leo again.

"I know what its like to want to look better, well lets head on up."

Hermione flashed Leo a smile since she'd been looking a bit down, they continued up the stairs towards the fifth floor. Behind them the three boys were struggling to not trip. Draco put out a hand and stopped the other two guys from continuing any further.

"Look it'll be easier if two of us miniaturized and rode in another pocket, alright?"

Harry and Ron nodded their heads quickly but before they could say anything else Draco pulled out his wand cast Minime on Ron, and then himself. Harry quickly picked them up and put them in his pocket.

"Ack! I thought you were going to shrink the two of us and then squish us!!"

Ron squealed in his tiny voice. Draco just chuckled a little and held onto the rim of Harry's pocket so he could see where they were going. Ron quickly followed suit, looking over at Draco every so often. maybe he isn't a complete git? Nah he is!

The fifth floor had its normal twisting corridor, but when it should have ended at a class room there was now another set of doors, Hermione tried one door and than Leo tried another, both didn't work even with alohamora, so finally they both tried the third door, and it opened. Inside the room was quite dusty like it hadn't been opened in years. They began to look around. Before they could close the door Harry snuck in behind them. The girls had barely gone two steps into the room before they heard a large booming voice.


Hermione squeaked loudly and then replied quickly to the voice, looking around she couldn't even see it.

"I'm sorry sir we're just two Terrafins, we were curious."

Leo continued the explanation, quickly telling the booming voice, that herself and Hermione were terrified.


With that Harry's cloak flew off, and he was revealed much to Hermione's dismay.

"Harry! Explain yourself!"

Hermione completely forgot the booming voice and demanded that Harry explain himself, he was shocked that she was so angry, with a just cause too.

"We were just following them sir, we were curious too. I'm very sorry I'll leave if you like."

Harry looked over at the girls, they were both furious, Draco chuckled a little to himself, and thought I'm glad he's the biggest of us all.


The voice completely ignored Harry as if he meant nothing.

"Its alright if they're here, we're very sorry that they have disturbed you."

Hermione told the voice, hoping that they were going to be alright.


The voice disappeared as soon as it had appeared, leaving an eerie silence in its wake. Hermione turned on her heel from the last shout of the voice to glaring at Harry. She walked up towards him, she pointed her finger in his face, she was livid.

"What are you doing here! I mean of all the nerve how long were you following! Answer me now and it had better be good!"

Hermione continued to glare at Harry, suddenly Hermione wondered where in the world was Ron? He must be hiding somewhere too, she just couldn't see him!

"I wanted to know where you were going, you haven't talked to us since you were shifted and I was worried! I'm so sorry for following you Hermione, and you too Leo, I was just so curious."

Leo glanced at Harry and then she just sighed.

"Fine but get out, I don't want you following us again today, and for some guarantee, we're keeping the cloak until tomorrow. you can get it at breakfast."

Hermione snatched up the invisibility cloak to make sure that he couldn't use it again. Harry sulked out, the door closing behind him, both Draco and Ron were shouting in his pocket the moment they were out of earshot. miniature voices shouting,

"You fool why did you let them push you around! let me go! Now!"

Harry put Ron and Draco down on the grounds and Draco cast some spell, and they both returned to normal size.

"I'm so angry with myself, I'm just going back to the commons, coming Ron?"

Harry started to walk towards the common room, he'd really made Hermione mad just now, she probably would never like him now.

"Yeah, whatever we can discuss what we found out, sorry Draco better luck next time right?" Ron looked over at Draco, maybe he's not so bad, oh man Hermione was furious, what I'd give to never see her that angry again.

"Yeah whatever I'll see what I can find out back at my commons, I'll still show you the room another time, I guess I got a bit distracted this morning, sorry for that."

Draco was actually sincerely sorry, but there would be another time.

~ Back in the fifth floor room ~

"God the nerve of Harry I can't believe he followed us! His lame excuse of not seeing us, oh of all the things! I haven't talked to him since yesterday, you'd think the boy was lovesick or something!"

Hermione was still fuming about the following, she picked up a scroll and began looking at it.

"Mione," Leo paused for a moment, she wasn't sure if she should tell Hermione her suspicions.

"I don't think he was alone,"

Leo picked up a rather large looking globe, it showed the current names of the magical realms, interesting.

Hermione slowly turned towards Leo slightly curious about what she was holding, she carefully formed her words.

"Why do you say that Leo?"

Hermione wasn't as mad anymore, seeing that Leo was also absorbed in something she continued looking into a tome of magical spells and enchantments that were for animagus, this she'd have to read.

"Well he kept switching between we and I, so I think he wasn't alone probably some extendable ears or something."

Leo stopped looking at things at turned towards Hermione. Of Course! Thats how Ron was there I knew I could feel him, ooh wait till I get my hands on him!

"Ooh wait until I found out! Than he's in REAL trouble!"

Hermione quickly closed the book she was holding, putting it into her bag absent mindly, she turned back towards Leo.

"Besides I kind of thought Ron was around too."

Hermione stomped her foot to show her frustration. Leo looked at her new friend, she cocked her head slightly as if studying Hermione at an angle would be clearer. She shook her head softly.

Nope, no clearer either way, I think I'll steer her away from the boys now.

"Hermione, lets get back to that voice in the the room, I'm really curious about it."

The girls wandered around the dusty room looking through various items, Hermione found so many books she used a charm to shrink them all into her bag, a few books were definitely worth reading by both of the girls, but the interesting thing was a wand that sat on a pedestal near the back of the room. What could it possibly be for?

Leo wandered slowly towards it,

Pick me up, please?

Leo looked over her shoulder at Mione, had she heard it too? If she had she gave no sign of it.

Please? I promise we'll be friends, great friends, we're the same you and I.

Leo was definitely scared now, the voice was so pleading, so familiar, so...childlike. She slowly reached out her hand to touch it.

Yes! hurry do it! before she turns around!

Leo shook her head quickly, pulling her hand away from the wand.

NOOO!!! Don't stop, please, your the one I know it!

Leo desperately wanted to touch it like it was calling for her, but she couldn't at least not while Mione was here, for her health's sake of course. Yes that was it, but it was something else too, something, she couldn't remember, why couldn't she remember?


Hermione turned around at the tentative noise from Leo.


Leo was standing near a pedestal with a wand upon it, not really moving, not looking at Hermione, actually she seemed almost entranced by it's presence.

"I found a wand back here and I really want to touch it but I think it would be best if you weren't in here, but I do want you to know about it first."

Leo kept staring at the wand Hermione ran across the room to where Leo was, she grabbed her wrist hard and jerked her around so they were face to face.

"Leo we have to get out of here, wands are not meant to be tempting!"

Leo was shaken by how violently Hermione had reacted, where did that come from? Leo shook her head again.

See you can still touch me, theres still time, let go of the little girl, meet with me one more time.

"One more time?" Leo spoke aloud.

Hermione looked at her and the wand, realizing it was talking to her,  I have to get her out now! Hermione focused all her strength on pulling Leo out of the room, she barely made it out into the hallway, she slammed the door shut and put the strongest locking spell she knew on the door.

Leo...come back to me, please...I'm so lonely.

Leo shuddered a little, she hadn't paid attention to Hermione, what spell did she put on the lock? Hermione shook Leo a little to get her attention back.

"Leo, I've put a locking spell on this room, so no one can enter, it isn't broken by normal spells, only my counter spell."

A little white lie wouldn't hurt, but Leo needed the safety.

"Why don't we read up on these books, maybe it'll give information on the wand"

At the mention of the wand Hermione noted that Leo perked up considerably. Using this to her advantage Hermione continued her train of thought.

"you can come back for the wand, but I will definitely be standing outside the door waiting to make sure you're alright. okay?"

Hermione looked into Leo's blue eyes, they were screaming frustration, a huge desire to go back in there. She looked at Hermione and looked back at the door, she was tempted to try the spell, but this was Hermione...her new friend. She sighed a few times and then said.

"I suppose I can wait, its hard though... so hard"

Little girl, come lets play, please? just say the words, I'll open the door for you. I promise.

Even while she was talking the wand's call was getting stronger, Hermione didn't know what to do, she grabbed her new friends arm and yanked her down the hallway away from that cursed wand.

Maybe Harry could help her with this, heck she'd even ask Draco for help if it meant anything at all.

Hermione kept looking over at Leo, she seemed entranced by the door, the further they got the less glazed she looked, it wasn't a good sign, not a good sign at all.

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Time Flows By: The Next Day


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