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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 1 : Time Flows By
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At the beginning of each year at Hogwarts, the school of magic,  the doors open wide as it welcomes new students for their seven years of training. In the past they have always been sorted into the four houses, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. So when the doors to the great hall opened with the first years in Harry's seventh year he knew the drill quite well except there was a small variation, he noticed Filch standing watching silently, 'That's odd,' Harry thought, 'I guess even Filch misses these opening cermonies some years.

"Welcome first years, Mcgonagall said, Come stand up at the front and you shall be sorted into your houses for the next seven years." Professor Mcgonagall looked on the new students who were visibly shaken from the experience, a select few stood proud knowing exactly where they wanted to go, others were completely baffled, and a little dazed, they had just been across the lake for their first time and now were in a maginficant room filled with people of all ages awaiting their arrival, they looked towards McGonagall and realized that she was indeed awaiting them, this made their hearts race and they began to await the following moments anxiously. Minvera felt like a young girl again, it was always an interesting experience to introduce new students, wondering who would go where, and who would excel. On the other side the first year students felt shakened by the experience of travelling to Hogwarts and now they will be sorted by something? Were they going to be alright, which teacher was this, will they be able to be away from their families? Alone with these strangers? Would they be able to talk to their siblings, be in the same house? So many questions flitted through their heads, the first students each went to the stool and the sorting began. In the end an even allotment of students went into each of the four houses.

Through out the entire ceremony one person in a black cloak stood off to the side. Filch, the caretaker was speaking softly to the cloaked person. "Don't worry Tempsflow, it will all be over soon, you'll be sorted an no different than any of the others." "I won't be worrying about much in this school, even if it is not my own idea to come here for protection, I can protect myself quite well." The mysterious cloaked figure had a moderately low voice, the voice sounded forced like it had been changed under the cloak so that no one would recognize them. Just then Mcgonagall noticed that Filch was talking to someone in the corner, someone who was waiting to be sorted. "Ah Tempsflow, you arrived, or shall I call you as you requested, Leo?" The entire school turned to look behind them to see who the professor was talking to, why were they back there and why weren't they already sorted and sitting? "Leo is fine professor, I assume that I shall now be sorted?" Leo felt a cold shudder rush through her, it was as if her entire being was being transformed in a moment, it was a small ceremony but it would be the first time she was ever taught with the rest of the students. "In a moment Leo," McGonagall turned towards Professor Dumbledore awaiting his instructions patiently. Dumbledore rose from his chair, his eyes twinkling quite brightly and spoke,

"This year at Hogwarts we shall have an unusual occurrence, Leo Tempsflow is joining us for a year, judging by age and talents Leo will be placed in the sixth year. Even though she has no prior training with other schools in the magical world, she has been raised by the best in the field. Therefore, I ask that the school and classes accommodate this peculiar task. So let us sort Leo into a house." Dumbledore stared at Leo for a moment before he sat back down, he could see that she was hiding underneath a lot of charms. Interesting, I think she's trying to charm her way into their hearts. Albus began to muse to himself which house she would be placed in, he couldn't place her at all, her aura underneath all those disguises was completely different, he checked around the room and only a handful of students had auras like hers. He leaned forward to watch her sorting begin. Leo began to walk towards the front of the school, the cloak swirled behind as Leo approached that hat. Once sitting on the stool the entire school noticed that the cloak hid everything completely. "Now to wear the sorting hat your head must be uncovered Leo," The shudder that Leo had felt grew a little stronger, what had her father done to her, why put her near them all now. McGonagall paused as she was deeply curious of who Leo was. She kept trying to imagine what this student would be like, whether or not he'd be excellent or if he would give Hermione a run for her money. "I'm sure the school will not bite if you take off you're cloak, I'll even hold it for you." Minvera! Stop treating yourself like a servant, jeez he's just a student. "Thank you, but no I shall hold onto it myself." With those few words Leo took off the cloak to reveal a deep red dress, her hair was full of soft curls that held a golden brown sheen. Her eyes when she looked up were the most vibrant blue she had ever seen, they shimmered with the warmth of a sandy beach blue. A gasp swam across the room. Leo felt so dirty, why had she even bothered with the disguises, her shoulders slumped a little and then she quickly straightened back up hoping that no one would notice. "Well it is very nice to finally see who' MacGonagall emphasized the word who, "you are Miss Leo, shall we begin?" The professor also dragged out miss, as if she was compensating for that disgusting grovelling she'd done a moment before, this young girl was a student and nothing else. "yes please," in a melodic voice that seemed to carry to all the professors ears. The sorting hat was then placed upon Leo's head.

Secretly Leo was glad she hadn't enhanced her voice, it was the only thing that was her own at the moment, well that and her mind, heh and her personality. Wouldn't they get a kicker from that. "Ah what an interesting mind you have, oh no wand? I have a wand I do believe you don't, Just because you can't see it doesn't mean I don't have it. dear, learning without a physical wand should be most difficult to learn with, I mean where would you keep it, oh I see. Exactly, I have a wand. Where to place you though, Slytherin? no they're much to rude though cunning, yes cunning you have, but you're loyal, to you're own ends, interesting no Hufflepuff wouldn't do either, perhaps you're intelligence a great mind you have, oh you could compete against the greatest, but that is not you're heart is it Ravenclaw wouldn't do either. Perhaps you're courage... I think not, you're courageous enough but not blindly so. What is this, ah the reason you are here, I haven't felt someone like you and so strong in so long, I thought they banished him... I remember, there is so much I had forgotten ah I know exactly what you are now, a Terrafin!" At the mention of the forbidden name the sorting hat started to glow, waves started to pour out of the hat in a golden wave, starting small and then growing in size encompassing the entire room, moving over all of Hogwarts. If muggles could have seen it they would have thought it was a large tidal wave, crashing outwards rather than into. The castle groaned for a moment and then quieted down, it had changed but no one would know how far it had changed.

Leo got off of the stool and quietly left the front she went to a table that appeared off to the side of the Slytherins, a great empty table no one was cheering to welcome her, her school crest changed to match her house, a purple and gold background with a great Phoenix as the house mascot. Dumbledore was visibly shakened, he stood up at the professors table and addressed the assembled crowd. "Well welcome to Hogwarts for another year, no entering the Dark Forest as always, Let the feast begin" What is going on, I thought we'd fully erased those memories, sigh, I think we're in for a different kind of year here at Hogwarts Dumbledore mused to himself, then suddenly realized he hadn't said his few words, every year he had, except this one, this would be a different year.

Leo didn't feel like staying for very long as it was quite lonely at a table by herself as well everyone kept glancing over to see what she was doing. Glad for her enchanted cloak of non-discrimination she realized that it probably wasn't a good idea to fool everyone. It actually had the opposite effect now everyone was discriminating against her. Why couldn't she have just been normal? No sense in sitting here I feel so utterly alone. I suppose I should ask someone where my house is.

Leo stood up to leave and noticed that a ghostly apparition was making his way over, as a ghost it was quite easy for him to travel to her side. He went through a few people who shuddered and raised their fists afterwards as they were a bit disgruntled at his actions. "Ah miss Leo, just the person I was looking for, I'm sure you're about to go and search for you're new house, interestingly enough I was a Terrafin when I was alive, that was a long time ago but it still exists." "Who exactly are you?" Leo raised her voice slightly at the end of the statement. "Oh Fiddlesticks! I forgot to introduce myself! I'm professor Binns! I teach history you know!" Leo looked at the man for a moment, shrugged her shoulds and then continued with her next thoughts, "What do you mean professor, did it not exist for a while?" Leo looked questioningly at the professor, great I have a crazy house too. "No? I suppose you wouldn't know, Terrafin was banished for misuse of students so the first four eliminated his memory as collective ghosts, some people were allowed to know, headmasters, and headmistresses, but those who were alive before the banishing remembered his time here, it was a house created for extraordinary students, like yourself, I suppose I shall ask Dumbledore if I can be you're house guardian, there's quite a lot to learn."

The professor looked like he was going to ask right away but decided to continue on with Leo first. "I suppose there is, a lot to learn I mean, I guess I was put in this house for innatemagic," (she's interrupted) "Oh no I doubt it would be just that though being able to do innate magic is quite hard to do, do you mind if I ask how you learned it? Ah here we are, hmm I suppose the portrait has no password yet? let me go in and find out for you, one moment please" Leo stood waiting for professor Binns to return, the portrait was very interesting to look at, she was a fairy who sat on a rock, there was a little spider that kept trying to reach her and everytime it got near she would fly up in the air to avoid it. She was thinking back to when Professor Binns had asked her about the innate magic, she'd always wanted to use a wand, a real one that is, basically she got over that by pretending she had one, imagination, its so useful. "Hello there fairy, I'm new to this school, I think you're supposed to be my portrait hole for the commons." "Ah yes, I wondered when I would reappear... it's quite interesting to be non-existent. I suppose you would like to know the password you're ghost professor is still searching, I'll be nice but only because you have the proper scent, the password is Ms. Muppet." "Alright, Ms. Muppet" Leo thought the name sounded familiar but she didn't know what to do so she shrugged her shoulders and braced her self, half expecting to see a dingy dirty common room.

The portrait hole swung open revealing a beautiful greenhouse type room, it had huge windows and flowers growing everywhere, there were little fairies floating around talking to flowers. As Leo gazed around she noticed that the common room had glass all the way up to the ceiling, there were books that were much to high for any normal ladder to reach up near the ceiling, and as she looked at them she realized, every spare wall was covered with books! the rest of it was huge glass panes, and a small entry way to the stair wells. There was a stair case that led up halfway and divided left and right, and at the floor level there was another stair case that led down below the floor.

Leo walked over to a window on the north side and saw a tower filled with bedrooms, she could see some people wandering about it, quickly moving about the rooms, some were flinging open windows, she couldn't make out who anyone was.

As she made her way to the south side the fairies turned as one and looked at her. Suddenly they all stopped talking, and with that they swarmed over and were talking all at once trying to ask a thousand questions each. "Wait one at a time please!" Leo pushed the little fairies away as they were getting to close she ran over to a couch with her hands around her head waiting until they stopped talking. Leo was getting really frustrated and she couldn't make any sense of what they wanted. While she was waiting for the fairies to calm down a very regal looking fairy sauntered over.

"Ah finally they have released us from that morbid non-existence, We are the fairy folk of the Terrafin tower, the opposite tower is Gryffindor which you will be able to see from the bedrooms, that is if you're wanting too, the girls used to have so much fun with that. We are the caretakers of needs, we will help you understand you're private special talents, from you're name alone I know you're ancestry involves time travel, what other talents you have will be revealed. Interestingly enough you are the first in over 400 years to be brought here, yes we shall begin to reclaim our heritage and we shall bring back our students. Special talents must not be ignored." "Thank you I'm assuming you're the queen fairy?" Leo was quite shocked at the little speech, it seemed as though this fairy was going to attempt some kind of claim on the school. Leo hoped it wouldn't jeopardize her relations with the school as it was. "Yes I am, well you're things have already been brought up, we shall begin to wander around and hunt out the particularly strong powers that are unexplored in all of the students, they will join you soon enough." With that the fairies zoomed out of the windows, Leo supposed they had a power which let them fly through solid objects, or maybe the windows were open, she quickly went over and they weren't so must be magic.

Professor Binns appeared beside her the moment the fairies dissappeared "You know Leo, if you go up those stairs and walk to the right, go up another set you'll find you room, its probably near the top." With that he dropped down into the floor, this time Leo did not check for she knew ghosts could go through solid objects, including floors.

She walked up a tower corridor that professor Binns said was her side, found the room with her things in it. It was a quaint little room, beautiful view, again she saw the opposite tower, it was regal, impressive looking, but distant from up here she wasn't so inclined to peer into the rooms, maybe an enchantment? In Her room there was only one other bed, it had someones clothing and trunks on it. There was also a rather satisfied cat perched upon the bed, it was orange and fluffy, Leo bent down to pet it, While she was petting the cat she began to wonder how could so many students fit into the school if there were only two beds to a room, there has to be at least four to each room to be plausible, if not more. Maybe because there were few students with mystical powers obscure enough it was poignant to have few to an area. She wandered through all the rooms in total there would only ever be 16 students in this tower. "Well I suppose I should go and unpack, no one to talk to maybe I'll explore tomorrow." Leo walked over to her new dresser, it was very ornate, and she thought is was quite beautiful, She daydreamed about who she would share with, thinking of all the late night talks they could have. Leo was talking to no one in particular but the feeling she was being watched was comforting like it always was. Sometimes it was scary but today it was comforting, just the thing she needed.

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Time Flows By: Time Flows By


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