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Harry and Hermione fall in love by purple
Chapter 1 : Harry and Hermione fall in love
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"See ya at lunch" said Ron. It was their last year at Hogwarts and Ron had got a class sepreate from Harry and Hermione this year. He didn't mind that though, he didn't need to be with them ALL the time and he wanted the chance to meet new people. After all this was his last year at Hogwarts and he wanted to make the best of it."Ok" said Harry and Hermione together. Harry had been feeling a love for Hermione latley that he hadn't felt for anyone else. "Do you want me to carry your books Hermione?" he asked. Hermione grinned and said "Ok, what do you want me to do? "Nothing" said Harry quickly,"it just looks like you have a awful lot to carry" "Well all right" said Hermione. "Does he like me?" Hermione thought to herself "He's never acted this way before.

On thier way to lunch Harry said "Hermione, wait up." "What?" asked Hermione, "I- I umm" Harry stummered. "Harry are you trying to say you like me?" asked Hermione. "yes" said Harry turning very red in the face. "Dont be embaresed" said Hermione "I feel the same way." "really?" asked Harry. "yep" said Hermione. "Well uh- the Valentines ball is coming up and I was hoping that you'd come with me." "Sure thing" said Hermione.

"Harry, Hermione, you'll never guess what just happened" said Ron as soon as they had got seated. "What" said Hermione. "There was a note in my defense against the dark arts text book that was from a secret admirier!" "That's great Ron." said Harry. "She said to leave her a note taped to the bottom of the table in the entrance hall" continued Ron. "Why don't you ask her to meet you at the refreshmints table at the Valentines ball." "Yes I think I will do that!" said Ron. and grabbed a roll and ran up to the Griffindor Common Room to begin immediatley on the letter.

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Harry and Hermione fall in love: Harry and Hermione fall in love


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