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Wand Control by EighthWeasley
Chapter 1 : Wand Control
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Author’s notes: SO MANY THANKS FOR MY WONDERFUL FLOOR MATES! This story is the result of lots of insanity one night. GO US! Yeah third floor corridor right hand side! This is a short, one shot (no pun intended) piece.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, or Ron Weasley (Though you can be sure I’d make good use of Rupert if I did) or any of the other familiar characters from the HP novels. The idea is mine along with two of my ‘resident hall’ buddies.

Sixth year for Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley was a tense time. Their laughter was becoming less and less frequent as worry over the war and school piled on. Any chance they got to just sit together and hang out was much cherished.

One Friday in mid-November, while out on prefect duties, Ron tripped and snapped his wand in a way very similar to that of his second year. The damage was not as bad, but it was still heart wrenching for Ron. Hermione tried her best to fix the wand, but it still acted strangely at times.

About a month later, the fifth and sixth year Defense Against the Dark Arts students began learning spells which would allow them, to put it bluntly, to cause bad things to happen to their enemy so they could get away. One such spell was the “go-web” spell.

Ron, for the life of him, could not seem to master the spell during the class, though he desperately wanted to. The spell, when operated correctly, shot a gooey substance out of the wand and onto the opponent, giving the caster time to get away.

Ron was practicing in the common room the Saturday night following the lesson while Hermione was working on her potions essay and Harry was being royally killed by Ginny in chess.

“Ron, is your wand not working?” Hermione asked, snapping the book shut and moving over to where Ron was standing.

Ron shrugged. “First of all Ron, the wand should be completely straight when you are casting this spell. You are holding yours a bit of an angle. Additionally, your wand should be about six inches in front of you just below belly button level.”

Harry and Ginny looked up from their chess game to watch as Ron moved his wand into the appropriate place. “Now, don’t forget, when you cast, you have to thrust,” Hermione continued as Harry and Ginny looked sideways at each other, willing the other not to laugh for fear that once one started they would both be hopelessly lost to their laughter.

Ron nodded, looking intent on getting the spell right.

“Now, you just cast and say the spell and the liquid should come spurting out the tip of your wand.”

Ron nodded and Hermione backed away as Harry looked anywhere but at Ginny.

“GOWEBGO*!” Ron yelled, thrusting. A spray of about 5 mL of white liquid shot out of the tip of his wand, but sprayed everywhere, including back on Ron. Hermione jumped up off the couch and shook her head as Ron moaned.

“Well, that’s better...?” He stated.

“Well, I suppose, but first of all, your spell shouldn’t spray all over you, it should hit the person you are casting your spell over, and second, your spell needs to be less sticky.”

Harry snorted slightly and Ginny had to bite her lip hard to keep from giggling aloud. Hermione looked at them over her shoulder, wondering just what could possibly be so funny. Harry raised his eyebrows at her in an attempt to look innocent, as did Ginny, but Hermione just looked at them with raised eyebrows and confusion.

“Try it again, Ron.”

Ron concentrated intently and cast the spell at the wall.

“Very good!” Hermione stated. “Try it again.”

“Aww, Hermione, I’m tired. Can I have an hour or so to reload?”

Harry couldn’t take it anymore and snorted, which forced Ginny to bit her lip so hard she drew blood.

“You think this is funny, Harry? Can you do any better? That spell is tiring! I’m amazed I got it off twice!”

Harry looked at the ground for a moment and then up at Ron. “I’m sure I can do better. In fact, I went seven times last night. Ask Ginny, she was there.”

Ginny blushed as red as her hair but decided to keep up the act. Hermione’s eyebrows had hit her hairline, and she too was about to laugh.

“Oh yes, Ron, it was very enjoyable...Harry’s quite talented.”

Ron threw his hands up in disgust. “I’ll never be better than Harry at anything!”

Hermione squatted next to Ron as he slumped in the chair. “That’s not true, Ron. You’re better than Harry at chess. Now come on, I’ll show you how to do that spell-properly, where there aren’t any...distractions.”

“And where is that?”

“The Room of Requirement. I know for a fact that it will have all the necessary protection we’ll need in order to pull that spell off many times tonight. Come on then.”

Ginny and Harry laughed themselves to tears once the Fat Lady had shut.

A/N: Yes, very dirty...

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