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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 3 : On the Other Side
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Crabbe and Goyle were sitting in the Slytherin common room, its cold green and silver walls reflecting their moods, cold and depressed. What would they do now it's their final year but Draco has been ripped from their side, a friend, a leader, and now an empty space.

"How can they do that Crabbe? What are we going to do without our Leader? Crabbe I'm so lost, we have to contact Lucius... We need him really badly now."

Goyle put his head in his hands, hoping that Crabbe might be able to think of something, why does this have to happen now, why?

"I know Goyle, lets contact him, he'll know what to do! He's got so much power doesn't he?"

Crabbe reached out to pat Goyle on the back but quickly pulled back his hand expecting Draco to shout at him for being 'compassionate' that was something Draco would have done indeed. They looked to each other as if to say more, but the space was just empty, there was no commanding presence, just to large hulks with no power to do anything, would Draco even talk to them now? Only time would tell.

"Goyle do you remember that thing Lucius said to use if we ever needed to contact him and Draco wasn't around?" Crabbe shook his head, he'd forgotten, how stupid of him! He was smacking the side of his head hoping for some kind of an answer to pop into it.

"Ah so you are pining for you're leader boys?"

Professor Snape stood over the two teens his arms crossed his robes hanging at his sides, these boys were such idiots, stupid dolts.

"Professor Snape! uh we didn't see you there."

Crabbe and Goyle stammered out a response, barely knowing what to say.

"Obviously, I shall get you in contact with Lucius myself, I understand he might be able to change this unfortunate predicament?"

Snape cocked and eyebrow, hoping to prod them on, instead they jumped up quickly heading over to the fire. Snape sighed a bit annoyed at these clamouring idiots.

"That's what we're hoping for Sir."

Snape nodded his head as if to flick off an unwanted bug from his hair, he reached in to his cloak, a deep green almost black, he pulled out a vial and threw it into the fire, a face materialized in the green glowing fire. It had cold steel blue eyes, white blond hair that went beyond it's neck, and a very disgruntled looking expression.


Lucius roared out into the fire, he'd obviously been in the middle of doing something very important, not really wanting to be disturbed. Severus looked at Lucius calmly, the two little body guards on the other hand stumbled back, almost falling over on themselves.

"Quite simple Lucius, these boys have something urgent they require you're assistance with."

Snape coldly told Lucius that something had happened to his son, as well these body guards desperately wanted to speak with him, the insolent dolts they were.

"Very well, bring them forward, and it had better be good."

Lucius narrowed his eyes in suspicion, what were they going to tell him that was so important, he felt the urge to yell at them rise again.

"Uh, sir, Draco has been switched out of the Slytherin house."

Goyle quickly but quietly said. Crabbe looked at Lucius's head, terrified as to his reaction.

"WHAT! Explain immediately!"

No! This cannot be happening.

Lucius started to concoct ideas of how to change this horrific predicament.

"Uh well this new student arrived at the sorting, and she was sorted into some house called Terrafin, and well it seems that's where Draco was meant to be... uh so we need... uh you're help in getting him back... sir."

Crabbe and Goyle glanced at each other, even Snape was waiting Lucius announcement.

"I see, well there really isn't much we can do now is there, its actually quite fortunate that he is in that house, now his individual skill we be further advanced for the power and use of our Dark Lord."

Ah this isn't so hard after all, hmm, maybe we can do more damage then we though before.

"Are you certain? It will be hard on these two louts, who are going to bed NOW!"

Snape pointed towards the dormitories, their personal usefulness had worn off and he wanted them out of his sight as fast as possible. Crabbe and Goyle hurried off to bed as quickly as they could, neither of them looking back.

"Yes, Snape I understand you're concern, but there is nothing to fear, Draco is well trained he will follow whatever I tell him to do, even if he is under the protection of those insipid fairies. I'm going to leave, I must contact the Dark Lord. He needs to know of this new change. We will no longer be able to fully watch Draco's changes, and adjust our medicine."

Lucius looked around the fire distractedly he noticed that Snape had nodded at his announcements, as if he were trying to understand exactly what he meant.

"I understand Lucius, good evening."

The fire sparked and crackled one last time and than returned to its natural red, leaving Snape alone in his house's common room. He quickly left the room, walking towards his office a thousand thoughts raced through his mind.

Draco was on medicine?

He didn't think that Lucius completely understood what would happen to Draco in that house, it reminded him of the earlier conversation with Dumbledore. Draco would be cut off from the staff except for in class and dinner, his training would be overseen by those damnable fairies. Even Potter didn't like that drastic of a change.

Draco, he might have a chance to escape the Dark Lord.

Severus looked down at his mark, the feeling of wretchedness crept up his throat. Why did he do such a foolish thing, he had a chance, now Draco has a better chance of escaping than he ever had.

~Back in the Gryffindor common room~

"Why is this happening Harry? I can't believe that the slime ball Malfoy and our Hermione is in the same house! She needs to be protected he could do things!"

Ron's face was getting redder and redder, he didn't know what to do, his precious Mione!

"Ron, calm down, Binns is the professor and he is the house guardian. Hermione's going to be perfectly safe. I wonder if we'll be able to meet with her very often. Do you remember what Dumbledore said, Hermione will still be Hermione but better, and her allegiance will be unknown. Share no information you do not want spread around. I guess he's afraid she'll say something that Malfoy will use."

Harry reached his arms up and yawned, there was so many changes today that even though the houses were awake he could barely keep his eyes open any longer.

"Ron we have the day off tomorrow so lets get some rest."

Harry didn't think that Hermione's allegiance would change at all, but I guess Dumbledore had reason to doubt. Ron looked over at Harry and saw how tired he was, watching him yawn had made him want to yawn too.

"Alright Harry, well I'm going to write a letter to mom, She'll probably want to get a hold of Hermione's mom. Night Harry."

Ron looked at Harry's retreating back, all he could think of was that Hermione was changing and into what he didn't know. He only hoped that she would still help with homework and that she wouldn't be lost forever.

I couldn't stand it if she was lost.

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Time Flows By: On the Other Side


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