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Hogwarts Yearbook Series-Class of 1977 by IrmaFuchs
Chapter 1 : Lily\'s Yearbook
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Dear Lily,
How could 7 years pass by that quickly? You have been so nice to me, been there whenever I was in need. We *MUST* stay in touch. This is weird, saying goodbye to people you have gone to school with-gone through funny times, sad times, good times, bad times. Have a great summer!
Sandra Prewett
Have a great summer, year, life.
Sean Whitby
Dear Lils,
Seven years-how could it have been that long in that short of time? Could the weeks turned into days, the days into hours, the hours into minutes? Seems so. Everyone is now being paired off and they used to be:friends, didn't know each other existed until quite a few years into their Hogwarts education, or used to be enemies. Well, you could call me one of them you didn't acknowledge the other until 4th year. I hope we can keep in touch!
Hua Chang

Hey Lily,
You have been so nice to me! You gave me my first records for my record player I got for Christmas this year-Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rod Stewart, Cat Stevens.... You introduced me to all of those weird muggles(haha.) Well, my family is going to Barbados this summer. I will write to you! Even though the locals might find it weird to see owls, but, anyway, it's worth it if I get to converse with you!
Goodbye(No, not forever)
Olivia Bones
P.S. Remember during the summer when we sneeked into the theatre to see, "The Graduate,"?? That was so funny.
Dear Lily,
Remember how we used to be enemies? I am glad to have changed that. How we became friends is still a strange story to tell. I was getting something left outisde on the Quidditch Pitch. On that rainy day, you were coming out of Hagrid's cabin and you saw it. That river troll was right behind me but you really did save me from it! That's when we had that crazy Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher that, after bringing in animals to learn hexes for, would just let them wonder around. I have come to conclusion that he was a relative of Uric the Oddball since when he pulled out a slug-bert (A/N a creature that's burp lets out a mist, the mist turns into a boggart) and said,"haha, cute little thing, how did it get in there?" and when he starting speaking in Icelandic, or when he just yodeled in the middle of class.
Thank for your kindnesss,
Lizzy Boot
The Heads are hitched! Well, not quite yet, but, alomst. It seems as if that hapens a lot! But, you two aren't the usual head boy and girl, you have both bentthe rules a bit(well, for James, more than a bit!) Seven years at Hogwarts isn't enough!! I don't want to get out of school, this is my favourite school! I learned so many things here. Will you stay with me? Hahaha, well, the class of '77 is moving out! I wonder what the next generation will be like? Stay well Lily!
Emily Brown
Trunie didn't mean it, he really didn't! You have been nice despite when Trunie that tawny owl of mine took your breakfast from you, will spilling you pumpkin juice.
Max Patil
Hey Lily,
We have has so many memories it seems as if it is impossible to fit them into 7 years. We have spied together, wandered around the castle, thought of pranks to play on Petunia. You actually covered up for us successfully when we got seen by Filch sneeking around. My foot did hurt after you stepped on it and told Filch you were bringing me to the Hospital Wing! "I wish I was a Kellogg's Cornflake.."-Punky's Dilemna. Did you seriously hear Petunia wanted to name her first child Dolphin-Rainbow? That's funny. Well, keep in touch,
Chloe Moon (and if you're Petunia reading this, no, Moon is not my first name)
A/N-there kight be more signings to this chapter, i'll think about it. I'll add more soon! Remember to review!!

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